Chapter 1542: The God Race’s Sincerity

Chapter 1542: The God Race’s Sincerity

At a giant starship.

The current patriarch of the Blaze Family Lieyan Zhao, Gan Xing, Liu Yang, and Wu Sha; Bing Hui and Mia of the Profound Ice Family; and finally Cang Ye and An Hao of the Darkness Family were all waiting quietly with complicated expressions on their faces.

Lieyan Zhao and An Hao exchanged a glance with each other. They both saw the complex emotions in each other’s eyes.

In the past, a mixed-blood was neither important nor especially valued in the God Race.

It was because a mixed-blood’s bloodline was normally impure, and those that did awaken God Race bloodline abilities were rarely able to unleash their abilities’ full power.


It was why most mixed-bloods weren’t treated favorably within the God Race. They weren’t viewed as true God Race clansmen either.


For just one Qin Lie, all five families of the God Race had mobilized a large number of their forces to invade Spirit Realm.

The aim of this large force wasn’t even the geocentric...

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