Chapter 1541: Looking for Someone

Chapter 1541: Looking for Someone

Countless realms outside Spirit Realm had been conquered by the God Race in almost just a single night.

The news from other races broke out in Spirit Realm like the falling snow. Sky Bearing City barely had a chance to enjoy its peace before things got heated up again.

The experts of the Sky Mender Palace and the Ji Family had immediately rushed to Sky Bearing City after catching wind of the disasters.

The forefathers of the five remaining Gold rank forces such as Starry Hall had also sent out their messengers to the Ice Emperor and Qin Shan for instructions.

Every living being in Spirit Realm had fallen into a state of panic. They were all worried that they would wake up the next day finding the God Race’s main army marching down towards them.

The God Race had refrained from killing anyone after taking down the realms outside of Spirit Realm, however. They had simply kept them in captivity.

It was almost as if they were waiting for something…

Inside the dark halls of Sky Bearing City, Qin Lie was sitting quietly on his lonesome with a gloomy look on his face.

He had learned of the attack on the Ancient Beast Race the moment the Darkness Family and their giant starships had appeared in the airspace of Ancient Beast Realm.

He knew because he had stationed an Asura Race soul servant in Ancient Beast Realm.

That Asura Race soul servant had witnessed the descent of the Darkness Family’s experts and their capture of the four Beast Kings with his own eyes.

The entire Ancient Beast Realm had been enveloped in darkness. Even the teleportation formations of Ancient Beast Realm had fallen under the Darkness Family’s control.

After that, the fall of the Wood Race, the Sea Race, the Black Jail Race; the Oldenwarm Realm and other realms had reached them as well.

He also learned that the God Race had refrained from killing despite conquering those realms. They had simply kept the denizens there imprisoned.

He quickly realized the God Race’s true intentions.


Qin Shan’s figure suddenly appeared inside the dark hall. He slowly walked toward Qin Lie.

“Grandpa.” Qin Lie looked up and gave him a forced smile.

“The Qin Family isn’t capable of fighting the entire God Race right now, but the God Race can’t stop us from protecting ourselves either. We can abandon Spirit Realm and start anew in a new world.” Qin Shan stared at him deeply. “You don’t need to sacrifice yourself for others.”

“I haven’t made up my mind yet,” replied Qin Lie quietly.

“It’s not wrong to be a little selfish.” Qin Shan pondered for a moment before continuing, “The heavy responsibility of defending Spirit Realm shouldn’t fall on you. You shouldn’t be the one to bear it all either.”

“I heard that Oldenwarm Realm had fallen as well.” Qin Lie smiled bitterly.

“Our people and our realm experts had left Oldenwarm Realm some time ago,” said Qin Shan.

“But there are other realms, and…”

“That is not for you to care,” interrupted Qin Shan before yelling. “You should leave Sky Bearing City right away. Head to the Frost Desolation Abyss. The God Race doesn’t have the power to invade all of the outer realms.”



It was at this moment a loud explosion happened right above Sky Bearing City.

Qin Shan’s expression abruptly changed.

He had been trying to seek out a new artifact soul to replace the Curse Progenitor after the latter had been absorbed by the Soul Suppressing Orb, but Sky Bearing City was no ordinary spirit artifact.

To control Sky Bearing City completely, the artifact soul needed to be a Genesis Realm expert and a master of spirit diagrams.

An artifact soul that didn’t fulfill both requirements couldn’t control this amazing city completely.

Right now, he hadn’t found a qualified candidate yet. This meant that Sky Bearing City didn’t have an artifact soul right now.

A soulless Sky Bearing City couldn’t display the true might of its spirit diagrams. The amount of defensive power its walls could muster was limited as well.

If the God Race chose this moment to invade them, it was unlikely that Sky Bearing City could hold them off for long.

Qin Shan immediately had a bad feeling when he heard the commotion.

“Leave for the Frost Desolation Abyss right away!” he told Qin Lie.

“It’s them.” Qin Lie let out a sigh before saying, “This is something I must face. Maybe I’ll be able to run away, and grandpa can evacuate with the rest of the Qin Family members, but the four Beast Kings and the martial practitioners in Oldenwarm Realm and other realms are still in their hands. If I choose to escape to the Frost Desolation Abyss, the God Race may very well kill them all in a fit of anger. They won’t just destroy Spirit Realm then, they will annihilate every living being and creature that exists in Spirit Realm as well.”

“I know they have the power and the courage to take such an action.”

After that, Qin Lie flew out of the hidden hall and into the streets of Sky Bearing City in an instant.

He looked up and saw seven giant starships at least several kilometers long high up in the sky.

Behind them, there was a giant spatial whirlpool that churned like the abyss passageway. A great amount of distorted spatial power was pouring out of it.

The violent spatial energy seemed capable of wiping out the tens of millions of souls living in Sky Bearing City in an instant.

The seven giant starships glowed bright and divine under the burning hot sun. It was to the point where anyone who looked at the ships would hurt their eyes.

“The God Race! The God Race has finally returned to Spirit Realm!”

“They’ve returned, they’ve returned! We’re dead!”

“Who else can stop the God Race after Sky Bearing City had lost its shield?”

“Let’s surrender, let’s all surrender like we did in the past. We may still be able to scrape by if we surrender to them now!”


The martial practitioners and the artificers that didn’t belong to the Qin Family immediately collapsed in fear when they saw the seven giant starships hanging in the air.

Even peak Genesis Realm experts like the Flame Emperor, the Ice Emperor, Ji Dan and Hua Tianqiong had fallen silent.

They knew that they were no match for the God Race right now.

“We meet again.”

Han Che of the Profound Ice Family descended from the sky and nodded once at the Ice Emperor.

Although he hadn’t met the Ice Emperor at the Shattered Ice Realm, he was able to sense his presence through his soul perception during the meeting between the Ice Emperor and Pei Dehong.

As a bearer of the Profound Ice Family bloodline, the Ice Emperor’s study of the ultimate truth of frost had reached such a height that even he had to show him a shred of respect.

That was why the Ice Emperor was the first person he greeted when he leaped off his ship.

“Spirit Realm is seriously the last place I wanted to meet you,” said the Ice Emperor stiffly.

Han Che thought for a moment before nodding. “To tell you the truth, we have no wish to kill everyone in this realm as well.” Having said that, he started looking around.

“Are you looking for me?” declared Qin Lie loudly.

Qin Lie leaped to the sky like a cannonball and stopped right next to Han Che and the Ice Emperor.

Han Che gave him an admiring smile before pointing at the starship above his head. “Let us speak up there.”

“Do I have another choice?” Qin Lie looked unbelievably pale when he said this.

“You do,” Han Che said calmly. “However, the price of that choice will be the death of every living being in Sky Bearing City, Ancient Beast Realm, and the realms of the Sea and Wood Races. And all the other realms we’ve conquered at our arrival.”

Qin Lie immediately flew higher without another word. He didn’t even bother to give Han Che a notice.

He headed for the seven giant warships that dominated the vast universe.

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