Chapter 1528: Two-Pronged Attack

Chapter 1528: Two-Pronged Attack

Qin Lie wasn’t the only one who was surprised to hear that the Sky Bearing City was under attack.

The Flame Emperor and the Ice Emperor’s attention was instantly diverted away from Heavenly Yin Valley.

“Sky Bearing City…”

Everyone outside the valley knew just how critical the Sky Bearing City the Qin Family was protecting was.

The heart of Spirit Realm lay under that ancient city. It was where the living soul of Spirit Realm, the geocentric motherlode resides.

Without the geocentric motherlode, Spirit Realm would run out of spirit energy, and all living things would perish.

The main objective of the God Race, the Spirit Race, the Soul Race and all other powerful foreign races was the geocentric motherlode!

The reason the Three Emperors had returned from the outer realms, lured the God Race into Shattered Ice Realm ahead of time, and tried to repair the relationship between the six great forces and the...

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