Chapter 1537: The Aftermath

Chapter 1537: The Aftermath

“You’ve never truly fought him before?”

This time, Qin Lie wasn’t the only one who was shocked. Even Qin Shan was staring at them in astonishment.

The Three Emperors of the human race were the central pillars of the Hundred Races’ united forces twenty millennia ago. Therefore, it made no sense that the three strongest experts of the human race, the Three Emperors, had never fought against Lieyan Yuan before.

“I heard that he was the one who covered the God Race’s retreat with the Evil Dragon Race and his martial practitioners…” Qin Lie hesitated for a moment before asking, “After that, the Blaze and Darkness Families successfully retreated from Spirit Realm, while he and his evil dragons had vanished without a trace. What… on Spirit Realm happened back then?”

This was one of...

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