Chapter 1539: Upheaval

Chapter 1539: Upheaval

Qin Lie was shocked to hear what the Flame Emperor, the Ice Emperor, and his grandfather Qin Shan had to say.

He was clear on just how powerful a rank ten Abyss Devil was, and this was without mentioning that Terror Devil King and Despair Devil King were the first and second strongest Abyss Devils of the Chaos Abyss. Terror Devil King especially was a true ruler of a powerful Abyss level, just like Dawson.

At this level, an Abyss Devil wasn’t inferior to any rank ten God Race warrior in the slightest!

Another comparison to make would be a rank ten God Race bloodline warrior was almost the equivalent of five rank ten Spirit Realm denizens.

But somehow, not only did Qin Hao manage to force Terror Devil King into hiding, he had even killed Despair Devil King despite fighting both of them at the same time. This power…

“The Qin Family is truly amazing.”


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