Chapter 1535: Soul Assimilation!

Chapter 1535: Soul Assimilation!

The two nine-level Soul Altars, one ice cold, the other burning hot, flew into the sky.

"The Ice Emperor!"

"The Flame Emperor!"

Inside Sky Bearing City, all the humans were shocked when they saw the two nine-level Soul Altars.

The Qin Family members looked on with bright eyes. The knew the threat to Sky Bearing City had been resolved with the arrival of the Ice and Flame Emperors.

Qin Shan also sighed inwardly in relief.

"Roasting Flowing Flame!

The streams of flame filled half of the sky above Sky Bearing City at the Flame Emperor's shout.

Those flames seemed to be alive and nimbly avoided Dan Yuanqing, Liu He, and the other Qin Family...

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