Chapter 1529: Sudden Change

Chapter 1529: Sudden Change

Outside Sky Bearing City, a lot of human martial practitioners were standing behind Narsen.

These people’s souls had been marked with a soul imprint. They were all Latiff and Malcolm’s soul servants.

Right now, a black soul smoke was seeping out of the corner of their eyes, their nose and their ears.

The puffs of soul smokes were someone converging in the sky.

A dozen or so seconds later, two giant Soul Trees suddenly appeared above their heads.

It was Malcolm and Latiff’s True Souls.

A Genesis Realm soul servant produced two Ninth Heaven martial practioners’ bodies. “Masters, here are some bodies for you to possess.”

They were people Malcolm and Latiff hadn’t managed to enslave in time after taking down Ninth Heaven.


Malcolm and Latiff’s Soul Trees slipped into the two bodies’ heads and entered their minds.

The two human race martial practitioners abruptly opened their eyes.

A dark green light that looked like a burning flame could be seen inside their pupils.

Malcolm and Latiff were moving their limbs and adapting to their bodies. They seemed to be wearing dark and unhappy looks on their faces.

“How goes the battle on your side of things?” Narsen asked.

“There was a bit of an accident.” Malcolm frowned and said, “It turns out that not all human martial practitioners are idiots. Neither the Ice Emperor nor the Flame Emperor had blindly charged into Heavenly Yin Valley, so we didn’t manage to separate their Soul Altars from their bodies. Also, that Qin Lie brat was guiding their aim and causing a lot of trouble for us. I suppose you can say that our operation at Heavenly Yin Valley is a failure. We even had to leave our Soul Beast avatars behind for now.”

“I told you before that that boy is a difficult opponent who’s full of mysteries. Now you believe me?” Narsen said calmly.

He had warned Malcolm and Latiff since the planning stage that they must watch out for Qin Lie.

However, both Soul Race clansmen had thought that Narsen had exaggerated Qin Lie’s abilities.

After all, Narsen was the one who had failed to kill Qin Lie both times at Vermillion Bird Realm and Giant Spirit Realm.

They both thought that Narsen was looking for an excuse to dress up his own failures.

But now that they had both failed in their operation, they finally realized that Narsen hadn’t been exaggerating after all. Qin Lie had definitely played a critical role in disrupting their plans.

“It doesn’t matter. It’s not like we’re only relying on just one operation to succeed. If either one of our operations works, then our plan is a success regardless.” The second prince didn’t look worried by their failure at the Heavenly Yin Valley. “Why is Sky Bearing City still standing, Narsen? Didn’t you say that you have a plan?”

“I was waiting for you to come back to me, wasn’t I?” Narsen replied.

“We’d failed, and we’d lost even the two Soul Beast avatars best suited for us. Don’t you think it’s time you show us some sincerity?” Latiff snorted.

“But of course.” Narsen smiled at them both.

At Heavenly Yin Valley.

The Ice Emperor and the Flame Emperor were staring at the dry pond, the destroyed realm entrance and the two soulless Soul Beasts with heavy looks.

They had tried many other ways to teleport directly to Sky Bearing City from Heavenly Yin Valley.

Unfortunately, all their attempts had ended in failure thus far.

Spirit Realm was incredibly vast, and Ninth Heaven’s Heavenly Yin Valley was exceptionally far away from Sky Bearing City.

Without using a teleportation formation, it would take them at least two to four hours to reach Sky Bearing City by flight.

No one could tell if Sky Bearing City would still be standing by the time they reached there.

Qin Lie sighed. “You guys try to think of some ways. My true body cannot create a star door to Sky Bearing City, so there is only one way left for me to move there in a short time.”

Suddenly, his Dark Soul Beast avatar’s soul started weakening.

His true self remained perfectly unchanged, however.

Inside Sky Bearing City.

At a corner of dark palace, soul smoke suddenly seeped out of an Asura clansman’s orifices.

Since Qin Lie had only left behind one soul servant in Sky Bearing City, the time he took to depart his physical body and reappear inside the soul servant’s head through the soul imprint was a dozen of times longer than Latiff or Malcolm.

It took him more than a minute before his Soul Tree had finally reappeared above the soul servant.

Right now, there was no one inside the palace. All of the Qin Family’s martial practitioners had taken off to the skies.

