Chapter 1534: Diagram Break!

Chapter 1534: Diagram Break!


Waves of soul vibrations exploded out of Sky Bearing City.

The martial practitioners inside the city felt as if the city seemed to suddenly turn into an entity with a soul.

Ming Xiao, who had turned into a Demon God, worked to grapple with Narsen and the two Soul Race princes.

Dan Yuanqing and Liu He also released their Soul Altars again and worked together against Boggart of the Spirit Race.

Hunchback Ba, Gan Feipeng, and the other loyal subjects to Qin Family also flew into the sky and fought the Satorius Family.

The sky filled with many colored lights, turning it in a prismatic spectacle.

At this time, Qin Lie's rank ten subsoul had turned into millions of pieces and flooded into each rock in Sky Bearing City...

He suddenly found there were refined spirit diagrams carved into every brick of Sky Bearing City.

As his soul divided, he seemed to see an enormous structure diagram reflect in his mind.

This was the structure diagram of Sky Bearing City...

He gradually found there were hundreds of compound spirit diagrams carved within!

Within those large compound spirit diagrams were smaller spirit diagrams.

There were possibly tens of thousands of them

With his present knowledge, all of Sky Bearing City appeared like an enormous spirit artifact, and the Curse Progenitor was its artifact soul!

His divided soul roamed inside Sky Bearing City like how he had used his soul to penetrate into a spirit artifact. He felt every detail of the structure inside.

He suddenly thought of what his grandfather Qin Shan had said back when he was in Ling Town...

From the veins of the world, to the patterns of the palm, they were all diagrams...

The spirit diagrams were the direct manifestation of the laws of the universe and contained the truths behind power..

"Grandfather personally made Sky Bearing City. All the spirit diagrams inside the city must come from his hands."

"The Curse Progenitor was the artifact soul he chose to operate Sky Bearing City."


The thoughts flashed through his mind. As his understanding of Sky Bearing City deepened, he slowly organized his thoughts.

"You are also an artifact soul."

Suddenly, a soul message came from all the hidden millions of scattered souls within Sky Bearing City. "Just an artifact soul. You really think you can change Spirit Realm's situation? You think that you can control Sky Bearing City absolutely?"

"Young Master Qin, if you are able, try." The Curse Progenitor's soul thought came from every brick. "I know you are skilled in forging and have a unique outlook on spirit diagrams. But this Sky Bearing City was built step by step by your grandfather—the most skilled artificer of Spirit Realm over centuries. I am the soul of this city, and I am also skilled in formations. When he was not in Sky Bearing City, I abandoned everything and secretly merged with it."

"Unless your understanding of spirit diagrams can reach level of me and your grandfather, you can’t separate me from this city, even with a soul stronger than mine."

"Do you think you can?"

The Curse Progenitor's soul thought was filled with disdain. He clearly had no fear.

As one of the Five Progenitors of the human race, he was skilled in the art of curses. Back then, he, the Soul Progenitor and others worked together to close the abyss channel at the bottom of the ocean under the Land of Chaos.

After that, every expert in the Land of Chaos would have an accident when breaking through to the Void Realm because of the effects of his curse.

In terms of diagrams and patterns, he did not believe the young Qin Lie could match him.

"I will try!" Qin Lie responded unyieldingly.

His main soul had never slacked in comprehending the ancient diagrams inside the Soul Suppressing Orb. He had a great understanding of the low, middle, and even a few high grade ancient diagrams hidden inside the Soul Suppressing Orb.

The ancient diagrams imprinted inside the Soul Suppressing Orb were the source of the most mysterious and strongest diagrams in the universe!

Even his grandfather, because he hadn't inherited the Soul Progenitor's soul, was not recognized by the Soul Suppressing Orb and hadn't used his soul to feel the secrets of the ancient diagrams within.

His soul threads turned into rays of light that flew within Sky Bearing City as his thoughts changed.

He used his soul as the medium to carve a diagram belonging to him inside Sky Bearing City!

His rank ten soulline, and the vast soul energy contributed by the soul servants, meant he could use soul power as he wished!

His soul threads swam like schools of fish on the rocks and walls of Sky Bearing City as well as underground.

Through some inexplicable method, some lines criss-crossing, some lines merging, the threads turned into a complicated and profound diagram.

Many diagrams invisible to the naked eye gradually covered each rock inside Sky Bearing City.


Qin Shan's eyes glimmered. He stared in surprise at the ground underneath him as though he had detected something.

"What is it?" Qin Ye asked.

Qin Shan ignored him, slowly closing his eyes and feeling with his mind.

After a while, Qin Shan opened his eyes with a smile on his lips. He said, gratified, "I really hadn't expected that he managed to hear what I taught him those years when he was muddled and he managed to master it."

"I always thought that I was talking to myself and he did not understand a thing."

"So he remembered everything."

Qin Shan suddenly laughed out loud.

His laughter puzzled all the Qin Family martial practitioners.

Especially since these Qin Family experts were fighting with the invaders to death, his laughter seemed very inappropriate.


The curtain of light covering Sky Bearing City suddenly had a tear appear.

The Curse Progenitor seemed to lose some control of Sky Bearing City that he was a master of...

Even the space Narsen had controlled seemed to be affected by an invisible force and had a corner broken open.

Inside the Qin Family hall.

A Soul Altar flew out of an Asura Race soul servant and spun furiously. Strange spatial vibrations exploded next to it.

A bright star door formed.

The Ice Emperor and the Flame Emperor came through the star door in a flash with Qin Lie’s main body.

"We are in!"

"It's Sky Bearing City!"

The Ice Emperor and the Flame Emperor shouted in joy when they appeared in the hall.


The star door behind them exploded ferociously because Narsen once again forcibly twisted space.

However, the three seconds that the star door had existed for allowed the Ice Emperor and the Flame Emperor to reach Sky Bearing City.

The situation of Sky Bearing City had suddenly reversed!

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