Chapter 1530: The Chess Player

Chapter 1530: The Chess Player

Light and shadow superimposed upon one another until they formed the Curse Progenitor.

The Curse Progenitor’s soul had merged with Sky Bearing City since the moment it was built.

He was Qin Shan’s most trusted guardian spirit of the city.

One might even say that he was the one who protected Sky Bearing City all this time after the Qin Family had been forced to leave Spirit Realm for three hundred years.

It was through him that Qin Shan was able to control everything that was happening in Sky Bearing City.

He was the brain of Sky Bearing City, and Qin Shan’s arms and feet to control everything. Everything such as the great city-protecting formation and the city defenses must go through him first.

That was why his defection was almost the equivalent of surrendering the entire Sky Bearing City to the enemy!

“You dare!”

A strange soul ripple abruptly spread out of Asura Race soul servant. He was trying to enslave the Curse Progenitor directly using A Soul Race secret art.

The Curse Progenitor’s body had been tempered by the Soul Suppressing Orb before. His true body was covered in strange patterns.

He was trying to use his control over the Curse Progenitor’s body to enslave the latter again, separating body and soul from one another.

“Are you looking for that body of mine?” The Curse Progenitor smiled faintly at him. “To tell you the truth, I no longer depend on that body anymore after I’d merged with Sky Bearing City as one. Sky Bearing City is my body for as long as it exists in this world. The body you’re seeking isn’t in Spirit Realm right now, so there’s no way you can to control me again through that body.”

Qin Lie stopped as the Curse Progenitor expected him to.

“Great Sage Tian Qi has brought your body to the Spirit Race’s territory, hasn’t he?” Qin Lie said heavily.

The Curse Progenitor smiled, but didn’t give him an answer.

Qin Lie suddenly recalled another thing and yelled, “You claimed to have lured the Profound Ice Family over ahead of time under the Ice Emperor’s order back at the Shattered Ice Realm. Was it really the Ice Emperor’s order, or was it Great Sage Tian Qi’s?”

Everyone’s faces changed drastically when they heard this.

It was because they recalled that the Curse Progenitor and the Three Emperors had communicated with one another in secret all these years.

The Ice Emperor was able to enter and leave Sky Bearing City in confidence.

This meant that the Curse Progenitor had had the Three Emperors’ trust.

Some time ago, the six great forces and the Qin Family were just about to engage in an all-out war. However, the Profound Ice Family’s sudden arrival and their invasion of the Dragon Realm had forced them to stop.

Qin Lie later discovered that the Curse Progenitor had lured the Profound Ice Family members over to Spirit Realm ahead of time under the Ice Emperor’s orders.

At first, he believed that the Curse Progenitor had acted for the benefit of all of Spirit Realm. Now, it would seem like the Curse Progenitor and even the Three Emperors of the human race had acted under Great Sage Tian Qi’s machinations.

This meant that Great Sage Tian Qi had single-handedly created the situation that was plaguing Spirit Realm right now.

That wasn’t all. The Satorius Family, Latiff and Malcolm, the Night Ghosts…

Spirit Realm was like a chessboard, its races the chess pieces, and Great Sage Tian Qi the player who was moving all of the pieces around.

“Great Sage Tian Qi had done many things as Great Master Tian Qi during the three hundred years he had spent in Sky Bearing City.” The Curse Progenitor smiled and said, “He had discovered me the moment he entered Sky Bearing City. In order to persuade me to join his side, he had brought my soul into the Spirit Race’s territory, showed me much of his operations in the outer realms, and made me realize just how small the races of Spirit Realm truly were. He showed me that the demise of Spirit Realm was unavoidable even with his omnipotence, and what I could do for him…”

“After roaming the outer realms for a while, I finally understood what I was looking for. That is why I’m willing to obey his instructions.”

“What he could give me was something none of you could provide.”

When the Curse Progenitor was done explaining, he added, “There are two reasons why Sky Bearing City’s realm entrances and spatial teleportation formations are unusable. One, it was because of Narsen’s spatial distortion powers. Two, it was because I had sealed them with Sky Bearing City’s powers.”

“It’s almost impossible for the Flame Emperor, the Ice Emperor, and the experts of the Ji Family and Sky Mender Palace to enter Sky Bearing City immediately.”

“Even if they did, they wouldn’t be able to breach Sky Bearing City because of me.”

“Narsen and his people have more than enough time to complete their objective.”

“How dare you use Sky Bearing City against your own allies!” Qin Yun yelled angrily.

The reason Sky Bearing City was built was to defend against foreign races and protect the geocentric motherlode.

