Chapter 1540: Pressure

Chapter 1540: Pressure

“They’re back.”

Qin Lie said with a gloomy look, “I doubt that the Profound Ice Family’s patriarch is the only one who’s going to make an appearance. There has to be experts from other God Race families as well.”

Everyone inside the hall fell silent. They all had serious looks on their faces.

The fact that Han Che had appeared at Asura Realm meant that the God Race had found a new way to reach Spirit Realm.

The Hundred Races of Spirit Realm had just dealt with Narsen, not to mention that the six great forces had suffered tremendous losses in the process.

The Giant Race, the Wood Race, the Yaksha Race, and the Black Jail Race had also lost a lot of clansmen because they were invaded by outer realm foreigners like the Night Ghosts.

Frankly speaking, the power the races of Spirit Realm could muster right now was very limited.

That was why it was a heavy blow to everyone to hear that the God Race’s main army had chosen this exact moment to mount an invasion.

“Why have they appeared at Asura Realm?” asked the Ice Emperor solemnly.

Qin Shan shook his head. He didn’t know why himself.

The Flame Emperor gave his thoughts after a moment of surprise. “Didn’t that guy who called himself the Blood Emperor just ravaged Asura Realm with the evil dragons? Then maybe the reason they head there is to…”

“... speak with the evil dragons,” guessed the Ice Emperor.

He knew that the previous patriarch of the Blaze Family, Lieyan Yuan hadn’t had any contact with the God Race since he went missing twenty millennia ago.

The evil dragons were Lieyan Yuan’s loyal servants. They listened to Lieyan Yuan and Lieyan Yuan alone.

Therefore, it was very likely that Han Che had gone to Asura Realm to seek council with the Evil Dragon Race.

“But the Blood Emperor and the Evil Dragon Race hadn’t returned to Asura Realm after attacking the Sea Race,” said Qin Shan with a frown.

“That’s strange.” Not even the Ice Emperor could figure out their motivations now.


Qin Ye looked like he wanted to say something. He had been waiting for the Ice Emperor and Qin Shan to come to a pause after reporting the urgent news.

From time to time, he would even shoot Qin Lie a strange look.

“Say your thoughts already!” yelled Qin Shan impatiently.

“The Cullen Family at Asura Realm had asked us to bring a message to Little Lie. They wanted to invite him to Asura Realm,” reported Qin Ye.

“The Cullen Family?” His report surprised Qin Shan for a second before the old artificer turned around to face Qin Lie. “I thought they were still staying in the Boluo Realm not long ago? Do you know them?”

“I do. They wanted to restore their family’s former glory through the God Race after hearing that they were soon to arrive. Before this, I had sent them to the Frost Desolation Abyss so that the other Asura Race families of Asura Realm wouldn’t find them…” explained Qin Lie.

“Why are they inviting you to Asura Realm?” asked Qin Shan curiously.

The Ice Emperor and the Flame Emperor were surprised as well.

“If I’m not mistaken… they aren’t the ones who are inviting me. They’re simply acting as a message carrier for Han Che,” said Qin Lie with a sigh.

Everyone’s expressions changed drastically when they heard this.

“Not long ago, when I was at the Flaming Sun Abyss, the God Race had sent someone to make dialogue with me. They had promised to give up on Spirit Realm if I’m willing to return with them to the God Race’s ancestral grounds.” Qin Lie was wearing a bitter smile on his face. “My bloodline is a little… special. In the eyes of the God Race’s elders, my bloodline is more important and precious than Spirit Realm itself. They are space conquerors after all. It’s not like they haven’t encountered and conquered a couple of super-sized realms like Spirit Realm before.”

“They believe that my existence is more beneficial to the God Race than Spirit Realm itself.”

“It’s very possible that they will be willing to give up on Spirit Realm permanently if I promise to go with them.”

Qin Lie knew that Han Che’s return was a signal that the five God Race families must have found a quicker way to enter Spirit Realm.

He also knew that it was almost a pipe dream to hope that Spirit Realm would be able to resist the God Race with their current strength. That was why he had to inform everyone about the only way he thought could save Spirit Realm.

The Ice Emperor and the Flame Emperor immediately shot him odd looks after hearing his explanation.

Qin Lie was more important to the God Race than the entire Spirit Realm…

It was a heavy blow to the Ice Emperor and the Flame Emperor, the sages of the human race. They were also assaulted by a sudden sense of bitter defeat.

They had struggled hard to travel back from the distant realms and said Spirit Realm in fighting back against the invaders.

However, their despair only grew after fighting against the invaders briefly.

When they learned that the Thunder Emperor had become stuck in the “Dark Shadow World”, they felt even more helpless than ever before. They gradually realized that the option that they might not be able to change the destruction of Spirit Realm no matter how hard they tried was growing to become a very real possibility.

