Chapter 1525: Listen to my Directions!

Chapter 1525: Listen to my Directions!


The Ice Emperor suddenly yelled in a heavy voice just outside Heavenly Yin Valley.

The Ji Family and Sky Mender Palace’s Genesis Realm martial practitioners halted at the last second when they heard his command.

“It’s Pei Dehong and the others. Their bodies are on the ground.”

Hua Tianqiong flew up and stared at the bodies fallen outside the valley and the pitch black barrier. He immediately understood what was going on.

“Pei Dehong and Hong Ju’s body had been left outside. Their Soul Altars are the only things that went in,” the Ice Emperor said sternly. “We can’t unleash our full power without the soul power or spirit energy residing inside our body. It is almost impossible to beat a Soul Race clansman with the power of a Soul Altar alone. The barrier in front of us seems to be capable of separating Soul Altar from body, so do not act recklessly.”

Everyone’s faces turned serious...

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