Chapter 153: Ancient Diagram

Chapter 153: Ancient Diagram

In the dignified large hall, Armament Sect’s Sect Master Ying Xingyan and the three great reverends sat upright, each of them with serious expressions.

Mo Hai and the six inner sect elders were sitting separately at the corners of the hall and seemed to be silently waiting for something.

“Miss Xie, the sect master is waiting inside the hall. Please enter immediately,” the respectful voice of the guard came from the outside.

Inside the hall, the eyes of Ying Xingyan and the three reverends lit up, and they focused themselves.

Mo Hai and the six inner sect elders couldn’t resist looking at the door. Their expressions were very stern, and their eyes hid their anticipation.

One month ago, Dark Asura Hall had sent a letter. The letter had been personally written by Great Master Lu from Dark Asura Hall, and the subject of the letter were two basic spirit diagrams. He stated that he could not understand the two spirit diagrams, but he felt they were extremely mysterious, so he was requesting for Armament Sect to take a look.

He wrote the effects of the two spirit diagrams, the number of spirit lines required to inscribe it, and the degree of compatibility…

When the letter came into Ying Xingyan’s hands, he studied it and thought that it was a very rare and ancient spirit diagram. He then expressed that Armament Sect was very interested in examining it, but they had to see the actual object.

Today, the actual object was formally being delivered to Armament Sect. Ying Xingyan placed great importance on it, so he invited the three reverends and the seven elders.

—For them to all examine the wonders of the two spirit diagrams.

Under the gaze of Ying Xingyan and the others, Xie Jingxuang walked with an aloof expression while dressed in simple robes. “Greetings Sect Master, greetings Elders.”

Ying Xingyan nodded his head with a smile and indicated for her to walk in the middle of them. He then said, “Please take the object out.”

Xie Jingxuan’s spatial ring lit up. An Amplified Spirit Gathering Board that Qin Lie had made appeared in her hand.

“Sect Master Ying, please inspect it.” She bowed slightly and held up the spirit tablet. Then, she immediately retreated to the side and took a seat to silently examine Ying Xingyan’s reaction.

Ying Xingyan took the Amplified Spirit Gathering Board and said casually, “It is just the most basic spirit tablet, there is nothing special about the material, the crux must be inside…” His gaze focused, and then, a sliver light seemed to flash through his eyes.

It was a very clear soul ripple that suddenly spread out from his body. An incomparably pure consciousness flowed through his hand into the spirit tablet.

Ying Xingyan closed his eyes and used his mind to roam between the complex spirit line world inside the spirit tablet. His body visibly shook once.

The three reverends and the seven inner sect elders all looked at Ying Xingyan with shock. Curiosity filled their hearts.

The hall was so quiet that if a needle dropped, it could be heard. There wasn’t even any heavy breathing.

All of the people looked at Ying Xingyan.

Eyes tightly closed, Ying Xingyan’s trembling became even more evident. He seemed to be unable to control his excitement while his face gradually became flushed.

Half an hour later.

Ying Xingyan exhaled deeply and then solemnly handed the spirit tablet to the Chief Reverend, who was also his teacher, Luo Zhichang. He said, “Take a look.”

Luo Zhichang’s hair was completely white, and his features were withered. When he took the spirit tablet, he also inspected it with seriousness.

“Ancient diagram!” he exclaimed and shook after a wisp of his mind consciousness entered it.

All of the reverends and elders became excited upon hearing this. Their eyes all burned as they looked at the small spirit tablet.

That little spirit tablet passed from the hands of one reverend to another, then to Elder Mo Hai, and finally down to the other elders…

Everyone took turns inspecting it.

Four hours later, the Amplified Spirit Gathering Board returned to Ying Xingran’s hands. At this time, his face was pale, as though he had expended great mental effort, and his voice was clearly weak. “Everyone has seen this, is there anything you want to say?”

“Xingran, go back and rest first,” Luo Zhichang said in concern.

Ying Xingran shook his head. His complexion was not well, but his eyes were excited. “No matter, I’m fine. Everyone, speak your thoughts.”

He looked at everyone else.

“It is definitely an ancient diagram.” Second Reverend Fang Qi’s tone was certain.

“It is an ancient diagram.”

“Definitely an ancient diagram!”

“It can’t be wrong!”

Everyone voiced their opinions.

“A'Hai, your thoughts?” Ying Xingyan looked at Mo Hai with bright eyes.

Mo Hai also nodded, “One is the Spirit Gathering diagram, the other is the Amplification diagram. They are both the most basic diagrams, but the wonders and complexity far surpasses our knowledge and is more wondrous than the Spirit Gathering and Amplification diagrams that our Armament Sect has. They say that the most ancient spirit diagrams originated from the laws of the world and contain the meaning of the supreme principles, containing the essence of the universe…”

He raised his head and looked at everyone in the hall, then continued, “Those spirit diagrams were comprehended by the powerful artificers during ancient times through observing the rise and fall of the sun and moon, the movements of the stars, and all kinds of worldly changes. Only those kinds of mysterious spirit diagrams can create the strongest spirit diagrams and bestow high ranks on spirit artifacts!”

Ying Xingyan, the reverends, and the elders became excited as they heard this, and they could see the excitement in each other’s eyes as they looked at each other.

