Chapter 1528: Two-Pronged Attack

Chapter 1528: Two-Pronged Attack

Qin Lie wasn’t the only one who was surprised to hear that the Sky Bearing City was under attack.

The Flame Emperor and the Ice Emperor’s attention was instantly diverted away from Heavenly Yin Valley.

“Sky Bearing City…”

Everyone outside the valley knew just how critical the Sky Bearing City the Qin Family was protecting was.

The heart of Spirit Realm lay under that ancient city. It was where the living soul of Spirit Realm, the geocentric motherlode resides.

Without the geocentric motherlode, Spirit Realm would run out of spirit energy, and all living things would perish.

The main objective of the God Race, the Spirit Race, the Soul Race and all other powerful foreign races was the geocentric motherlode!

The reason the Three Emperors had returned from the outer realms, lured the God Race into Shattered Ice Realm ahead of time, and tried to repair the relationship between the six great forces and the Qin Family, the Ji Family, and the Sky Mender Palace were to protect the geocentric motherlode.

They wouldn’t allow any harm to befall it.

“Qin Hao hasn’t returned yet, and Chen Lin is here with us. The amount of strength Sky Bearing City can muster is probably limited.” The Ice Emperor pondered for a moment before saying to Ji Dan, “Your family’s Genesis Realm experts will return with me to Sky Bearing City. The Flame Emperor and Sky Mender Palace should be enough to hold down the fort.”

“Got it!” Ji Dan nodded.

He immediately ordered the Ji Family Genesis Realm experts to gather next to the Ice Emperor.

He then took out a prismatic mirror from his spatial ring.

“Purple Illusory Heavenly Mirror!”

The image of Sky Bearing City suddenly appeared inside the mirror.

Outside Sky Bearing City, Narsen, the Satorius Family experts, and a hundred or so Void Realm and Genesis Realm human martial practitioners were attacking Sky Bearing City’s light shield like crazy.

Brilliant explosions and flashes of light were happening all across the sky.

Qin Shan, Dan Yuanqing, and a couple more Qin Family experts could be seen looking at the sky and frowning deeply.


The mirror of Purple Illusory Heavenly Mirror glowed brightly as a surge of terrific spatial energy burst out of the mirror.


A tremendous power rippled out of the mirror immediately.


However, the prismatic mirror abruptly exploded without warning, causing sharp fragments to penetrate Ji Dan’s arms and waist.

The Genesis Realm experts near him were wounded by the explosion as well, shouting.

“The Purple Illusory Heaven Mirror has shattered!”

“How could this be?”

“Without the Purple Illusory Heaven Mirror, it’d be almost impossible to make it to Sky Bearing City in time!”

The Ji Family’s experts frowned when they saw the Purple Illusory Heavenly Mirror exploding and their forefather being wounded in the process.

“It ultimately isn’t the Heavengold Mirror…” Miao Yizi sighed softly.

She was fully aware that the Purple Illusory Heavenly Mirror was just an imitation of the Heavengold Mirror. The Heavengold Mirror was a Divine Grade artifact that was passed down in the Ji Family for generations, not the Purple Illusory Heavenly Mirror.

Unfortunately, the Heavengold Mirror was damaged badly since a long time ago. It would never be able to unleash its true power again.

It was why Ji Yao had decided to gift Duan Qianjie the Heavengold Mirror in the first place.

The Purple Illusory Heavenly Mirror had been forged based on the Heavengold Mirror’s structure.

Although this artifact was slightly more powerful than the damaged Heavengold Mirror, it was incomparable to a perfect Heavengold Mirror.

Since Miao Yizi practiced the power of space herself, she knew that a perfect Heavengold Mirror’s reputation as a top grade spatial Divine Grade artifact was well-deserved.

If Ji Dan had been holding a perfect Heavengold Mirror, she was certain that he could lead everyone to Sky Bearing City no matter what was going on there.

“It’s useless.” Qin Lie shook his head suddenly.

The Ice Emperor and the Flame Emperor were currently looking at Qin Lie. They knew that Qin Lie possessed a secret art that allowed spatial travel no matter what the distance.

They had put their hopes on Qin Lie.

Qin Lie said, “I have a soul servant at the Sky Bearing City, and I tried to create a star door myself while Senior Ji was using the Purple Illusory Heavenly Mirror. But I’m well aware that Narsen wouldn’t give me a chance to do so.” 

