Chapter 1527: Working From Both Inside and Outside

Chapter 1527: Working From Both Inside and Outside

“Second brother! Lord Xillin!”

Third Prince Latiff shouted angrily when he saw that Malcolm was struck down by the fire meteorites, and Xillin the heavenly lightning.

Without Malcolm’s protection, the Soul Devouring Beast had no choice but to sink back into the pond.

Malcolm had also taken quite the hit from the Flame Emperor’s fire meteorites, not to mention that he was enduring Qin Lie’s Heavenly Thunder Eradication from the beginning.

Malcolm’s giant Soul Beast avatar slowly climbed out of the self-made pit and flew.


He let out a violent roar towards the outside of Heavenly Yin Valley.


Latiff did the same.

A terrifying soul ripple surged outside Heavenly Yin Valley like tidewater.

The attack caused the Soul Altars that had been separated from their physical bodies even now to bob up and down like a boat that could capsize any second.

“Soul Beast bloodline ability—soul devouring!”

Qin Lie immediately sniffed out the two Soul Race princes’ intentions when he heard their roars.

The Soul Beast was a flesh and blood puppet with three main bloodline abilities—soul devouring, Dark Soul, and Blood Soul. Dark Soul was a bloodline ability that could conceal a Soul Beast’s bloodline power, Blood Soul could convert bloodline into pure soul energy, and soul devouring was the ability to consume souls.

Right now, Latiff and Malcolm were trying to use their Soul Race secret arts to enslave the six great forces’ martial practitioners’ souls.

However, even without their physical bodies, Pei Deihong and the others were all eight or nine-level Soul Altar experts. Their souls were all incredibly powerful.

Therefore, it was almost impossible for the two princes to enslave their souls in such a short time.

Originally, the two princes had wanted to borrow the Soul Devouring Beast’s strength and its strange connection to the Profound Yin Nether Sea to eliminate the trapped martial practitioners’ souls and enslave them.

However, the Flame Emperor and the rest of Qin Lie’s reinforcements were already starting to bombard Heavenly Yin Valley like mad before they could truly act.

Without a body to protect it, Xillin’s yin soul form couldn’t withstand any lightning attack at all.

This meant that Xillin couldn’t help them enslave the trapped martial practitioners’ souls.

That was why Malcolm and Latiff decided to change their tactics.

Instead of enslaving their souls and making them fight against their own kind, the two princes decided to use the soul devouring ability and devour their souls directly, further increasing their own strength!

Once their Soul Beast avatars had devoured the souls of peak experts, they would obtain an almost infinite amount of soul energy immediately and become threatening at an entirely different level!

It was true that they would lose the long term benefits of enslaving their enemies’ souls and turning them into soul servants.

But the short term boost would enable them to fight the invaders evenly without Xillin!

“Whoosh whoosh!”

Both princes unleashed the bloodline ability soul devouring in unison.

Their Soul Beast avatars opened their giant, bottomless mouths and started sucking in all souls that were within their range.

Pei Dehong, Hong Ju, Ao Changsheng, Lu Zheng, and Zu Yang’s eight and nine-level Soul Altars started to slip out of their control.

Their souls had been pulled out of their translucent Soul Altars.

Qin Lie’s soul shadow could see them struggling madly for fear of their lives.

He understood that Xillin’s earlier attack using the Profound Yin Nether Sea’s souls had in fact depleted much of its strength.

If he hadn’t injected their Soul Altars with lightning and chased away the yin souls, Pei Dehong and the rest of the six great forces’ martial practitioners might’ve been dragged into the Profound Yin Nether Sea already.

If that had happened, their souls would’ve been imprint with a soul mark immediately.

Once the soul mark formed, their souls would forever be enslaved by Latiff and Malcolm.

After that, their souls would return to their physical bodies and regain their full strength.

When that happened, they would become Latiff and Malcolm’s spears to use against the Flame Emperor, the Ice Emperor, and the experts of the Sky Mender Palace, the Qin Family, and the Ji Family.

This was not the result Qin Lie wished to see!

It was true that he wanted nothing more than see Pei Dehong and his people die a horrible death. However, he restrained himself and helped them to escape using his thunder and lightning.

