Chapter 1530: The Chess Player

Chapter 1530: The Chess Player

Light and shadow superimposed upon one another until they formed the Curse Progenitor.

The Curse Progenitor’s soul had merged with Sky Bearing City since the moment it was built.

He was Qin Shan’s most trusted guardian spirit of the city.

One might even say that he was the one who protected Sky Bearing City all this time after the Qin Family had been forced to leave Spirit Realm for three hundred years.

It was through him that Qin Shan was able to control everything that was happening in Sky Bearing City.

He was the brain of Sky Bearing City, and Qin Shan’s arms and feet to control everything. Everything such as the great city-protecting formation and the city defenses must go through him first.

That was why his defection was almost the equivalent of surrendering the entire Sky Bearing City to the enemy!

“You dare!”

A strange soul ripple abruptly spread out of Asura Race soul servant. He was trying to enslave the Curse Progenitor directly using A Soul Race secret...

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