Chapter 1539: Upheaval

Chapter 1539: Upheaval

Qin Lie was shocked to hear what the Flame Emperor, the Ice Emperor, and his grandfather Qin Shan had to say.

He was clear on just how powerful a rank ten Abyss Devil was, and this was without mentioning that Terror Devil King and Despair Devil King were the first and second strongest Abyss Devils of the Chaos Abyss. Terror Devil King especially was a true ruler of a powerful Abyss level, just like Dawson.

At this level, an Abyss Devil wasn’t inferior to any rank ten God Race warrior in the slightest!

Another comparison to make would be a rank ten God Race bloodline warrior was almost the equivalent of five rank ten Spirit Realm denizens.

But somehow, not only did Qin Hao manage to force Terror Devil King into hiding, he had even killed Despair Devil King despite fighting both of them at the same time. This power…

“The Qin Family is truly amazing.”

The Ice Emperor gave Qin Shan a deep look while praising from the bottom of his heart. “The fact that the rank ten Demon God Ming Xiao could fight toe-to-toe with Narsen of the Spirit Race means that he was as strong as a rank ten Abyss Devil already, but who knew that Qin Hao would be even stronger than him? I still can’t believe that he was able to force Terror Devil King into hiding and kill Despair Devil King completely.”

“It seems like Ninth Heaven’s decision to back out from Spirit Realm was a most wise decision,” added the Flame Emperor.

“Ninth Heaven is backing out?” Qin Lie exclaimed.

When his soul was analyzing the Curse Progenitor’s memories inside the Soul Suppressing Orb, he had reached a state of absolute concentration.

Therefore, he had no idea what was happening outside until just now.

“It had been a few days since you went to refine the Curse Progenitor’s memories,” said Qin Shan while smiling. “Pei Dehong and the others are aware that you have sealed away Latiff and Malcolm’s souls. They also know that we have a Ming Xiao on our side. Their forces were largely diminished because of the two Soul Race clansmen’s machinations, and they simply don’t have the power to fight us any longer. That is why Pei Dehong had left Spirit Realm with the remaining forces of Ninth Heaven and gone to the outer realms to cultivate.”

“The other five of the six great forces had promised to return all of the territories they had claimed in the past. For example, the Ji Family and the Sky Mender Palace have already gotten back their territories.”

“The fact that Ninth Heaven had backed out of Spirit Realm meant that they had admitted defeat. From hereon, they’re no longer a force to be reckoned with.”

The Ice Emperor also said, “For now, this is the last big upheaval that will happen to the human race.”

Qin Lie was surprised to hear all this.

He had no idea that he had lingered inside the Soul Suppressing Orb for several days.

One of his avatars was currently at Heavenly Yin Valley, and the other at Giant Spirit Realm. None of them had a clue what was going on outside either.

In just a few days’ time, Ninth Heaven had fulfilled their promise and backed out of Spirit Realm with whatever forces they had left.

According to the promise, the Ninth Heaven martial practitioners led by Pei Dehong weren’t allowed to return to Spirit Realm for three hundred years.

Perhaps the reason that Pei Dehong had left so hurriedly was because he was worried that the Qin Family would find an opportunity to take revenge against them.

Judging from the level of strength displayed by the Qin Family, it wouldn’t be difficult for them to hunt down Ninth Heaven to the last man.


The remaining five great forces had suffered massive losses due to Latiff and Malcolm as well. Many of their vassal forces had left because of their failure to protect them.

They also knew that they lacked the power to fight against the Qin Family, Sky Mender Palace, and the Ji Family after the bloody baptism that was the two Soul Race clansmen.

This was without mentioning that the Ice Emperor and the Flame Emperor were firmly on the Sky Bearing City’s side.

That was why they had admitted defeat. They were also willing to fulfill all the conditions that had been discussed earlier.

Every human martial practitioner and force in Spirit Realm and outer realm foreigner was made aware that Sky Bearing City had obtained a decisive victory after Ninth Heaven had left, and the five great forces had surrendered.

At almost the same time, the Ancient Beast Race at the Ancient Beast Realm, the Giant Race at the Giant Spirit Realm, the Sea Race, and the Black Jail Race had declared to the world that Sky Bearing City was their eternal ally.

