Chapter 1526: Blasting Out a Sky!

Chapter 1526: Blasting Out a Sky!

At the Ice Emperor’s command, Hua Tianqiong, Ji Dan, and a couple of Sky Mender Palace and Ji Family Genesis Realm experts immediately connected their heart and soul to their Soul Altars.

They prepared to bombard Heavenly Yin Valley with everything they got.

Suddenly, Miao Yizi spoke up. “Qin Lie, speaking of powers that work exceptionally well against souls, I think that your Heavenly Thunder Eradication is probably one of the most destructive powers we have.”

“Heavenly Thunder Eradication…” Surprised, the Flame Emperor looked at Qin Lie and asked, “You know how to use big brother’s Heavenly Thunder Eradication?”

Naturally, the “big brother” he was referring to was the Thunder Emperor—the strongest known expert of the human race.

“You’re right!” The Ice Emperor shook in realization. “If there’s one power that’s exceptionally effective against souls, it has to be Heavenly Thunder Eradication!”

Qin Lie slapped his own forehead and said, “I almost forgot!”

Heavenly Thunder Eradication was the first spirit art he had ever cultivated. Back at Ling Town, he had attracted heavenly lightning to temper his body and accumulate spirit energy.

For the longest time, Heavenly Thunder Eradication had been his main strength until he started cultivating the Blood Spirit Art and the Frost Arts. He only slowed down his cultivation of Heavenly Thunder Eradication after he had learned that he had God Race bloodline in him.

However, his passion for the power of thunder had never faded.

When he was refining the Origin Crystal into his Soul Altar, he could clearly sense his recognition of the power of thunder deepening by a lot.

However, because he came to possess two powerful Soul Beast avatars, a horde of soul servants, and numerous bloodlines that grew stronger each day, the times that Heavenly Thunder Eradication was necessary became more and more of a rarity.

“Come out!”

He pointed at his own glabella and summoned the thunder spirit in a zap of lightning.

“What is this?” the Flame Emperor asked curiously.

“This is a Spirit of Void and Chaos, of thunder element specifically.” Qin Lie grinned at the Flame Emperor.

“Swoosh swoosh!”

Multiple giant wooden pillars suddenly flew out of Qin Lie’s spatial ring and hovered above his head.

“Thunderblitz Tree! You have eight thousand-year-old Thunderblitz wood!” The Flame Emperor’s astonishment wouldn’t stop growing.

The thunder spirit sat at the center of the eight Thunderblitz wood slabs above his head.


Then, Qin Lie’s crystalline Soul Altar took to the sky as well and stopped right next to the thunder spirit.

Qin Lie slowly moved the eight slabs of Thunderblitz wood above Heavenly Yin Valley with his powers.

“Rrrrmm! Crack!”

Thunder suddenly resounded throughout the bright blue sky. Then, the entire world darkened all of a sudden.

A bolt of lightning as thick as a living dragon abruptly descended from the lightning pool of the Ninth Heaven and landed squarely between the eight Thunderblitz wood slabs.

The thunder spirit at the center suddenly blended into one with the bolt of heavenly lightning. The eight slabs immediately started crackling with lightning as if ignited.

Even more rumbling came from within the clouds. Dense lightning swam across the sky like living dragons and snakes.

A while later, even more lightning bolts fell down from the sky, passed through the center of the Thunderblitz formation, and was directed straight at Heavenly Yin Valley by Qin Lie’s Soul Altar. Their power was even amplified by the thunder spirit.

“Boom! Crackle!”

The heavenly lightning landed near the pond where Xillin resided.

The Soul Devouring Beast was just about to attack Pei Dehong’s Soul Altar when the lightning struck him squarely in the body.


Xillin’s yin-element-made body immediately started smoking a little. It almost looked like it had been splashed with acid.

But Qin Lie knew the Soul Devouring Beast’s “body” was no flesh and blood body. It was really just a form made of pure souls.