In fact, they had even reached a point where all they asked for was a clear conscience. They would do everything they could to save Spirit Realm, but the outcome was simply beyond their control. 

And then all of a sudden, Qin Lie revealed that Spirit Realm’s crisis could be resolved immediately if he agreed to return to the God Realm.


The Ice Emperor started for a second before coming to a sudden stop. His lips trembled a little. 

For some reason, he was staring at Qin Lie like a grudgeful wife.

“You’re not actually thinking about sacrificing me, are you?” Qin Lie had a bad feeling about this.

“I haven’t even said anything yet.” The Ice Emperor smiled awkwardly as he tried to hide his embarrassment. “As you can see, Narsen of the Spirit Race and the two lousiest sons of the Imperial Soul Monarch were enough to cause havoc in Spirit Realm. The Night Ghosts were a small, insignificant force in the outer realms, but the Giant Race was taken down in a short time without being able to mount any resistance whatsoever. The Wood Race, the Black Jail Race and the Yaksha Race had all faced a similar situation.”

“If Lieyan Yuan had chosen to stay his hand, Narsen and those two Soul Race princes could’ve escaped from right under our noses, and we wouldn’t be able to do anything about it.”

“Right now, the Hundred Races of Spirit Realm are simply too weak compared to these monsters.”

“Frankly speaking, not even the three of us are confident that we’ll be able to save Spirit Realm this time.”

The Flame Emperor chose this moment to inject his opinion. “You said it yourself that you are incredibly important to them. Surely they wouldn’t harm you, would they?”

“They could keep me inside a cage, extract my flesh, and let my blood out for experiments all day, you know,” said Qin Lie while pulling a long face.

“You don’t have to go if you don’t want to!” Qin Shan let out a cold snort. “Worse comes to worst, we can just give up on Spirit Realm! It’s not like we, the Qin Family, don’t own some private realms in the outer realms! Maybe the other races and forces of Spirit Realm can only flourish in Spirit Realm, but the Qin Family has stepped into the outer realms a long time ago. Losing Spirit Realm wouldn’t be a terrible blow to us.”

The Flame Emperor and the Ice Emperor fell silent after hearing this.

In reality, they all knew that they weren’t in a position to force Qin Lie to do anything. They were also gradually learning that the Qin Family was hiding a lot of secrets just from Qin Hao’s strength and Ming Xiao’s existence.

That was why they believed what Qin Shan said to be true—the Qin Family could flourish throughout the galaxy even if they left Spirit Realm.

However, just because the Qin Family had the ability to flourish in the outer realms, it didn’t mean that the other forces and families of Spirit Realm could do the same. It didn’t mean that the foreigners who lived in Spirit Realm could survive in the outer realms after the death of Spirit Realm either.


At Asura Realm.

Standing in front of the door of a huge, ancient-looking building, Han Che was frowning at a respectful-looking Carey and asking, “Has there been any reply from Qin Lie?”

Carey kept his back bowed as he shook his head. “No, not yet.”

Han Che pondered for a moment before beckoning for Carey to leave.

The rank ten warrior of the Profound Ice Family, Bing Hui, appeared like an icy illusion immediately after Carey had left the scene.

“Tell them to put some pressure onto the denizens of Spirit Realm. We will force Qin Lie into making a decision as soon as possible,” instructed Han Che.

“Understood.” Bing Hui’s figure vanished just as he appeared in full.

Ancient Beast Realm.

Three black, sinister-looking ships that looked like giant space monsters suddenly pierced through the Ancient Beast Realm’s spatial crystal barrier and appeared in the sky.

Six rank ten bloodline warriors and hundreds of rank nine and rank eight Darkness Family members then unleashed their bloodline power and covered the entire Ancient Beast Realm in infinite darkness.

The entire realm was sealed off at the same time the darkness flooded over the Ancient Beast Realm entirely. Every beast was quaking in fear.

A couple of shadows landed on the lush forest and rushed straight toward Crimson Blood Ape King.

Six hours later, all four Beast Kings of the Ancient Beast Race had been captured and trapped inside a cage of absolute darkness.

At the same time.

The Wood Race, the Black Jail Race, and the Sea Race were suddenly invaded by the God Race as well.

These three races were even more helpless than the Ancient Beast Race had been.

They had all been captured and imprisoned in just two hours’ time.

That wasn’t all. The Blaze Family members led by Lieyan Zhao had also invaded the Qin Family’s Oldenwarm Realm in the outer realms.

The Oldenwarm Realm had fallen instantly to the God Race.

The Qin Family, Sky Mender Palace, and the Ji Family’s bases in the outer realms had all been invaded and conquered by the God Race in just a short amount of time.

Outside Spirit Realm, the realms of the Dragon Race, the Asura Race, the Ancient Beast Race, the Wood Race, the Sea Race, the Black Jail Race had a sudden change of a ruler.

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