“It is a pity that the two ancient spirit diagrams in these spirit tablets are the most basic and that they are just diagrams. We are unable to obtain the corresponding inscribing method. We cannot know how much spirit energy needs to be added to every spirit line.” Mo Hai shook his head and said regretfully, “We naturally do not have a way to truly grasp the wonders of these two ancient diagrams.”

As these words were said, all the reverends and elders of Armament Sect had dejected expressions.

“But perhaps we can comprehend something unique through observation just like the people who truly have talent and comprehension can discover the wonders of the patterns on the spirit pattern pillars,” Ying Xingran suggested.

As he spoke, Liang Shaoyang and Tang Siqi appeared in the corner of the hall one after each other. The two were shocked when they saw the participants and did not dare to speak. They stood quietly in the corner and listened.

“Miss Xie, please, where did you get this spirit tablet? Can you find the one who made this?” Luo Zhichang’s gaze burned as he stared at Xie Jingxuang and said, “Our Armament Sect hopes to find this person and invite them to in. The entire sect will respectfully welcome him!”

“You should have heard of the one who made this.” Xie Jingxuan’s brow furrowed as she said calmly, “He is called Li Mu. That Li Mu from Icestone City.”

“Li Mu!” Ying Xingran, the reverends, and elders of Armament Sect all had shocked expressions.

“…So it is him, it’s him! This Li Mu is a wondrous person!” Ying Xingran sighed, “It is a pity that he has disappeared for over a year. No one knows his origins, ah, such a pity.”

The name of Li Mu was extremely popular in the recent year. This person that could cause the First Hall Master of Dark Asura Hall to swallow his anger was already a legend.

—A legend that had disappeared mysteriously.

“We of Dark Asura Hall also want information on him and hope you can use this Amplified Spirit Gathering Board to determine his origins and identity.” Xie Jingxuan suddenly stood up and bowed slightly towards Ying Xingran. “But it appears that you cannot help us so please give the spirit tablet back to me.”

“Miss Xie, this spirit tablet is not of much use to you, but it is extremely important for our Armament Sect.” Ying Xingran gripped the spirit tablet tightly and shouted lowly, “Quote your price!”

“Two spatial rings!” Xie Jingxuan seemed to have been prepared and instantly replied.

Liang Shaoyang and Tang Siqi were shocked. They couldn’t resist looking at the female dressed in white as though they were startled that she dared to name such a high price.

It was just a spirit tablet, and she dared to demand two spatial rings. Did she not know the value of a spatial ring?

Liang Shaoyang and Tang Siqi shook their heads. They felt that Xie Jingxuang was too naive and did not know how hard it was to forge a spatial ring.

“Agreed!” Strangely, Ying Xingran immediately agreed and decisively said, “Before we finish this transaction, two spatial rings will be delivered to you.”

Xie Jingxuan nodded in satisfaction, bowed, and then walked straight out of the hall.

Ying Xingran gripped the Amplified Spirit Gathering Board. After thinking for a while, he said, “Inside the sect, only A'Hai, Siqi, and Shaoyang have comprehended something the twelve spirit pattern pillars, so in terms of talent, you three are the most outstanding. This spirit tablet is inscribed with an ancient diagram. This will be given to you, A'Hai. You will try to comprehend it first, then let Shaoyang and Siqi also try to see if anything can be learned from this. This will be a… side matter. If you can gain something, it will be worth the value of the two spatial rings.”

“That is right.”

“Mn, what you are doing is right.”

“Sect Master is wise.”

The three reverends and the elders voiced their thoughts.

Mo Hai took the spirit tablet and inhaled deeply. Under the expectant gazes, he said, “I will do my best.”


“Siqi, this are the spirit artifacts you need to forge. They have been custom-ordered by the commanders from Dark Asura Hall.”

Second Elder Tan Dongling came into Tang Siqi’s cavern and handed her a list. He said, “In total, six artifacts. Try to make them all at Profound Grade One. Most of the spirit materials necessary have been delivered by Dark Asura Hall. The sect has almost all of the remainder. I took a look. There are about five type of spirit materials that the sect does not have. You can send someone to harvest them. Try to start as soon as possible.”

“Why me?” Tang Siqi asked as she took the list.

“Of all the inner sect disciples, your success rate is the highest, and the grade of the artifacts you forge is the best. We will be busy forging the spatial rings and do not have the time to forge these six spirit artifacts,” Tang Dongling explained. “You also know how difficult it is to forge spatial rings. Old Mo also has to study that ancient diagram, and since the sect master’s body cannot stand it, there is only us.”

“I understand,” Tang Siqi replied helplessly.

“Don’t worry, after the grade of the spirit artifacts come out, we won’t skimp on your contribution points,” Tan Dongling comforted.

“Alright, I will make them. Really, I need to push down the grade. You guys seriously don’t want me to use my true skill.”

Tan Dongling left with an awkward smile.

After he left, Tang Siqi thought for a while inside the cavern. Her expression suddenly changed as though she thought of something.

Suddenly, walking out of the cavern, Tang Siqi headed to Qin Lie’s cave. Tang Siqi said, “Junior Brother Qin, are you inside?”

“I’m here.” Qin Lie opened the cavern door and allowed her to enter.

At a corner south of the cavern at a raised part of the cliff, Liang Shaoyang’s expression was dark as he looked from a distance as Tang Siqi entered Qin Lie’s cave. His eyes were murderous.

Turning, he dove down the mountain like a bird and quickly landed at the bottom.

With a cold face, he passed through the plaza and walked forward, and shortly after, he walked out of the gates of Armament Sect.

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