The Curse Progenitor was one of the Five Progenitors of the human race, but right now he had opened the gates to the human race’s enemies and shut the Flame Emperor and the Ice Emperor outside.

In Qin Yun’s opinion, the Curse Progenitor had committed a grave crime that could never be forgiven for as long as the human race existed!

“Spirit Realm is destined to disappear, and no one has the power to change this outcome.” The Curse Progenitor sighed. “The only outcome that is available to those who cannot realize the truth is death.”

The gap on the light shield of Sky Bearing City vanished at this moment.

By now, Narsen, Malcolm, Latiff, and the rest of their enemies had entered Sky Bearing City.

No one could enter Sky Bearing City now, whether it be normal practitioners or the Flame and Ice Emperors.

“The Qin Family’s strongest expert, Qin Hao, isn’t in Sky Bearing City right now. The few Genesis Realm experts and rank ten foreign experts you commanded had been sent away to defend the Wood Race, the Yaksha Race, and the Black Jail Race.” The Curse Progenitor stared deeply at Qin Shan before saying, “Right now, you only have two Genesis Realm experts, Dan Yuanqing and Liu He. This power won’t be enough to do anything in Sky Bearing City.” 

Qin Shan didn’t give the Curse Progenitor a reply.

The Curse Progenitor had witnessed his every move. He also knew all of his plans.

Some time ago, he had sent the Qin Family’s peak experts away to defend Spirit Realm from foreign forces.

Even the Qin Family’s Genesis Realm foreign delegates and foreign rank ten bloodline warriors were currently operating in other realms.

The reason he dared to make such bold moves was because Sky Bearing City was like an impenetrable fortress. He was absolutely certain that Sky Bearing City could endure any attack until his experts had returned.

After all, he had a number of realm entrances inside Sky Bearing City. All of Qin Family’s experts were supposed to be able to return to Sky Bearing City on a short notice.

That was why he dared to send away all their experts on business.

However, he could never imagine that the soul of Sky Bearing City, the Curse Progenitor, would betray the entire human race. He never thought that he would be a spy for Great Sage Tian Qi since a long time ago.

This unexpected betrayal had created a giant hole in all of his plans.

Right now, Qin Shan was trying his best to think of a way to turn this situation around.

“Oh no!”

Meanwhile, Qin Lie’s true self was rushing back to Sky Bearing City with everyone.

He immediately told them what had happened in Sky Bearing City.

Sitting on their Soul Altars and moving through the clouds as quick as lightning, the Flame Emperor and the Ice Emperor turned pale with shock

Even they had no idea how to turn the situation around.

“Maybe the Curse Progenitor is why the Thunder Emperor still hasn’t returned yet!” The Ice Emperor slowed down and pulled Qin Lie closer to him with a beam of icy light. “The Curse Progenitor was supposed to receive the Thunder Emperor from the outer realms. I was wondering why the Thunder Emperor hasn’t shown up yet even though it’s been a while now. Logically speaking, he should’ve returned to Spirit Realm a long time ago.”

“What, the Curse Progenitor was the one who planned the Thunder Emperor’s return journey?” Qin Lie was stunned when he heard this.

The Ice Emperor and the Flame Emperor’s faces looked heavy.

If the Curse Progenitor was one of Great Sage Tian Qi’s, then everything that had communicated and planned with him must’ve been privy to latter’s eyes and ears.

By now, it was clear that something had befallen the Thunder Emperor. It was very possible that Great Sage Tian Qi had done something to disrupt his return.

“Considering the Qin Family’s current strength in Sky Bearing City, it’s unlikely that we’ll be able to protect the geocentric motherlode any longer after the Curse Progenitor’s betrayal.” Even the Flame Emperor was feeling a sense of despair.

The Ice Emperor was sighing as well. “All we can do is fight back with all we have.” 

Behind them, the Sky Mender Palace and the Ji Family’s martial practitioners groaned in sorrow after hearing their conversation.

They felt like they could see the loss of the geocentric motherlode, the “death” of Spirit Realm and the desolate realms that were void of life in their minds already.

Inside Sky Bearing City.

The Curse Progenitor spoke suddenly, “Narsen, Qin Lie is inside that person.”

Narsen and the Satorius Family members summoned their demon pets and began merging with them as they flew towards the Qin Family members.

Latiff and Malcolm’s soul servants were flying next to Narsen as well. They would be fighting against the Qin Family’s experts as well.

Meanwhile, Latiff and Malcolm were gathering their soul energy and executing Soul Burial.

As long as Narsen and their soul servants kept the Qin Family’s experts busy, it wouldn’t be long before Sky Bearing City was turned into a dead city.

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