“They’re trying to devour Pei Dehong’s soul! Their souls are too powerful, if the two princes are allowed to succeed, they will instantly gain a tremendous amount of soul energy!”

Qin Lie’s true self said seriously outside the valley.

“Give me their location!” the Flame Emperor yelled.

Qin Lie closed his eyes and said, “Keep attacking the Heavenly Yin Valley and show their Soul Beast avatars no quarter!”

“Got it!”

The Flame Emperor grinned strangely before he leaped up to his nine-level flame Soul Altar.

“Fire meteorite!”

The tall mountains near Heavenly Yin Valley suddenly exploded into pieces.

The Flame Emperor wrapped his flames around the shattered rocks that were at least as big as a rock house. Then, he threw them all toward Heavenly Yin Valley.

The Ice Emperor’s power and the Flame Emperor’s power were at two ends of the spectrum. The Ice Emperor knew that he would only be diminishing the Flame Emperor’s power if he used his frost powers right now.

That was why he chose to stand by and watch.

The Sky Mender Palace’s Hua Tianqiong, the Ji Family’s Ji Dan, and Chen Lin chose this moment to act.

“Whoosh whoosh whoosh!”

Hua Tiachiong’s Soul Altar suddenly turned into a tornado that reached all the way to the clouds. The gray hurricane sucked a couple of thousand-meter tall mountains into itself.

The nearby ancient trees, rocks, rivers, and dust were all sucked in as well. It looked like a giant, ten kilometer long gray dragon that was rearing to attack.

Hua Tianqiong directed the hurricane straight towards Heavenly Yin Valley.


An enormous suction force came from the bottom of the hurricane.

Suddenly, a giant whirlpool appeared right above Heavenly Yin Valley.

The scattered rocks inside the valley, the white bones that held the realm entrance together, the pond that connected to Profound Yin Nether Sea and even the two princes who were busy unleashing the soul devouring ability started floating uncontrollably towards the sky.

“Boom boom boom! Boom boom boom!”

The Flame Emperor’s meteorites completely unaffected by the hurricanes, however. He continued to fire them straight into the valley.

“Bang! Bang bang!”

The two Soul Beasts that looked like giant dragons themselves were struck by burning rocks and dragged around by the hurricane. Their “soul devouring” bloodline ability was largely diminished as a result.

The hurricane had affected even the six great forces martial practitioners’ Soul Altars. They were pulled up towards the sky.

Even Qin Lie’s soul shadow was dragged into it.

“Bang! Bang!”

The Soul Altars and Qin Lie’s soul slammed straight into Xillin’s black barrier because of the hurricane.

Both soul shadow and Soul Altar bounced right off the barriers like balls.

Unfortunately, the hurricane pulled them right up into the sky again.

The Soul Altars slammed into the pitch black barrier repeatedly.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

In just a dozen of seconds or so, their Soul Altars had slapped into the pitch black barrier at least dozens of times like a ping pong ball.

The souls residing inside the Soul Altars screamed soundlessly in pain as if the impact had depleted much of their soul energy. It looked like they were faltering slightly.

On the other hand, Qin Lie managed to stop his soul shadow from slamming into the black barrier again after the first impact. That was why he had escaped their suffering.

“Wait! Wait a second!” Outside the valley, Qin Lie glared at Hua Tianqiong and yelled, “Stop doing what you’re doing!”

“Why?” Hua Tianqiong was caught off guard.

“My soul shadow and Pei Dehong’s Soul Altar can’t escape that soul barrier.” Qin Lie explained hurriedly. “Your hurricane isn’t going to pull us out of Heavenly Yin Valley no matter what. Moreover, the damage you’re doing to the two princes is nothing compared to senior Flame Emperor’s fire meteorites.”

“Oh, okay.” Hua Tianqiong nodded.

“Not good!” It was at this moment Miao Yizi suddenly exclaimed, “Someone is attacking Sky Bearing City!”

“Who?” Qin Lie’s expression changed drastically.

“It’s Narsen of the Spirit Race. He’s leading the soul servants those two Soul Race clansmen had enslaved!” Miao Yizi said urgently.

“No wonder we didn’t see any of their soul servants. They’d sent them all to Sky Bearing City! Dammit!” Even Qin Lie was starting to panic.

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