Chapter 1525: Listen to my Directions!

Chapter 1525: Listen to my Directions!


The Ice Emperor suddenly yelled in a heavy voice just outside Heavenly Yin Valley.

The Ji Family and Sky Mender Palace’s Genesis Realm martial practitioners halted at the last second when they heard his command.

“It’s Pei Dehong and the others. Their bodies are on the ground.”

Hua Tianqiong flew up and stared at the bodies fallen outside the valley and the pitch black barrier. He immediately understood what was going on.

“Pei Dehong and Hong Ju’s body had been left outside. Their Soul Altars are the only things that went in,” the Ice Emperor said sternly. “We can’t unleash our full power without the soul power or spirit energy residing inside our body. It is almost impossible to beat a Soul Race clansman with the power of a Soul Altar alone. The barrier in front of us seems to be capable of separating Soul Altar from body, so do not act recklessly.”

Everyone’s faces turned serious when they heard the warning. They dared not enter the barrier recklessly.

Everyone subconsciously looked behind themselves.

“What about Qin Lie?”

“Qin Lie can see what’s going on inside Heavenly Yin Valley, right?”

“Why don’t we ask him what’s going on in there?”

The crowd discussed among each other.

Chen Lin and Miao Yizi were the only representatives of the Qin Family today. Right now, Miao Yizi was standing right next to Qin Lie.

Chen Lin immediately knew what the group wanted when he saw that everyone was looking at him.

He immediately contacted Miao Yizi with a secret art.

“They’re here.”

Chen Lin closed his eyes for a brief moment before opening them once more. Then, he looked behind himself.

Qin Lie’s true self, his Dark Soul Beast avatar, Ji Yao, Ji Yuan, and Miao Yizi suddenly appeared behind the group.

Before the group could throw their own questions at him, Qin Lie said, “The two Soul Race princes and the Soul Devouring Beast’s strange barrier are at the outer layer of Heavenly Yin Valley. The reason this barrier can separate our bodies from our Soul Altar is because… the human race’s Soul Altar construction technique originates from the Soul Progenitor. We borrowed too much of our Soul Altar construction technique from the Soul Race’s secret arts, and that was why those two Soul Race clansmen were able to tinker a barrier that could separate our Soul Altar and our body.”

“All those with Soul Altars will have the connection between their Soul Altar and their physical body severed if they passed through that barrier.”

“This barrier is specifically made to counter the human race!”

“Without our physical body, our Soul Altar is nothing more but delicious food to those Soul Race clansmen inside Heavenly Yin Valley.”

Qin Lie explained in a solemn tone.

Every Genesis Realm expert here including Void Realm experts such as Miao Yizi and Ji Yuan possessed a Soul Altar.

Their soul and their knowledge of the world’s truths and laws were all imprinted inside their Soul Altars.

However, their vast spirit energy and the true source of their power lay within their flesh and blood.

If a Soul Altar expert wished to unleash their true strength, they must possess both body and Soul Altar. If they only had a Soul Altar and no body, then they could only unleash the power in their soul. The tremendous spirit energy residing inside their body would be completely useless.

How big was their chance of victory if they were to fight against two rank ten Soul Race clansmen and one Soul Devouring Beast that made an entire Nether Realm weep thirty millennium ago?

Even the Ice Emperor and the Flame Emperor had fallen silent.

It would be suicide even for the likes of them to fight a rank ten soulline Soul Race expert without their body, the source of their power.

“Everyone try to come up with ways to break apart this barrier!” the Flame Emperor yelled.


The Flame Emperor’s nine-level fire Soul Altar took to the air and enveloped the sky of Heavenly Yin Valley in fire.

The fire Soul Altar was only five meters tall at first, but it grew bigger after the Flame Emperor had deployed his soul energy and unleashed his full power.

In just a short time, the nine-level fire Soul Altar had become as big as a burning mountain range.

“Flame Dance!”

The Flame Emperor yelled as countless sparks darted from all around Heavenly Yin Valley.

It was the fire spirit energy from volcanoes, lavas, and even strange beasts within five hundred kilometer range.

“Sizz! Sizz! Szzz szzz!”

The pitch black barrier that shrouded the entire Heavenly Yin Valley was attacked and burned by countless rays of fire at once.

Fire continuously flashed out of the Fire Emperor’s nine-level Soul Altar.

