Chapter 1535: Soul Assimilation!

Chapter 1535: Soul Assimilation!

The two nine-level Soul Altars, one ice cold, the other burning hot, flew into the sky.

"The Ice Emperor!"

"The Flame Emperor!"

Inside Sky Bearing City, all the humans were shocked when they saw the two nine-level Soul Altars.

The Qin Family members looked on with bright eyes. The knew the threat to Sky Bearing City had been resolved with the arrival of the Ice and Flame Emperors.

Qin Shan also sighed inwardly in relief.

"Roasting Flowing Flame!

The streams of flame filled half of the sky above Sky Bearing City at the Flame Emperor's shout.

Those flames seemed to be alive and nimbly avoided Dan Yuanqing, Liu He, and the other Qin Family martial practitioners to attack the martial practitioners of the Satorius Family.

"Arctic Seal!"

The Ice Emperor looked coldly at the martial practitioners possessed by Malcolm and Latiff and used the arctic essence from underneath the Flame Emperor.

The power to freeze souls came out of his glowing nine-level Soul Altar and poured down in waves.

Latiff and Malcolm knew the situation was bad when they saw the Ice Emperor and the Flame Emperor appear in Sky Bearing City.

When Ice Emperor released his powers of frost, their divided souls which had hidden in the human martial practitioners immediately flew out and gathered together.

Seconds later, Latiff and Malcolm's souls turned back into Soul Trees

They turned into black lights and escaped Sky Bearing City.

"Curse Progenitor!"

Their soul voices went to Sky Bearing City to remind the Curse Progenitor to open the protecting shield of Sky Bearing City and release them.

But the Curse Progenitor did not seem to detect them.


Their two Soul Trees hit the protective shield of Sky Bearing City hard and were bounced back.

"Crack crack!"

The frost energy of the Ice Emperor immediately turned into glowing pieces of ice that hit and enveloped the two Soul Trees.

The ice chunks froze the space around themselves, locking the Soul Trees in place.

"Narsen!" Latiff shouted angrily.


The Demon God body of Ming Xiao seemed to be walking between many spatial cracks.

Narsen of the Satorius Family flashed through multiple layers of space, attempting to attack the Abyss Devil with his unique bloodline trait.

Narsen's combat power decreased greatly after losing his demon pet.

Ming Xiao, who had also reached rank ten bloodline, could bounce among the different spaces and force Narsen to keep his attention focused.

"Curse Progenitor..."

Narsen only shouted perfunctorily with his soul in hope the Curse Progenitor would respond.

But he knew the arrival of the Flame Emperor and the Ice Emperor meant the lockdown of Sky Bearing City seemed to have encountered some issues.

This problem had been entrusted to the Curse Progenitor. Therefore, the man himself must have encountered trouble.


At the same time, Qin Lie's main body, which came with the Ice Emperor and the Flame Emperor, flew next to Qin Shan.

"How did you break it?" Qin Shan said curiously.

He knew that the Qin Lie in front of him was the same as the one who had fought the Curse Progenitor previously and their souls were connected.

This meant that this Qin Lie was also a participant in the soul battle happening right now in Sky Bearing City.

He had spent a lifetime in building Sky Bearing City, and he thought of it as his life's best work.

His knowledge and study of spirit diagrams were carved into each brick and tile of Sky Bearing City, and there was also the Curse Progenitor to deal with.

Even he had no confidence he could fight the Curse Progenitor inside Sky Bearing City and take it back

But Qin Lie had caused a crack in Sky Bearing City’s formation and summoned the Ice and Flame Emperors over.

He thought of himself as the strongest artificer of Spirit Realm. Qin Lie was his grandson, but he felt slightly complicated about the other breaking open Sky Bearing City.

"I cannot break open Sky Bearing City."

Qin Lie shook his head and said, "The thousands of diagrams making up Sky Bearing City can rival the ancient diagrams inside the Soul Suppressing Orb. I only used the understanding I have of the ancient diagrams to cause a small ripple in Sky Bearing City. I spent a great amount of soul power, and caused an explosion inside Sky Bearing City with an ancient diagram. I caused the Curse Progenitor to lose control of Sky Bearing City for a few seconds. During this time, I made a connection between my main body and the soul servant to form the star door."

As he spoke, the Soul Suppressing Orb slowly floated out of his forehead.

"The thing that can deal with the Curse Progenitor is my rank ten subsoul and this thing." He grinned.

Under Qin Shan's gaze, the Soul Suppressing Orb landed on the stone floor of Sky Bearing City, exuding ripples of black light, that filled Sky Bearing City in a breath like lightning.

"Soul Assimilation!"

As Qin Lie shouted, the black light spreading from the Soul Suppressing Orb retreated back into the bead.

But it was possible to see dots of black energy in the black light.

Those black energies seemed to contain the Curse Progenitor's aura.

The black Soul Suppressing Orb released a dark curtain of light. Black energies gathered in the light and formed a soul.

"The Curse Progenitor!"

"It's him!"

Qin Yun and Qin Ye were stunned. They found the soul appearing in the dark light was the artifact soul of Sky Bearing City.

"How did you do it?" Qin Ye said in shock.

Qin Lie smiled slightly and wasn't in a hurry to speak.

More soul threads floated off the floor and formed his Dark Soul Beast subsoul.

"Grandpa, I have taken the artifact soul of Sky Bearing City into the Soul Suppressing Orb. This city doesn't have an artifact soul now. Will there be any problems?" He looked at Qin Shan.

Qin Shan thought for a moment and said, "I will refine another artifact soul into Sky Bearing City."


At this time, violent spatial vibrations came from the realm entrances in the sky above Sky Bearing City.

Figures flew out of those realm entrances and glared angrily at the Spirit Race clansmen.

The soul of the Curse Progenitor lost control of Sky Bearing City when he was assimilated into the Soul Suppressing Orb.

The realm entrances of Sky Bearing City could connect with the outside. The Qin Family experts waiting urgently outside the city returned immediately.

Qin Lie looked up and found of the experts that returned, two possessed eight-level Soul Altars, and three were unknown foreign race clansmen with rank ten bloodlines.

"How is it?"

In the direction of the Qin Family hall, Sky Mender Palace's Hua Tianqiong, Ji Dan, and the others came through the teleportation formation.

"Do not let them leave," Qin Shan said gravely.

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