“Master, there are no suitable bodies nearby for you to possess. How about I… separate my Soul Altar from my body?” The Asura Race soul servant said.


The Asura Race soul servant manifested his five-level Soul Altar after hearing Qin Lie’s agreement.

This soul servant was just a middle stage Void Realm martial practitioner.

Qin Lie’s Soul Tree entered his soul servant’s mind after the latter’s Soul Altar had left his own body.

Strange, black threads started crawling all over the Asura clansman’s face and body like spirit snakes.

A dozen or so seconds later, the black tendrils disappeared entirely after Qin Lie’s Soul Tree had successfully planted itself inside its body.

Qin Lie abruptly got up to his feet and said to the five-level Soul Altar, “Stay here.”

“I know.”

Qin Lie—now an Asura clansman—flew out of the hall and took to the skies of Sky Bearing City.

He immediately noticed that his grandfather Qin Shan, Dan Yuanqing, Qin Yun, Qin Ye, Hunchback Ba, and Gan Feipeng were standing in the air.

He flew straight towards them.

“Who are you!?”

Dan Yuanqing abruptly shouted menacingly at Qin Lie, forbidding the latte from coming closer.

“Give him passage.”

But Qin Shan waved his hands and stopped Dan Yuanqing. He was the only one here who knew who this Asura Race soul servant was.

“Grandpa, it’s me.” Qin Lie spoke up suddenly after he had gotten close to the group. “I’m temporarily possessing this body.”

Dan Quanqing was very surprised. “Qin Lie?”

“Mn. This Asura clansman is one of my soul servants…”

Qin Lie explained briefly before moving on to the next subject. “Those two Soul Race princes had used the same method as me to move outside Sky Bearing City. We were met with a couple of obstacles at Heavenly Yin Valley, but all in all everyone had made it out safely. However, Sky Bearing City’s spatial laws had been distorted and destroyed, and the Flame Emperor and the Ice Emperor are unable to rush to Sky Bearing City immediately. I came here first because I was worried that you wouldn’t know about the two princes’ return and the latest situation.”

Qin Shan replied calmly, “Don’t worry, Sky Bearing City will not fall.” 

“Don’t worry, back when we first built Sky Bearing City, we were prepared to face even the God Race’s main army.” Qin Yun was smiling rather confidently himself. “It is not an exaggeration to say that Sky Bearing City is Spirit Realm’s toughest fortress. Forget these enemies, even the patriarchs of God Race combined would be hardpressed to break Sky Bearing City immediately.”

“Grandpa, Great Sage Tian Qi of the Spirit Race was here before…” Qin Lie reminded him.

Qin Shan replied confidently, “It’s fine. I’d dealt with all his little tricks.”

“Those Spirit Race clansmen had tried all kinds of methods on Sky Bearing City earlier, but they ultimately weren’t able to affect anything.” A hint of pride appeared in Qin Yun’s eyes. “The Qin Family had spent countless manpower and resources to build Sky Bearing City. No one knew better than us how powerful it truly is.”

“In that case, then all is well.” Qin Lie nodded before adding, “Since the situation isn’t urgent, I shall inform the Flame Emperor and the Ice Emperor to fly straight over then.”

“Mn.” Qin Shan grunted in acknowledgement.

“They could attack Sky Bearing City for half a months and not make any progress. We have plenty of time.” Qin Yun looked completely unperturbed.


But suddenly, a gap on the protective shield suddenly opened from inside on Sky Bearing City!

Qin Shan abruptly turned pale with shock.

The Qin Family martial practitioners had screamed out in shock as well.

Qin Yun and Qin Ye’s faces looked practically bloodless They had no idea what had happened for such a change to occur.

“Swoosh swoosh swoosh!”

The invaders led by Narsen instantly entered Sky Bearing City.

In just the blink of an eye, the invaders that had been kept outside until now had entered Sky Bearing City.

The light shield that was supposed to be capable of protecting the entire Sky Bearing City and resisting even the God Race’s patriarchs combined had abruptly become meaningless.

Qin Shan wasn’t looking at Narsen or the two “humans” who were clearly Latiff and Malcolm. 

It looked like he was at nothing in particular until a man slowly formed from a fusion of light and shadow.

The man said softly, “Sorry. What Great Sage Tian Qi could give me is something neither the Qin Family nor the humans’ Three Emperors could provide.”

“Curse Progenitor!” Qin Lie yelled fiercely.

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