Chapter 1529: Sudden Change

Chapter 1529: Sudden Change

Outside Sky Bearing City, a lot of human martial practitioners were standing behind Narsen.

These people’s souls had been marked with a soul imprint. They were all Latiff and Malcolm’s soul servants.

Right now, a black soul smoke was seeping out of the corner of their eyes, their nose and their ears.

The puffs of soul smokes were someone converging in the sky.

A dozen or so seconds later, two giant Soul Trees suddenly appeared above their heads.

It was Malcolm and Latiff’s True Souls.

A Genesis Realm soul servant produced two Ninth Heaven martial practioners’ bodies. “Masters, here are some bodies for you to possess.”

They were people Malcolm and Latiff hadn’t managed to enslave in time after taking down Ninth Heaven.


Malcolm and Latiff’s Soul Trees slipped into the two bodies’ heads and entered their minds.

The two human race martial practitioners abruptly opened...

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