Chapter 1527: Working From Both Inside and Outside

Chapter 1527: Working From Both Inside and Outside

“Second brother! Lord Xillin!”

Third Prince Latiff shouted angrily when he saw that Malcolm was struck down by the fire meteorites, and Xillin the heavenly lightning.

Without Malcolm’s protection, the Soul Devouring Beast had no choice but to sink back into the pond.

Malcolm had also taken quite the hit from the Flame Emperor’s fire meteorites, not to mention that he was enduring Qin Lie’s Heavenly Thunder Eradication from the beginning.

Malcolm’s giant Soul Beast avatar slowly climbed out of the self-made pit and flew.


He let out a violent roar towards the outside of Heavenly Yin Valley.


Latiff did the same.

A terrifying soul ripple surged outside Heavenly Yin Valley like tidewater.

The attack caused the Soul Altars that had been separated from their physical bodies even now to bob up and down like a boat that...

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