Chapter 1536: Sudden Death

Chapter 1536: Sudden Death

“Narsen! Open the door!”

The Soul Race clansmen Malcolm and Latiff immediately wanted to retreat when they noticed that things had taken a wrong turn.

The Curse Progenitor was currently shackled by the Soul Suppressing Orb, so Sky Bearing City had temporarily lost its artifact soul. However, it was still unlikely that they could escape the grasp of experts such as the Ice Emperor, the Flame Emperor, Ji Dan, Hua Tianqiong, and other Genesis Realm experts on their own.

That was why they had put their hopes onto Narsen, a bloodline expert who was well-versed in the secrets of space.

Narsen was a rank ten bloodline expert with bloodline attributes of life and space. He could enter and exit any space at any time.

Everyone in the entire galaxy knew that those with mastery over space were the hardest enemies to kill once and for all.

The only way to stop an expert with mastery over space was to be an expert of the same field with mastery equal or above.

“Let’s go!”

Narsen reluctantly walked out of a strange-looking layered space upon being urged by the two princes.

It was as if the area he was in had transformed into another world entirely. It looked like a vertical mirror hovering in the air.

A dazzling white light shone from inside the mirror onto the Satorius Family members.

Those Spirit Race clansmen who were still alive were absorbed into the mirror in just the blink of an eye.

Latiff and Malcolm didn’t even bother waiting for the mirror’s light to reach them. They had jumped into the mirror on their own.

In just five seconds, the bright mirror had gathered every surviving member of the Satorius Family and the two Soul Race clansmen.

The mirror looked like Narsen’s rank ten bloodline ability. It was an ability that allowed him to carve out a unique world in space.

This world wasn’t part of the sky of Sky Bearing City. It wasn’t even part of Spirit Realm itself.


A narrow but long spatial rift slowly appeared behind the mirror-like space.

The Ice Emperor, the Flame Emperor, Ji Dan, Hua Tianqiong, and all other peak experts tried to use their Soul Altars and their learned truths of power to stop that spatial rift from appearing.

They knew full well that they would fail to capture their enemies if they allowed them to escape through that fresh spatial rift.

They were even firing Divine Grade artifacts and utilizing their most advanced comprehended laws as well.

Unfortunately, that slowly widening gap in space didn’t seem to be affected by their power. In fact, it had swallowed every burst of power like it was nothing.

No one knew where the spatial rift was leading to. All they could see was strange, flowing light slipping out of the spatial rift occasionally while carrying a desolate, icy and lifeless presence inside.

“Quickly,” urged Malcolm.

Inside the mirror world, Narsen nodded once, shot the denizens of Spirit Realm a sinister glare before trying to leave.

Every martial practitioner who had rushed to Sky Bearing City felt disheartened and powerless.

Their power was clearly above Narsen’s group. They clearly had the ability to kill all these invaders.

However, no one here had the same level of mastery of space as Narsen. Moreover, the only person who could control the space of Sky Bearing City, the Curse Progenitor, was a traitor…

That was why they had no choice but to watch the culprits who caused havoc in Spirit Realm and Sky Bearing City escape in leisure.

The setback was a disappointment for everyone.

Narsen moved his “mirror” slowly towards the world behind the spatial rift. It looked like nothing could stop him from escaping to his destination.


Suddenly, a dazzling light beam flew right out of the spatial rift.

The light beam twisted and jumped erratically as if it was imbued with infinite power in just an instant.

The light beam transformed into a huge, blurry shadow that seemed to be blocking the way to the spatial rift.

Narsen’s “mirror” was stopped in its tracks just before it would enter the spatial rift.

Every expert in the Sky Bearing City could see the confusion on Narsen’s face.

However, his confusion lasted for only an instant before it transformed into panic and worry.

It was almost as if he just realized what, or who was standing before his way.


The independent space he had created using his rank ten bloodline power, the special ability and power that was unique only to a Spirit Race clansman with space-attribute bloodline suddenly shattered into pieces!

The loss of the mirror caused every Satorius Family member to panic in fear.

Malcolm and Latiff’s Soul Trees were also swaying wildly. It looked like they were arguing about something with Narsen.

“What’s going on?”

“What happened?”

Inside the Sky Bearing City, the Ice Emperor, the Flame Emperor, and Genesis Realm experts stared at the unexpected scene inside the spatial rift in astonishment.