Any soul that had lost the protection of its physical body would find it difficult to resist a lightning strike.

Xillin’s true body had long since been destroyed by the God Race. His current body was really just a mass of yin-element souls of Profound Yin Nether Sea!

There was nothing more souls were afraid of than the lightning from the lightning pool of the Ninth Heaven!

“Block those lightning bolts for me!” Xillin roared.

Unlike Xillin, Malcolm, and Latiff had Soul Beast bodies. Noticing that the situation was taking a turn for the worse, Malcolm let out a cold snort and transformed back to his Soul Beast form immediately.

The giant Soul Beast stood in between the lightning strikes and the pond where the Soul Devouring Beast resided.

“Boom! Crackle!”

The torrent of thunder and lightning struck Malcolm squarely in the body, making it look like a million lightning snakes were swimming across its body. However, no pain could be seen from its bluish green eyes at all.

The rank ten Soul Beast was clearly confident in its ability to block the torrent of thunder and lightning with its physical body.

Just the same, Qin Lie’s soul only needed a glance to know that the Heavenly Thunder Eradication was effective against Xillin, a mass of souls who had lost its physical body, but not Latiff or Malcolm.

He was after all, just an Imperishable Realm martial practitioner. His Heavenly Thunder Eradication had absolutely nothing to do with his bloodline powers.

An Imperishable Realm level Heavenly Thunder Eradication simply couldn’t summon enough power from the lightning pool of the Ninth Heaven or twist the natural laws enough to harm Malcolm or Latiff.

“Lord Xillin!” Latiff yelled loudly.

Xillin emerged out of the pond from beneath the realm entrance as countless souls wriggled around its body. They looked like swollen flesh umps.

An eerie and evil soul energy rippled out of the Soul Devouring Beast that was made of yin-element souls.


Pei Dehong and the others suddenly screamed in pain from inside their Soul Altars.

It was as if the shadows and souls had suddenly entered their Soul Altars without warning.

Qin Lie immediately realized through his one-level Soul Altar that Xillin’s evil soul energy had brought a seemingly endless amount of YIn Souls straight into their Soul Altars! 

It was as if every soul in the Profound Yin Nether Sea was under Xillin’s control. It was trying to overwhelm Pei Dehong and the others’ souls completely!

“Faster!” Qin Lie roared inside his head.

“Second brother! Look above you!” Latiff screamed.

Three burning meteorites was falling straight towards Heavenly Yin Valley!

It was the second wave of meteorites the Flame Emperor had attracted from space!

The Flame Emperor was a peak Genesis Realm expert. He had fought against the Abyss Devils in the Abyss and other powerful races in other realms.

Therefore, his true strength was an entire level above Hong Ju even though they were both nine-level Soul Altar experts!

“Bang! Bang bang!”

The three giant meteorites slammed into the back of Malcolm’s Soul Beast hard.

Malcolm’s giant body was immediately knocked toward the ground by the combined force of the three meteorites.

Screaming in horrible pain, Malcolm had enough sense to change his fall trajectory and miss the realm entrance or the pitch black pond.

He crashed heavily against the ground instead and left a giant hole at least a dozen or so meters deep!

That wasn’t all. The heat energy inside the meteorites enveloped Malcolm’s Soul Beast avatar completely and burned it non-stop.

Meanwhile, another volley of lightning flew straight towards the pond after the three-meteorite barrage.

The lightning bolts struck Xillin unerringly, drawing a shrill scream from the Soul Devouring Beast and causing it to escape back into its pond.

“Zzzt! Zzzt!”

Qin Lie had guided small bits of lightning towards the six great forces’ Soul Altars as well.

The innumerable souls that had invaded their Soul Altars were instantly wiped out by the wash of lightning.

Suddenly, a couple of lightning covered souls appeared inside the pond beneath the realm entrance.

It was as if those souls had escaped all the way back to the pond after they were struck by lightning inside the six great forces’ Soul Altars. They did not to show their faces any longer after that.

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