Chapter 1532: Fight to the Death!

Chapter 1532: Fight to the Death!

With Qin Lie's understanding of the Abyss Devils and his experience, the Demon God called "Ming Xiao" had not exerted his full strength.

Ming Xiao's rank ten bloodline had not completely exploded and transformed.

When a rank ten Great Lord of the Abyss released their bloodline, they wouldn’t look like present Ming Xiao.

There were all kinds of rumors about the Demon Gods in Nether Realm. They all described how when the Demon God transformed, they would not be much smaller than the giant dragons and ancient beasts.

Ming Xiao only looked like a purple-eyed and purple-haired human...

But even so, the soul servants and Satorius Family members could not withstand his power.


Purple lightning flashed above Sky Bearing City like a giant net.

Thick abyss devil energy came from the thick bolts of lightning. They turned Sky Bearing City into a deep purple ocean.

Ming Xiao seemed to hide within the dense purple abyss devil energy and gradually disappeared.

But his terrifying aura seemed to be an enormous shadow that clouded every being's mind and Soul Altar.

"Narsen! Stop him!"

The second prince of the Soul Race, Malcolm, howled. The human body he was possessing was trapped by the bolts of purple lightning.

At this moment, Malcolm wanted to use Soul Burial to turn Sky Bearing City into a dead city.

He suddenly felt Ming Xiao’s aura drown him, as though he was being submerged in deep purple ocean.

"Damn it! Our Soul Beast bodies are still in Heavenly Yin Valley!" Latiff cursed.

For them, their Soul Beast bodies could exert their greatest power. The two human bodies they were in could not release their full power.

They were at a disadvantage fighting a rank ten Great Lord of the Abyss with their human puppets.

"Do not worry, I can handle it." Narsen calmed down.

His dark gaze moved away from the golden rhino. He cut off his complicated emotions and focused on Ming Xiao.

"Great Lord of the Abyss..."

Narsen evaluated Ming Xiao’s true combat power as he slowly adjusted his power and used his bloodline to take advantage of the spatial laws.

As his bloodline boiled, his eyes shot out icy blue lights that looked like crystals in the air.

Strange ripples appeared in Sky Bearing City's space like waves.

A suffocating and terrifying pressure came from the sky and reached every being's Soul Altar and mind.


Dan Yuanqing, who possessed a seven-level Soul Altar, suddenly fell to the ground with his prismatic Soul Altar.

Beside Qin Shan, another seven-level Soul Altar expert Liu He, also had a pale face. His body wavered.

The stronger the experts, the more levels they had in their Soul Altar, the more pressure they seemed to endure.

Qin Shan, Qin Yun, and the others were slowly falling back into the city facing such terrifying pressure.

Qin Lie, who had an Asura Race body, and a Soul Race subsoul, also felt the crushing pressure of the spatial laws.

His soul was not affected by the terrifying pressure, but the Asura Race body he possessed could not withstand it.

He could only slowly move toward the city.


The ocean of purple abyss devil energy covering Sky Bearing City suddenly sank down to the city.

The Qin Family martial practitioners, and artificers in the city felt their hearts beat rapidly as the purple abyss devil energy fell.

They all felt as though they were going to meet a calamity.

"Life Extraction Art!"

Narsen's bloodline power changed and the spatial power pushing down suddenly increased.

An indescribable biomagnetic field seemed to cover all of Sky Bearing City as the spatial power increased.

All beings in vicinity felt a wave of tiredness wash over them.

"Not good!" Qin Lie frowned. "Narsen and the Soul Race clansmen are using Soul Burial to consume souls and the other is using the life-attribute art of the Spirit Race to harvest the lifeforce of all beings. Soon, everyone in Sky Bearing City will die out. He and the two Soul Race princes will gain power that we temporarily can’t match!"

"Do not worry too much!" Qin Shan's tone was calm.

He frowned and looked towards the sinking deep purple clouds.


A sky-rending howl came from within the purple sea of clouds. The slowly sinking purple clouds suddenly began floating back up!

An enormous shadow with wings on their back and curved horns on the head appeared.

The enormous demon figure seemed to drag on the sky with a hand and push upwards.


The sky seemed to be pushed upwards, and the spatial pressure on everyone immediately disappeared.

"Snap snap snap!"

Thousands of lightning bolts were released from the gigantic shadow’s figure, burning their targets like purple flame.

Strange spatial patterns seemed to burn, ignited by the purple demon fire.

The beings inside Sky Bearing City suddenly felt their tiredness disappear.

"Careful of Soul Burial!" Qin Lie warned.

In the purple cloud sea, the enormous figure slapped at Malcolm and Latiff's human race bodies with an enormous hand.

Countless bolts of lightning turned into a galaxy that drowned the two Soul Race clansmen.


Their human race bodies exploded in the purple lightning. Their Soul Trees flew out and floated to the side.

"Do not use Soul Burial! Work together to kill this Abyss Devil first!" Boggart screamed.

The two Soul Race princes in their Soul Tree form heard Boggart's shoutand suddenly had a realization.

The two Soul Trees suddenly changed into countless wisps of green flame.

The green flames seemed to fall into corners of Sky Bearing City like meteors.

In the blink of an eye, hundreds of martial practitioners flew out of every area in Sky Bearing City.

Those people had green eyes and green flames leaking out of the corners of their eyes.

The martial practitioners who had been instantaneously possessed burned their souls and increased Malcolm and Latiff's power.

The possessed martial practitioners stood in a strange formation. Hundreds of souls burned together, and the soul power they produced seemed to all head towards Ming Xiao who had changed into his Demon God form.

Those who were unfamiliar with the Soul Race secret arts did not understand what happened. They only saw the enormous demon figure floating in the purple ocean of clouds suddenly shudder.

Then that giant figure seemed to be restrained by invisible chains, its arms moving with difficulty.

"Soul Bind!"

Qin Lie immediately saw Ming Xiao's soul was being suddenly bound by Malcolm and Latiff working together at a price of the souls of hundreds of martial practitioners.

Narsen's blue eyes suddenly lit up.

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