Chapter 1531: Demon God Ming Xiao

Chapter 1531: Demon God Ming Xiao

"Qin Lie, oh Qin Lie. You escaped me twice in Vermillion Bird Realm and Giant Spirit Realm. This time, you could have not come, but you came in soul form. I want to see how you escape this time."

Narsen laughed as he led the Spirit Race experts to fly over from afar.

"Come out."

A giant golden rhino suddenly jumped out of a tearing spatial crack at his shout.

This was Narsen's demon pet!

Narsen had locked the spatial laws around Sky Bearing City. With the secret help of the Curse Progenitor, all outside forces, the Flame Emperor and the Ice Emperor included, could not enter.

The Purple Illusory Heavenly Mirror of the Ji Family was rendered ineffective.

Narsen was the master of this area, and he could tear apart space as he wished. With the help of the Curse Progenitor, he was the one in charge of the flow of people.

His demon pet could come to his aid from anywhere too.

That enormous rhino shining with golden light gave an earth-shaking roar. It shone as it charged toward the Qin Family.

"Such a powerful beast!"

Dan Yuanqing, who had a seven-level Soul Altar and was in the early stage of the Genesis Realm, felt the bloodline presence of the golden rhino and frowned.

A glowing seven-level Soul Altar appeared from Dan Yuanqing’s forehead.

He immediately jumped on top of it and moved to intercept the charging rhino to prevent any casualties in the Qin Family forces.


A golden light ten thousand meters long shot out of the horn of the golden rhino. The light was like a long golden river that stretched in the direction of Dan Yuanqing's Soul Altar.

Just as Dan Yuanqing was about to act, he saw the criss-crossing lightning in Narsen's blue eyes.

In a flash, an invisible spatial pressure completely covered him.

He couldn't help but grunt.

At this moment, the golden energy ten thousand meters long from the golden rhino landed on his seven-level Soul Altar.


The glittering and colorful seven-level Soul Altar gave off bright light like fireworks in the sky above Sky Bearing City.

Dan Yuanqing suddenly shouted.

Everyone could see that he had been hit by the golden rhino after Narsen's sneak attack.


Qin Lie used his subsoul to control the corpse of the Asura Race and headed toward the golden rhino. He wanted to use a Soul Race secret art to attack the demon pet.

"Stand down." Qin Shan suddenly raised a hand.

"Grandpa!" Qin Lie shouted.

"It is not your turn to fight at all costs," Qin Shan said coolly.

"Old Master..."

At this time, a middle-aged man who was very thin and had withered features called out in a strange tone.

Qin Lie stilled.

This nondescript middle-aged man spoke in the language of the Spirit Realm with the same awkward accent as Luz of the Dark Shadow Race, and La Pu of the Ghost Eye Race...

"You’ve come," Qin Shan nodded.

At his words, the sallow-faced middle-aged man's figure grew blurry and disappeared.


A crisp sound suddenly came above the head of the golden rhino. In the next moment, Narsen's demon pet gave off an ear-piercing wail.

Qin Lie focused and then his body shook.

The middle-aged man who had been standing in front of Qin Shan a moment earlier could be seen on the golden rhino’s head, a huge object in his hand...

It was the horn of the golden rhino!

The giant rhino underneath him walked in sorrow as it shone with golden light.

The thin man did not seem to care. He gripped the golden horn and suddenly shoved it toward the head of the golden rhino.


That horn which came from the golden rhino sunk into the demon pet’s skull.

The demon pet that Narsen raised from childhood immediately stopped howling. The golden light in its eyes slowly grew dim.

It had not been able to merge with Narsen and show its greatest power before its own horn penetrated its head.


Narsen's shout finally sounded.

Everything happened in a flash from when Qin Shan nodded to the golden rhino's head being pierced through

Even Narsen, as powerful as he was, could not react in time. By the time he realized, the result had already been decided.

Even he could not reverse this.

"Grandpa, he is?" Qin Lie's eyes flashed.

The thin middle-aged man still did not show his aura when killing Narsen's demon pet.

If Qin Lie's subsoul was not a rank ten soulline Soul Race clansman, if he had not heard the person speak awkwardly in the Spirit Realm language like La Pu and Luz, he feared he would not think of the other's identity and true power.

"Father, who is he?" Qin Yun asked curiously.

As Qin Shan's eldest son, even he did not know the person's identity and origins.

"Patriarch, your demon pet... is dead?"

Boggart of the Satorius Family looked in shock as though he did not dare believe the reality in front of him.

He could not imagine how that person was able to easily kill Narsen's demon pet based on the golden rhino's strength and Narsen's cautious personality.

Boggart suddenly felt terrified.

Because in this moment, the thin man's hair and eyes turned deep purple.

He roamed in the sky over Sky Bearing City like a snarling demon.

Corpses fell from the sky above the ancient city like kites with their strings cut.

Those people were Satorius Family members or the soul servants of Latiff and Malcolm.

They were all human experts in the Void or the Genesis Realm, or rank nine Spirit Race clansmen. However, that was of no relevance before the thin man’s lightning speed.

"Where did you come from?!" Narsen finally lost control and shouted. "I do not believe that a rank ten Great Lord of the Abyss would listen to a lowly human!"

"Great Lord of the Abyss?" That person shook his head and said, "I have never gone to the Abyss, and never thought of myself as a Great Lord of the Abyss. But, three millennia ago, other people hailed me as ‘Evil God’, or ‘Demon God’."

"It's him! The Demon God of Nether Realm!"

"One of the five great Demon Gods!"

"He should have been killed by Sky Mender Palace three thousand years ago!"

Those human race soul servants enslaved by Malcolm and Latiff suddenly screamed.

Three thousand years ago, the experts of Nether Realm started to invade Central World of Spirit Realm through the Nether Continent.

At the time, the Gold rank forces of the human race had been greatly wary of the five great Demon Gods.

In the end, Sky Mender Palace gathered all the forces and fought the five great Demon Gods. The price they paid to destroy them was immense.

The Nether Realm declined from then on. Sky Mender Palace almost invaded them and exterminated their races instead.

Three thousand years ago, Qin Shan was the most skilled artificer of Spirit Realm, and the Qin Family just a family that sold spirit artifacts, far from their present power and foundation.

But he used his private relationship with Hua Tianqiong to ask Sky Mender Palace to have mercy and spare Nether Realm.

Due to this, all the races of Nether Realm called him ‘the Venerable One’.

After Qin Lie’s “death” and Qin Family’s exile, he left the Central World and had gone into hiding. He took the “other” Qin Lie to hide in Ling Town.

The Ling Town's Ling Family had coincidentally been proven to be the descendants of the Dark Nether Race, the royal race of Nether Realm.

Qin Lie, under his urgings, coincidentally made an engagement with Ling Yushi...

All the signs showed that Qin Shan and Nether Realm, and the Dark Nether Race always had an unusual relationship.

But no one had expected the strongest of the five Demon Gods of Nether Realm was still alive.

And had always been beside Qin Shan!

"Back then I said our time to fight Ninth Heaven was not mature and needed to wait a while longer." Qin Shan turned and said to Qin Yun and Qin Ye. "I needed to wait because Ming Xiao had not awoken completely. Otherwise, we would not have lost. Pity, I did not manage to control myself and attacked prematurely because of Lie'er's matter..."

As he spoke, the Demon God he called "Ming Xiao" killed more than half of the invaders.

“He is every bit equal to the strongest Great Lord of the Frost Desolation Abyss, Dawson." Qin Lie was amazed.

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