Chapter 1531: Demon God Ming Xiao

Chapter 1531: Demon God Ming Xiao

"Qin Lie, oh Qin Lie. You escaped me twice in Vermillion Bird Realm and Giant Spirit Realm. This time, you could have not come, but you came in soul form. I want to see how you escape this time."

Narsen laughed as he led the Spirit Race experts to fly over from afar.

"Come out."

A giant golden rhino suddenly jumped out of a tearing spatial crack at his shout.

This was Narsen's demon pet!

Narsen had locked the spatial laws around Sky Bearing City. With the secret help of the Curse Progenitor, all outside forces, the Flame Emperor and the Ice Emperor included, could not enter.

The Purple Illusory Heavenly Mirror of the Ji Family was rendered ineffective.

Narsen was the master of this area, and he could tear apart space as he wished. With the help of the Curse Progenitor,...

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