Although they couldn’t hear what Narsen, Malcolm, and Latiff were screaming and arguing about, they could all see from their expressions that they were afraid.

Things took another turn after just three to five seconds later. Narsen, Malcolm, and Latiff suddenly started begging at that tall, imposing shadow about something.

Even Qin Lie could see that Narsen was bowing and nodding as if he was making some sort of promises, while Latiff and Malcolm were seemingly swearing a solemn oath using a Soul Race secret art.

“Who’s that shadow?” Hua Tianqiong asked with a weird look on his face.

“It can’t be Great Sage Tian Qi of the Spirit Race, can it? It can’t be. The reason Narsen was able to come to Spirit Realm and order the Curse Progenitor around is all because of Great Sage Tian Qi. There’s no reason for him to treat Narsen like this…” The Flame Emperor muttered to himself.

Suddenly, a bloody flash of light came from inside Narsen and the Satorius Family members’s eyes.

An instant later, Narsen and the Satorius Family members suddenly exploded into pieces and died on the spot!

Every Satorius Family member led by Narsen had died at this moment.

The two Soul Race princes struggled fiercely as they tried to escape to the outer realms.

However, their Soul Trees suddenly shrank as if they were compressed by some sort of unknown power. A moment later, they had become two tiny, black soul orbs.

The two soul orbs was only the size of a walnut. They were shiny and pitch black.


Surprisingly, the two soul orbs flew out of the spatial rift and towards Qin Lie almost as if they had a mind of their own.

The Soul Suppressing Orb swallowed the two soul orbs before Qin Lie could even muster a reaction.

The young man probed the interior of the Soul Suppressing Orb and discovered Latiff and Malcolm’s souls as he expected.

Confused and puzzled by the sudden turn of events, Qin Lie looked up towards the spatial rift.

The tall, blurry shadow made of light seemed to be looking at him as well.

After that, the spatial rift Narsen had torn open suddenly healed and vanished completely.

The sky of the Sky Bearing City returned to normal, and it was almost as if nothing had happened a moment ago.

Everyone knew that Narsen, for all his mastery in space, had failed to escape the Sky Bearing City with his clansmen.

Narsen, Boggart, and the Satorius Family members had all been killed by a third party!

Even the two Soul Race clansmen hadn’t been able to escape a gruesome fate. They had been compressed into tiny balls and absorbed by Qin Lie’s Soul Suppressing Orb.

“Grandpa, who… is that person?”

Qin Lie caressed the Soul Suppressing Orb before allowing it to return to his glabella. He looked to be at a loss for words.

The Ice Emperor and the Flame Emperor had also returned to the ground to look at Qin Shan for answers.

To their knowledge, the number of people who could suppress and kill Narsen of the Satorius Family could probably be counted on two hands.

This was without mentioning that Narsen’s strength was considered to be top five in the entire Spirit Race!

However, even someone like Narsen had been killed by a third party inside a spatial rift of his own making. It was news that could silence any expert in the galaxy.

Even the Flame Emperor and the Ice Emperor couldn’t quite imagine that someone this powerful could exist in the world.

“He gave you the two princes’ soul orbs. That makes his identity pretty clear, don’t you think?” At least Qin Shan didn’t look shaken by the incident. “Didn’t he send you the Ancient Life Tree not long ago?”

Qin Lie shook.

The Ice Emperor had realized the answer as well. “It was him?”

“You mean to say that that was him, one of the three Blood and Soul Mentors?” The Flame Emperor’s expression changed.

Qin Lie asked suddenly, “You’ve all come into contact with him twenty thousand years ago, haven’t you? Didn’t you unite the Hundred Races and chased him, the Blaze Family, and the Darkness Family out of Spirit Realm back then? How well do you know him?”

“Chased him out of Spirit Realm?” The Ice Emperor smiled bitterly before replying, “In my opinion, the Hundred Races weren’t the real reason he was forced out of Spirit Realm at all. It was because he had killed too many talented God Race youths for his mad plan without the results to show, drawing the ire of everyone in the God Race. The elders in the God Race are the ones who chased him out of Spirit Realm because they believed that his plan was folly and a complete failure, not us.

“In fact, we had never truly fought him in battle.” The Flame Emperor sighed.

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