Chapter 1522: Heavenly Yin Valley

Chapter 1522: Heavenly Yin Valley

Flame Soul Altar, wood Soul Altar, ice Soul Altar, thunder Soul Altar...

The Soul Altars that only peak martial practitioners could have were like clouds of fire, glittering pieces of ice, and crisscrossing lightning, a different expert sitting or standing atop each.

"Heavens! Nine-level flame Soul Altar!"

"A dozen flying Soul Altars, all of them around seven levels, this should be the strongest human force?"

"The six forces, and Sky Bearing City's Qin Family, the Ji Family, and Sky Mender Palace allied together?"

"It must be so!"

Within Ninth Heaven, some of the vassals who had not left yet were shocked when they saw the phenomenon in the sky.

Most of these martial practitioners belonged to Ninth Heaven's subordinate forces. They completely lost confidence in Ninth Heaven after learned Ninth Heaven had fallen and the Pei Family was killed off.

They were retreating out of Ninth Heaven at the moment.

During their journey, some of them felt the terrifying auras in the sky, looked up, and were stunned.

"The world is going to change."

"So many experts gathered together, something major must be occurring!"

"They should be attacking the two Soul Race clansmen!"

They quickly understood.

Then they spread what they had seen through different channels.

Soon, the human forces still active in Spirit Realm learned of the major movement in Ninth Heaven.

Before Qin Lie's group reached Heavenly Yin Valley, the news they were attacking the Soul Race clansmen spread.

"Oh no!"

Miao Yizi suddenly frowned as her finger remained on the jade pendant.

"What is it?"

Qin Lie, who had not released his Soul Altar and was moving with Blitz Thunder Escape, looked over at her curiously.

"Pei Dehong and the others are too attention catching. Many martial practitioners inside Ninth Heaven saw their furious sprint." Miao Yizi cursed lowly and said angrily, "Those that guessed their intentions have spread the news. Even Sky Bearing City knows our movements right now. Since Sky Bearing City knows, then the two Soul Race clansmen hiding in Heavenly Yin Valley surely know it too."

"They should, yes," Ji Yao said.

"There is no way," Ji Yuan said helplessly. "The Pei Family has been killed. The Ao Family and Lu Family have suffered great losses. They have searched for the two Soul Race clansmen for so long, and haven't had any developments. It is logical that they are so impatient after learning the location."

"I just fear the Soul Race clansmen will have disappeared by the time we get there." Ji Yao sighed.

They were Void Realm and still a ways off from Genesis Realm. They were not as fast as Pei Dehong, the Ice Emperor, Ji Dan, and others of that level in their flight speed so they were left behind.

"You worry too much," Qin Lie said coolly.

"Oh?" How so?" Ji Yao said curiously.

"Because the moment I found them, they knew what I was doing," Qin Lie explained. "With my cultivation and strength, even with the relic of the Soul Race, I cannot silently locate their souls. In other words, the moment I detected them, they knew that I would come."

"Then..." Ji Yuan said helplessly.

Qin Lie frowned slightly and said, "They did not leave Heavenly Yin Valley."

"You mean... they know what we want to do, and did not flee from Heavenly Yin Valley? Are they waiting for us?" Ji Yuan was shocked.

"Wait a moment!" Miao Yizi frowned and said, "I feel I should notify them."

He used a secret art to notify Chen Lin at the front.

Chen Lin, who had a seven-level Soul Altar, immediately told the Ice Emperor, the Flame Emperor, and Ji Dan.

They passed it along. Several seconds later, all the old Genesis Realm monsters at the front knew.

"They slowed down," Miao Yizi said.

Qin Lie looked ahead and saw those bright Soul Altars were slowly down until they completely stopped.

Even the most impatient Pei Dehong, Lu Zheng, and Ao Changsheng stopped.

Those people all stared heatedly at him.

Miao Yizi, Ji Yao, and the others who came with him subconsciously slowed.

Qin Lie flashed among those Soul Altars like a bolt of lightning and appeared.

"They are in Heavenly Yin Valley, and they know we are coming but have not left," Qin Lie said straightforwardly.

"Slightly strange," muttered the Flame Emperor rubbing his messy hair.

The Ice Emperor thought for a moment and said, "We have not been active in Spirit Realm for a long time. Is there something special about Heavenly Yin Valley?"

"Heavenly Yin Valley... special..." Hong Ju had a puzzled expression.

Yet at the words, he seemed to think of something and his expression abruptly changed.

He looked towards Pei Dehong and the others.

Pei Dehong, Lu Zheng, Ao Changsheng, and the other Genesis Realm old monsters of the six forces all had unnatural expressions.

Qin Lie stilled and saw something from the changes in their expressions.

The Ice Emperor shouted, "What is it?"

"There is a place that may be connected to the Profound Yin Nether Sea of Nether Realm," Pei Dehong said.

"Profound Yin Nether Sea!" The Ice Emperor was shocked. He seemed to think of something and glared angrily at Pei Dehong. "You used Heavenly Yin Valley to make a passageway connecting to Profound Yin Nether Sea? What did you want to use Profound Yin Nether Sea for?"

Pei Dehong mumbled indistinctly.

"What is going on?" Qin Lie was shocked.

"Young Master, the Profound Yin Nether Sea and Nine Soul Hell are the two most unique places of Nether Realm. In the legends, Profound Yin Nether Sea is the residence of souls, not just the souls of the Nine Soul Hell races." Chen Lin bowed slightly and explained. "Supposedly, all the souls of Spirit Realm's races would merge into Profound Yin Nether Sea after they pass away or die in battle. Then, through the strange reincarnation refinement of Profound Yin Nether Sea, the new lives of the races of Spirit Realm would awaken new souls."

"I heard one day that if the Profound Yin Nether Sea did not exist, the races of Spirit Realm would not have any more newborns. And even if they had, the newborns would have no souls..."

"Of course, this is just a legend, and I cannot attest to its veracity.."

The Ice Emperor's expression was icy as he stared at Pei Dehong and said, "What did you do?"

"My big brother cultivated reincarnation power, and attempted to use the Profound Yin Nether Sea to change the reincarnation laws of Spirit Realm. He wanted to take out the souls of fallen experts from the Profound Yin Nether Sea." Zu Yang of Reincarnation Sect suddenly answered. "But he failed. My brother .. did not return after falling into the Profound Yin Nether Sea."

"You are mad!" the Ice Emperor shouted.

"Young Master, have the Soul Race clansmen done something through the Profound Yin Nether Sea?" Chen Lin asked.

"I do not know, I need to think." Qin Lie closed his eyes.

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