Chapter 1538: Soul Shell

Chapter 1538: Soul Shell

Inside the fourth layer of the Soul Suppressing Orb, the six Spirits of Void and Chaos were lying quietly in hibernation. It had been a long time since they had last come out to feed.

Many translucent bubbles filled the inside of this space. Every bubble looked like an independent realm that contained a mysterious ancient spirit diagram.

Qin Lie’s soul consciousness took on the shape of a shadow as he appeared inside this space slowly.

Malcolm and Latiff’s souls had been refined into two soul orbs. Right now, they were floating inside this space like two gray stars. They were completely still.

On the other hand, the Curse Progenitor’s soul clearly had thought and consciousness even though it was also gray dark in color.

Bits of soul tendrils was flying out of the ball of light that was the Curse Progenitor’s soul before disappearing into nothing.

The Curse Progenitor was losing soul energy at a rapid pace.

Qin Lie’s soul shadow stared at the Curse Progenitor’s soul. Soon, he discovered that all that was left inside...

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