Chapter 1542: The God Race’s Sincerity

Chapter 1542: The God Race’s Sincerity

At a giant starship.

The current patriarch of the Blaze Family Lieyan Zhao, Gan Xing, Liu Yang, and Wu Sha; Bing Hui and Mia of the Profound Ice Family; and finally Cang Ye and An Hao of the Darkness Family were all waiting quietly with complicated expressions on their faces.

Lieyan Zhao and An Hao exchanged a glance with each other. They both saw the complex emotions in each other’s eyes.

In the past, a mixed-blood was neither important nor especially valued in the God Race.

It was because a mixed-blood’s bloodline was normally impure, and those that did awaken God Race bloodline abilities were rarely able to unleash their abilities’ full power.


It was why most mixed-bloods weren’t treated favorably within the God Race. They weren’t viewed as true God Race clansmen either.


For just one Qin Lie, all five families of the God Race had mobilized a large number of their forces to invade Spirit Realm.

The aim of this large force wasn’t even the geocentric motherlode. They wanted Qin Lie to come with them to the God Realm obediently, so they had to give up on Spirit Realm and the geocentric motherlode even though they could’ve claimed both things with ease.

This was something no one dared to imagine in the past, not to mention that Qin Lie was technically a mixed-blood...

“Whatever happened between the rest of you and him, I hope that you all won’t show hostility towards him.” An Hao, the patriarch of the Darkness Family had a soft and feminine voice. He said in a seemingly casual manner, “His very existence is epoch-making for our race. He is the catalyst we need to achieve bloodline fusion. If he senses any hostility from you, he may not agree to cooperate with us or acknowledge us from the bottom of his heart, and that will be greatly detrimental to the future plans of our race.”

An Hao’s gaze swept across Mia and Cang Ye when he said this.

Mia smiled and said, “I don’t really hate him that much. Yes, he tricked me and kept me imprisoned for a time, but he hadn’t really hurt me either.”

She then shot Cang Ye a sideway glance and taunted. “Sister Cang Ye, I heard that you, Ming Xu and Hao Jie had all suffered some losses by his hands back at the Origin World. Are you sure you won’t act irrationally after he comes with us to God Realm?”

Cang Ye was wearing a mask like usual. Her dark pupils revealed no traces of emotion whatsoever. “I can accept anything that benefits our race.”

“I hope he won’t be repulsed by our presence,” said Liu Yang to Gan Xing.

He was very worried that Qin Lie would hold a grudge, and that their friendship would be affected because of this.

Gan Xing shook his head and said reassuringly, “We’re not trying to hurt him, are we? He won’t.”

“He’s here!” said Lieyan Zhao excitedly.

As the current patriarch of the Blaze Family, he was aware that Qin Lie would be absorbed into the Blaze Family after returning to God Realm. After all, Qin Lie had more Blaze Family bloodline in him than any other God Race bloodline.

The addition of a Blaze Family member with the “Perfect Blood” into the Blaze Family was just the boost they needed to become strong again after twenty millennia of decline. He was very much looking forward to its effects.

Moreover, Qin Lie also possessed the Blaze Family’s Flesh Filling Tombstone.

The Blaze Family had had to stop a lot of plans because they were missing their Flesh Filling Tombstone. They could all be restarted after their sacred relic had returned to them.

There was no one who wanted Qin Lie to return to the God Race more than him.


Qin Lie landed on the ship where most of the God Race experts were gathered.

“Gan Xing, Liu Yang, Cang Ye…”

Gan Xing introduced Lieyan Zhao to Qin Lie, “Qin Lie, he is the current patriarch of the Blaze Family.”

Qin Lie shot Lieyan Zhao and let out a snort. He didn’t greet the patriarch of the Blaze Family.

Lieyan Zhao chuckled but didn’t get angry with him. He pointed at An Hao before introducing, “He is the patriarch of the Darkness Family.”

Qin Lie still stayed silent.

Finally, Han Che of the Profound Ice Family had returned from Sky Bearing City and landed beside Qin Lie.

An Hao was shrouded in darkness aura and standing at the center of the crowd. He had a handsome but feminine face, and his presence was like an endless enigma that could never be unraveled. Anyone who tried to look An Hao in the eye would automatically sink into his natural darkness-attribute mental domain.

“I’ll be frank.” An Hao clearly didn’t want to waste his breath on sophistries. “If you try to hide from us or refuse to return with us to God Realm, we will destroy all living things in Spirit Realm. Wiping out an entire realm isn’t very difficult for us. Back then, the reason we haven’t slaughtered everyone or taken the geocentric motherlode of Spirit Realm for ourselves was because we thought that keeping Spirit Realm alive was more beneficial to us.”