“The Sea Race…” Qin Lie was caught off guard by one of the races in this statement. “The Sea Race had made a declaration as well?”

Qin Shan’s eyes glinted once before explaining, “The Sea Race was defeated by the evil dragons, losing three out of five Sea Kings in the process. Right now, Sea King Pina is the ruler of the Sea Race.”

Realization abruptly struck Qin Lie.

At Boluo Realm, Vanessa and Hayley had begged him to aid the Sea Race.

At the time, Li Xin, the self-proclaimed Blood Emperor, had suddenly shown up and sworn loyalty to him as well.

Now he remembered that he had given Li Xin an order to that effect.

The original goal of that order was to test the Blood Emperor and the evil dragons’ loyalty. After all, he wasn’t sure if Li Xin and the evil dragons would listen to his order.

Today, Pina had become the ruler of the Sea Race, and the Sea Race had declared themselves to be the eternal ally of the Sky Bearing City. This meant that Li Xin had executed his order exactly as he wanted.

After that the Ancient Beast Race, the Giant Race, the Sea Race, the Black Jail Race, and the Demon Dragon Race had allied themselves with Sky Bearing City. The Qin Family was now completely in charge of Spirit Realm’s future.

“There were a lot of outer realm evil races who invaded Spirit Realm, weren’t they? What happened to those invaders?” asked Qin Lie curiously.

“A fellow who called himself the Blood Emperor had killed or chased off those invaders with a horde of evil dragons,” said the Ice Emperor with an odd look on his face. “Almost all of the outer realm invaders had been killed or escaped. Maybe it was because they caught wind that even Narsen and the two Soul Race princes had fallen in Sky Bearing City.”

Qin Shan said calmly, “For now, peace has finally returned to Spirit Realm.”

“Not quite.” The Ice Emperor shook his head before explaining, “At Shattered Ice Realm, things are so quiet that it’s almost abnormal. Moreover, that Blood Emperor fellow and those powerful evil dragons are still at Spirit Realm.”

Qin Lie’s eyebrows twitched when he heard this.

“Narsen, the Soul Race, the Night Ghosts, the outer realm invaders, the Blood Emperor, the evil dragons…”

Eventually, Qin Lie was able to connect the dots and realized what was going on.

It had been a battle between Great Sage Tian Qi and Lieyan Yuan!

Narsen, Malcolm, the Night Ghosts, and the outer realm invaders were all pawns Great Sage Tian Qi had delivered to Spirit Realm. The Curse Progenitor was one of his pawns as well.

These people had all moved according to Great Sage Tian Qi’s instructions in order to obtain the geocentric motherlode and transform Spirit Realm into a dead land.

However, Narsen had been killed, and Malcolm and Latiff had been sealed and delivered into Qin Lie’s Soul Suppressing Orb by Lieyan Yuan while they were making an escape.

At the same time, the forces led by the Blood Emperor and the evil dragons had taken out the outer realm foreigners such as the Night Ghosts one by one and forced them out of Spirit Realm.

The two Blood and Soul Mentors were clearly making a move against each other on the chessboard that was Spirit Realm!

“What now? What should we do?” He frowned.

The Ice Emperor replied in a heavy tone, “The God Race clansmen at Shattered Ice Realm still haven’t made a move yet. Our biggest worry lies there.”

“Narsen and the two Soul Race clansmen were ultimately just a small force. They were much, much weaker than the God Race’s full army. If their experts were to descend onto Spirit Realm one after another, we…” The Flame Emperor sighed while shaking his head.

“Didn’t we have another two years to prepare?” asked Qin Lie.

The Ice Emperor replied seriously, “I don’t know why, but I’ve been having a bad feeling as of late. I think they’ll show up very, very soon.” 

“Father! Han Che has shown up at Asura Realm!”

It was at this moment Qin Ye suddenly rushed in with an urgent report.

“Han Che!” The Ice Emperor abruptly turned pale.

Not long ago, Han Che had been left behind in the abyss passageway because the Star Abyss was destroyed by Qin Lie. He had no choice but to return to the God Race.

His appearance meant that he had returned to Spirit Realm once more!

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