Chapter 1540: Pressure

Chapter 1540: Pressure

“They’re back.”

Qin Lie said with a gloomy look, “I doubt that the Profound Ice Family’s patriarch is the only one who’s going to make an appearance. There has to be experts from other God Race families as well.”

Everyone inside the hall fell silent. They all had serious looks on their faces.

The fact that Han Che had appeared at Asura Realm meant that the God Race had found a new way to reach Spirit Realm.

The Hundred Races of Spirit Realm had just dealt with Narsen, not to mention that the six great forces had suffered tremendous losses in the process.

The Giant Race, the Wood Race, the Yaksha Race, and the Black Jail Race had also lost a lot of clansmen because they were invaded by outer realm foreigners like the Night Ghosts.

Frankly speaking, the power the races of Spirit Realm could muster right now was very limited.

That was why it was a heavy blow to everyone to hear that the God Race’s main army had chosen this exact moment to mount an invasion.

“Why have they appeared at Asura Realm?” asked the Ice Emperor...

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