“We’d rather enslave all living things on Spirit Realm and have them service us and mine spirit materials and ores for us. It’d fit the needs of our race more.”

“But if you refuse to cooperate with us, then we may choose to stop wasting our own time and rob Spirit Realm of its geocentric motherlode directly.”

“I’ll come with you,” said Qin Lie solemnly.

An Hao nodded and said, “You have made a very wise decision.”

“Oh really? What will happen to me when I go to God Realm?” asked Qin Lie.

“No one will do anything to you.” Lieyan Zhao laughed loudly before continuing. “You are a member of the Blaze Family. No one will be able to hurt you for as long as I live!”

“Your worries are unfounded,” said An Hao before pondering for a moment. “I can make you a suggestion that will dispel your worries.”

“What is it?” Qin Lie looked surprised.

“If you are willing to come to God Realm with us, we can announce to the world that Spirit Realm is a private realm of the God Race. Of course, we won’t actually be sending extra troops to garrison this realm, but nominally this realm will belong to you,” said An Hao slowly.

“I don’t understand.” Qin Lie still didn’t know how this would benefit him.

An Hao shot a glance at Gan Xing, and Gan Xing smartly picked up the conversation where An Hao left off with a smile. “What this means that Spirit Realm will be fully acknowledged as our realm, and any attempts to invade it will be treated as an affront to the God Race. This means that Spirit Realm will be safe from outer realm forces such as the Night Ghosts and weaker races.”

Qin Lie threw another question. “Is that all? What if the invader is the Spirit Race, like Narsen’s faction? What about the Soul Race?”

“We will show up and fight them if only to defend our face,” said An Hao calmly. “Take Narsen and the two Soul Race princes’ recent attacks on Spirit Realm for instance. The moment we receive news of their movement, we will send someone to solve all the problems. We will ensure that Spirit Realm remains peaceful and free from invaders.”

Qin Lie’s eyes brightened a bit.

An Hao’s promise was exactly what Spirit Realm needed right now, if it was true.

It was because Qin Lie knew that Spirit Realm wasn’t strong enough to resist the Spirit Race, the Soul Race, the Abyss Devils, or even weaker races such as the Winged Race or the Bone Race.

The fact that a group as lousy as the Night Ghosts was able to cause massive damage to Spirit Realm was proof of that.

If what An Hao said was true, then no forces at the Night Ghosts, the Bone Race, or the Winged Race’s level would dare to invade Spirit Realm once it was declared to be a private realm of the God Race.

The Spirit Race and the Soul Race could still invade Spirit Realm, but the God Race would deal with them personally to defend the honor of their race.

This meant that peace on Spirit Realm could be secured, and right now peace was what the Hundred Races needed the most.

“Why would you not plunder Spirit Realm yourself?” asked Qin Lie suspiciously.

“If you agree to come with us to God Realm, you’ll become a part of us. Since Spirit Realm is under your name, it technically belongs to us as well,” An Hao replied calmly. “You are far more valuable than Spirit Realm. Your willing return to our fold is worth the cost, so we won’t take anything more than that.”

Lieyan Zhao chuckled and added, “On the outside, we will announce that Spirit Realm belongs to you and the Blaze Family.”

“That isn’t all.” An Hao stared deeply at Qin Lie and said, “Once we’ve acknowledged Spirit Realm as one of ours, you will have the chance to truly integrate with the circle that is the galaxy itself. We can help build some dimensional channels to speed up the process. From hereon, Spirit Realm will be able to sell their spirit materials to any outer realm races, and you’ll be allowed to trade for cultivation materials and bloodline ascension materials with the Winged Race, the Bone Race, the Earth Demon Race, and even the Spirit Race and the Abyss Devils.”

“This will enable Spirit Realm to join the galactic circle in just a short time. Your civilization will be improving drastically as well.”

Qin Lie had to admit that he was very tempted by the offer.

An instant later, he suddenly realized something and asked, “Why haven’t you pushed a movement like this twenty millennia ago?”

An Hao raised his head slightly and declared proudly, “That is because the denizens of Spirit Realm from twenty millennia ago were even worse than they are now. They simply didn’t have the right to negotiate with us back then. In our eyes, the Spirit Realm of the past was nothing more but a slave world.”

“But because of you, those old fellows are willing to make a concession and make even a realm as weak as Spirit Realm connect with the vast galaxy.” Lieyan Zhao opened his mouth and chuckled strangely. “If you wish to become a truly powerful force and join other stronger worlds, there is no faster and safer way than this. Of course, we are only doing this because of you. You are the true master of this realm in our eyes.”

“Is this enough sincerity for you?” said Han Che before letting out a snort.

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