Chapter 1524: The Soul and the Body Splitting in Two

Chapter 1524: The Soul and the Body Splitting in Two

“What? The Soul Devouring Beast is still alive?”

The Ji Family’s forefather, Ji Dan, stared at Heavenly Yin Valley in shock and gloom.

The Flame Emperor and the Ice Emperor were frowning deeply as well.

Hadn’t the God Race hunted down the Soul Devouring Beast that had terrorized Nether Realm thirty thousand years ago?

“The Soul Devouring Beast had never truly died completely,” Hua Tianqiong of the Sky Mender Palace said.

The crowd turned towards him in confusion. They knew that Sky Mender Palace and Nether Realm had had a fierce war. They also knew that Sky Mender Palace had killed all five Demon Gods of the Nether Realm.

If Qin Shan hadn’t stepped up and stopped them, Sky Mender Palace would’ve charged straight to the heart of the Nether Realm and annihilated every race living in that place.

It was why no one was surprised that the old palace master of Sky Mender Palace, Hua Tianqiong, knew more about the Soul Devouring Beast.

“The God Race did kill the Soul Devouring Beast,” Hua Tianqiong thought for a moment. “However, not all of its subsouls were lost to the God Race. From time to time, a couple of low rank Soul Devouring Beasts around rank three or four would appear and try to cause havoc. However, they were all killed by the races of Nether Realm. As far as I know, not a single one of these Soul Devouring Beasts had managed to return to rank five since the original’s death.”

“You’re saying that there are still a couple of subsouls operating in Nether Realm?” Ji Dan asked.

Hua Tianqiong nodded. “Yes, but their rank shouldn’t be too high.”

“No!” Qin Lie’s true self declared, “The Soul Devouring Beast that had appeared at the Heavenly Yin Valley is definitely a rank ten Soul Race clansman!”

Before the group could prod further, he added, “They also seem to be using the power of phantoms to fuel a realm entrance! It looks like they’re trying to connect to another realm!”

The Ice Emperor and the Flame Emperor exchanged a glance with each other before yelling in unison, “Let’s go!”

The group of Genesis Realm experts suddenly made haste towards Heavenly Yin Valley.

At the front, Pei Dehong and the others turned pale with shock when they heard the news from the Ice Emperor and the Flame Emperor.

“What’s wrong?”

Behind Qin Lie, Miao Yizi and Ji Yao walked up to him concernedly after seeing he was still around.

“A wisp of my soul is currently trapped in Heavenly Yin Valley,” Qin Lie replied.

“How can we help you?” Miao Yizi asked urgently.

“It’s fine.” Qin Lie shook his head.

Heavenly Yin Valley.

The soul wisp the Dark Soul Beast had created suddenly appeared right above Heavenly Yin Valley in soul shadow form.

The Soul Race was a unique race that could split their soul into a thousand strands without suffering any consequences. Therefore, losing a wisp of a soul would injure a Soul Race clansman, but not destabilize their existence.

That was why he wasn’t particularly worried.

What he was really curious to know was why Malcolm and Latiff had caused such a huge commotion. He wanted to know if they were truly planning to summon more Soul Race clansmen into Spirit Realm, and if the Soul Devouring Beast in the pond was the same as the one from thirty thousand years ago.


Inside the pitch black pond, the Soul Devouring Beast that was made up of phantoms let out yet another growl.

Pain like a thousand needles suddenly penetrated Qin Lie’s soul shadow. He could sense that this wisp of his soul was about to vanish.

“Who are you? Why does your soul contain both master and Cadak’s presence?” the Soul Devouring Beast asked directly through the soul.

“Master, Cadak…”

A blank moment later, Qin Lie abruptly realized that the Soul Devouring Beast was referring to the Soul Progenitor and the Dark Soul Beast.

His soul had inherited the Soul Progenitor’s imprint and the Dark Soul Beast’s soul fragments. In the end, they combined to form his subsoul.

That was why his soul contained the both Soul Progenitor and Cadak’s presence. A normal person might not have the ability to detect it, but not the Soul Devouring Beast.

It was because he had descended to Spirit Realm with the Soul Progenitor and the Dark Soul Beast, Cadak.

The Soul Progenitor was his master, and Cadak was his close friend.

“Lord Xillin, he is a despicable thief who stole our race’s Soul Suppressing Orb!” Malcolm, the second prince said.

“The Soul Suppressing Orb belongs to the royal family,” Latiff added.

“I’m not asking the two of you.” The Soul Devouring Beast known as Xillin shot a cold, eerie glance at the two princes. “The two of you were only at rank eight back when master and I were fighting in the outer realms. Do not think for a second that I will obey your command just because you had awakened me from my slumber at the Profound Yin Nether Sea. Even if you are both currently at rank ten soulline, you are still just failures in my eyes. My master is the Monarch’s only worthy inheritor, and the two of you are not worthy to command me!”

“Hehe, unfortunately for you, loyal servant, our big brother had perished in this insignificant Spirit Realm a long time ago.” Latiff, the third prince laughed sinisterly. “He had even lost our race’s holy artifact to a lowly lifeform! Now that he’s dead, we must be the ones to inherit that holy artifact and bring it back to the royal family! If you wish to return to our race and possess an intact Soul Beast body, I would suggest that you cooperate with us obediently, Lord Xillin!”

“Lord Xillin, we brothers had spent quite a bit of energy to awaken you at the Profound Yin Nether Sea. I hope that you can repay our kindness,” Malcolm said coolly.

“The Monarch is the one who gets to decide whether I’m allowed to return to our race, not you two.” Xillin snorted.

The princes’ eyes turned a little sinister after seeing that the Soul Devouring Beast was being completely uncooperative.

“Who are you? How did you obtain the Soul Suppressing Orb?” Xillin glared once again at Qin Lie’s soul shadow.

“Swhoosh swhoosh! Swhoosh swhoosh swhoosh!”

Just about Qin Lie was about to answer, the six great forces’ Genesis Realm experts finally arrived at Heavenly Yin Valley.

His spirit was invigorated by their timely arrival.


Pei Dehong was the first person to charge into Heavenly Yin Valley, but suddenly, his body and Soul Altar suddenly became separate after he had passed through the barrier of infinite darkness.

His nine-level Soul Altar appeared inside Heavenly Yin Valley after a flash.

However, his body limply fell outside the valley for some reason.

“Whoosh! Whoosh whoosh!”

Hong Ju, Ao Changsheng, and Lu Zheng tried to enter valley on their Soul Altars as well, but the end result was exactly the same.

Their Soul Altars weren’t impeded in the slightest inside Heavenly Yin Valley. Even now, they were flying freely on the sky.

But their bodies had all been left behind outside.

Pei Dehong, Hong Ji, and Ao Changsheng’s souls abruptly manifested outside their Soul Altars. They were clearly afraid and confused by their current condition.

“Interesting, isn’t it?” Latiff, the third prince let out a savage laugh. “Your race’s Soul Altar construction technique is something that is derived from our soul secret techniques. Imagine our surprise when we researched your Soul Altars and discovered that it was mostly made using secret knowledge only our race should know! Had that been not the case, we wouldn’t have be so sure that we’d be able to stop you all here at Heavenly Yin Valley.”

“We are the Soul Race. Without your flesh and blood to back you up, how can you possibly beat us with soul power alone?” Latiff’s eyes was full of cruelty and murder.

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