“Narsen of the Satorius Family is well-versed in the power and laws of space. His bloodline is also imprinted with the laws and essences of many spatial secret arts. I suspect that his comprehension and knowledge of the power of space had probably reached my master’s level.” Chen Lin added, “I’ve been to Vermillion Bird Realm and witnessed his mastery of space myself. If he had truly twisted the spatial laws around Sky Bearing City with his bloodline power, then no realm entrance or spatial teleportation formation within the range of his power will be usable.”

A bitter smile entered Chen Lin’s features. “If the Heavengold Mirror wasn’t damaged, then it could probably repair the distorted space around Sky Bearing City considering that it has the unique power of locally restoring the laws of space. However…”

He shook his head.


Qin Lie frowned all of a sudden. It was because he noticed that Malcolm and Latiff’s soul presences were diminishing little by little.

Even the black barrier covering the sky of Heavenly Yin Valley seemed to be vanishing slowly.


His Dark Soul Beast avatar passed through the pitch black barrier in a flash and landed inside the valley.

The soul shadow he had sent into the valley a long time ago reentered the Dark Soul Beast’s avatar.

“The barrier has disappeared!” Qin Lie’s true self yelled on the outside.

The Flame Emperor, the Ice Emperor, Hua Tianqiong, and the others immediately took off to Heavenly Yin Valley after hearing his cry.

As expected, their Soul Altars and bodies were unaffected now that the barrier was gone.

The bodies of Pei Dehong and the six great forces’ martial practitioners were originally isolated outside Heavenly Yin Valley.

Suddenly, they discovered that their connection to their bodies had been returned to normal.

Their Soul Altars quickly flew back into their bodies.

“Whoosh whoosh whoosh!”

They instantly became one with their bodies once more.

“That was too close.”

“We literally escaped from the jaws of death.”

“Let’s kill those two Soul Race clansmen as soon as possible!”

The six great forces’ martial practitioners stared at the Soul Beasts inside the valley hatefully even as they sighed with great relief.

Meanwhile, the Flame Emperor was still raining meteors and burning rocks onto Malcolm and Latiff’s Soul Beast avatars. The two Soul Beasts were currently lying on the ground and smoking from head to toe.

It was almost as if they were dead. Not a trace of soul presence could be detected from their bodies.

The black pond at the center of the valley had disappeared as well. All that was left behind was a giant, pitch black hole that seemed to connect to the Profound Yin Nether Sea.

Bone-chilling air and creepy howls came out of the giant, bottomless hole from time to time.

All the experts standing close to the hole felt like their hair was standing on their backs, and their souls seemingly overwhelmed.

The realm entrance on top of the dark pond had exploded into nothing since a long time ago. Even the bones seemed to have been crushed into powder.

The Dark Soul Beast avatar landed next to the pond and touched the crushed bone powder before saying, “A fake, this realm entrance is a fake. There is no way the bones used to build a realm entrance would be this fragile. Those two Soul Race clansmen had purposely made a fake realm entrance to fool us into thinking that they will attract even more Soul Race clansmen into Spirit Realm. They had baited us into attacking Heavenly Yin Valley with everything we got… and we had fallen right into their trap.”

He shot a glance at Pei Dehong and the others.

The six great forces’ martial practitioners looked quiet and gloomy.

Qin Lie added solemnly, “This is my mistake as well. I didn’t notice that the realm entrance was fake, nor did I realize that the barrier outside Heavenly Yin Valley had the ability to separate one’s Soul Altar from their body.”

“Where are they?” Hua Tianqiong pointed at the two Soul Beasts.

“They…” Qin Lie wore a bitter look on his face. “They probably were planning to borrow the Soul Devouring Beast and the Profound Yin Nether Sea’s power to kill all martial practitioners who made it inside Heavenly Yin Valley and convert them into soul servants.”

“However, their plan hadn’t gone as they had intended. They had switched to plan B the moment they noticed that things were going awry.”

“They discarded their Soul Beast avatars and scattered their souls towards their soul servants. This means that their souls would regather outside the Sky Bearing City.”

“All Soul Race clansmen have a secret art that allows them scatter themselves into their soul servants’ souls, and remake themselves afterwards.”

Everyone turned pale with shock.

Chen Lin and Miao Yizi looked downright fearful and anxious.

Sky Bearing City was already under heavy pressure thanks to the Satorius Family and the soul servants.

What could Sky Bearing City possibly do if the two Soul Race princes were to join their ranks as well?

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