Chapter 1533: Battle of Souls!

Chapter 1533: Battle of Souls!


A roar came from the martial practitioners burning their souls in unison. All the martial practitioners in Sky Bearing City were shocked at the invaders’ resolve.

"Coming!" Narsen responded.

"Sst ssst!"

An enormous spatial blade, ten meters wide and almost a thousand meters long, formed from his bloodline power.

At this time, the Curse Progenitor who had disappeared when Ming Xiao came, flashed back into existence.

The city-protecting shield covering all of Sky Bearing City turned into a ray of light that shot towards the purple clouds.

The purple ocean of dense abyss devil energy immediately dissipated under the light's attack.

The blurry figure of Ming Xiao in the purple clouds immediately grew clear.

Narsen used bloodline power to make an enormous spatial blade that appeared able to tear everything intangible to slice towards Ming Xiao's transformed body.


Dan Yuanqing and Liu He screamed as they saw Ming Xiao's soul being bound and Narsen's spatial blade about to land.

Qin Lie also paled.

"Ming Xiao would not die so easily," Qin Shan said with a cool expression.

For some inexplicable reason, all the Qin Family members, and the martial practitioners loyal to the Qin Family felt calm when they saw his composure.

Qin Lie's heart gradually rested.

He pulled back his soul power that was about to erupt. He focused and used his rank ten subsoul to detect the minuscule power and bloodline changes from Narsen, Ming Xiao and the others.

He could feel that Malcolm and Latiff had spent a lot of soul power, both now to reform their souls through their soul servants and back at Heavenly Yin Valley.

He concluded that Latiff and Malcolm were not at their peak right now.

Narsen of the Spirit Race lost his golden rhino. He could not merge with his demon pet anymore, so his combat power as Spirit Race clansman was limited.

This meant that their strongest enemies were severely weakened, while Ming Xiao, Qin Family’s trump card, was at his peak...

Ming Xiao gave him the same feeling as the Great Lord of the Frost Desolation Abyss Dawson, who was the true ruler and peak existence of his Abyss level.

Beings of this level, capable of ruling over an entire Abyss level, were usually really capable and resourceful. Such entities would not die so easily.

Having come to this point, he believed Ming Xiao would be fine.


The enormous spatial blade cut at Ming Xiao's wide wings like a giant blade.

Ming Xiao's black wings suddenly gave off purple demonic light that enveloped the spatial blade.

The bloodline power of a rank ten Abyss Devil collided repeatedly with Narsen's spatial power.

"Boom boom!"

A strong beating came from Ming Xiao's Abyss Devil heart, his dark purple eyes suddenly gleaning with savage purple light.

"Get lost!"

Threads of black smoke came from Ming Xiao's nose, ears, and eyes.

He forced them out of his body himself, and destroyed them with purple lightning an instant later.

His body regained its usual nimbleness.

"Qin Shan, these outsiders are irrelevant. It is more important you get the Curse Progenitor." Ming Xiao twisted his thick neck as he shouted. "If you secure the Curse Progenitor, you can use the realm entrance and teleportation formations of Sky Bearing City. Why would you have to worry about these outsiders then?"

Maybe because he heard Ming Xiao's words, the Curse Progenitor now disappeared to the point where even his presence was gone.

The power that had attacked the purple ocean of clouds returned to the sky, turning into a prismatic circle of light that surrounded Sky Bearing City.

"Father, he is right. It is most important to secure the Curse Progenitor," Qin Ye said.

"His soul was merged into every brick and tile when Sky Bearing City was being built. Even I do not have absolute confidence I can control him in Sky Bearing City," Qin Shan frowned and said.

"Let me try," Qin Lie added.

Qin Shan's expression changed. He suddenly recalled that Qin Lie was coincidentally a rank ten soulline Soul Race expert.

The members of the Soul Race usually had unique tactics in search for souls and dealing with them.

"Then you try. But be careful. He can use Sky Bearing City's power," Qin Shan warned.

"I will," Qin Lie answered.

His soul power penetrated toward Sky Bearing City like water and attempted to separate the Curse Progenitor.

Cold and dark threads of soul presence permeated every wall, every brick, every rock of Sky Bearing City, like a million of remnant souls...

He felt with his mind and found that this presence belonged to none other than the Curse Progenitor.

It seemed he needed to first destroy Sky Bearing City in order to kill the Curse Progenitor's soul.

"His soul has divided and is in every part of Sky Bearing City. It will not be easy to take control of his soul," Qin Lie frowned.

"Then what do we do?" Qin Ye said urgently.

"I will keep trying," Qin Lie answered.


His Soul Tree, residing in the Asura Race soul servant, suddenly flew out and entered the granite floor of Sky Bearing City.

In this moment, his main soul also turned into countless parts that penetrated into the walls, halls, stones, and floor of Sky Bearing City.

The Curse Progenitor had been just a human race martial practitioner with early Genesis Realm cultivation when he had merged with Sky Bearing City.

Qin Lie’s soul however, was a rank ten soulline!

"Use the power of all soul servants!"

As his thoughts changed, his soul servants in Giant Spirit Realm, Ancient Beast Realm, Boluo Realm, and the Frost Desolation Abyss all sat down.

They contributed their soul power.

Not long ago, this rank ten subsoul had used Soul Burial and refined a vast amount of soul energy through killing the foreign experts of Night Ghosts in Giant Spirit Realm.

That soul energy had entered every soul servant's soul as a reward.

In return, all his soul servants’ soul power had increased. Therefore, now that they were helping Qin Lie again, this help was much stronger than back then!

Rays of soul light flooded his subsoul with the soul mark as the medium.

His rank ten subsoul seemed to fill each blade of grass and tree in Sky Bearing City.

He could feel that the Curse Progenitor's scattered soul in Sky Bearing City was slowly gathering power...

"Zzt zzt! Zzt Zzt! Zzzt zzt zzt!"

Suddenly, black lightning came from every wall, rock, and vast palace in Sky Bearing City.

Fine lightning seemed to fill every corner of Sky Bearing City.

Many strange soul power vibrations came from each corner, wall, hall, and formation in Sky Bearing City.

"They are fighting with their souls!"

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