A brilliant meteor that was flying peacefully in space was suddenly pulled in by the Flame Emperor’s nine-level Soul Altar.


The meteor abruptly fell toward Heavenly Yin Valley while dragging a ten thousand meter long tail of fire.


The entire Heavenly Yin Valley shook like an earthquake had struck it. The pitch black barrier covering the valley had failed to block the fiery meteor at all.

However, the barrier itself seemed unharmed by the fiery meteor either.

“It doesn’t isolate one’s spirit energy or bloodline power,” the Flame Emperor said with a serious expression. “However, it doesn’t look like my fire can burn down the barrier, even though it isn’t stopping my power.”

“What’s happening inside?” the Ice Emperor asked.

Qin Lie said, “It’s effective.”

His Dark Soul Beast soul shadow was currently observing its surroundings inside Heavenly Yin Valley.

The Flame Emperor’s giant meteor had drilled a giant hole in the ground.

Deadly sparks, blaze, and light were spread everywhere inside Heavenly Yin Valley as well.

When the fire meteor had made contact with the ground, the explosion and impact had enveloped the entire valley in fire.

Even the countless souls residing inside the pond that could connect to the Profound Yin Nether Sea seemed to be affected by it.

Qin Lie noted that the temperature of the entire valley had risen instantly when the fire meteor had fallen.

Every soul including Xillin, the Soul Devouring Beast, had submerged itself deeper into the pond as if they were uncomfortable with the change.

“I see. He has lost his physical body. His current appearance was something he had created using the souls.”

In that moment, Qin Lie abruptly understood that the God Race had refined and killed the Soul Devouring Beast’s body.

But as a Soul Race clansman, Xillin had also managed to let slip a subsoul that escaped all the way to the Profound Yin Nether Sea.

He didn’t know what Xillin had done or experienced in the Profound Yin Nether Sea, but thirty thousand years later he had finally grown back to rank ten soulline.

The Soul Devouring Beast inside the pond was completely made up of souls. It didn’t look like it could leave the pond or the Profound Yin Nether Sea.

Right now, Xillin only had a soul left. It didn’t have a true body, and it could only unleash the Soul Race’s soul secret arts.

This meant that Xillin might very well be the one who had created the pitch black barrier using its cultivation in the Profound Yin Nether Sea and its soul powers.

The barrier might not be afraid of fire, but it was effective on Xillin, whose current form was completely made up of souls. Not even Malcolm and Latiff were immune to the fiery meteor.

“Lord Xillin!” Second Prince Malcolm waved away the sparks headed his way in disgust before shouting at the Soul Devouring Beast hiding inside the black pond. “Those fellows on the outside are starting to cause trouble. We need your power to control those whose Soul Altars are already trapped inside this barrier as quickly as possible! Once the six great forces’ Genesis Realm Soul Altars are enslaved, we’ll be able to return their Soul Altars to their bodies and fight against those people outside.”

“Work with us if you don’t wish to sleep for another thirty millennia!” Latiff yelled.

Pei Deihong and the others in their Soul Altar forms couldn’t hear a single word of what the Soul Race clansmen were saying.

But Qin Lie was able to hear everything even though he was only a soul shadow and farther away.

He immediately realized that Malcolm and Latiff had converted their speech through a Soul Race secret art. Since this soul shadow of his belonged to the soul of a pure Soul Race clansman, only he was able to hear and understand everything.

Urged by both Malcolm and Latiff, Xillin once again surfaced from the pond that was connected to the Profound Yin Nether Sea.

It looked like the Soul Devouring Beast had finally stopped hesitating. It got ready to control Pei Dehong and the others.

It was at this moment Qin Lie’s true body outside Heavenly Yin Valley yelled, “Senior Flame Emperor, the meteor you attracted earlier can penetrate that barrier and hurt them!”

The Flame Emperor’s mouth split into a grin. “That’s good!”

“Attack! You should keep attacking them, but with me guiding your attacks this time!” Excited, Qin Lie added, “Seniors, your Soul Altar and body will become separate if you were to pass through that barrier. However, you don’t need to do that since I’m here to guide all of your attacks! Follow my directions and attack where I say to attack! Use any power that is effective against souls, normal or like these in Heavenly Yin Valley!”

“Attack!” the Ice Emperor yelled.

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