Chapter 1520: Overbearing

Chapter 1520: Overbearing

"Brother Pei, Brother Pei."

Lu Zheng, who was closest to him, pulled Pei Dehong's clothing and reminded him softly.

At this moment, Qin Lie's gaze was focused on him as though waiting for his statement.

Everyone knew that Pei Dehong had been the one to create the plan in the past, and that Han Qian had acted according to Pei Dehong's orders.

Seducing Qin Lie, scheming against Qin Lie, forcing the old patriarch and Qin Hao to go mad, and then causing the Qin Family to go into space for three centuries.

This was something Pei Dehong had always been proud of.

After many years, Qin Lie stood in front of them, practically glowing.

Yet they had to rely on Qin Lie, had to make him satisfied, and give enough reparations...

As the first person, Pei Dehong naturally had to stand up and say and do something.

But Pei Dehong seemed to not hear Qin Lie's words and criticisms. Lu Zheng and the others panickedfelt panic.


As though he woke up from a long nightmare, Pei Dehong seemed to finally see Qin Lie and his expression was slightly shocked.

He looked deeply at Qin Lie.

Qin Lie grinned and said, "Senior Pei, I hope you have been well since our last meeting."

The Ice Emperor and the Flame Emperor looked at the brightly smiling Qin Lie and Pei Dehong who had recently aged by almost a decade. They maintained silence.

They knew the grudges between the two.

Three centuries ago, if not for Pei Dehong's conspiracy, and the six forces working together, the Qin Family might be the strongest Gold rank faction in Spirit Realm.

Qin Lie, who was "mediocre," had been an opening in Pei Dehong's eyes and the target of his actions.

In the end, Qin Lie had been "killed" by Han Qian due to Pei Dehong's persuasions. The Qin Family had attacked Ninth Heaven recklessly in anger.

Subsequently, the six forces were legitimate in working together in shattering Qin Hao's Soul Altar and forcing the Qin Family away.

For three centuries, the Qin Family did not step into Spirit Realm.

Qin Lie also "died." He became a classic example the elders of Central World used to teach their descendants.

This was a negative example!

"Do not be as useless as Qin Family's Qin Lie. You will harm yourself, and also the family!"

"The Qin Family, which had been so prosperous, was greatly damaged by six forces at their peak due to a good for nothing and forced to leave Spirit Realm."

"The son of the Qin Family is a waste."

"If you do not work hard and advance, you will become like Qin Lie one day!"


Similar sayings would come from the mouths of the elders of the forces and had continued until recently.

Qin Lie had carried the infamy of being average, a failure and the notorious child that caused the downfall of his family.

Pei Dehong had orchestrated all this.

The Flame Emperor and the Ice Emperor naturally knew the hatred would not be so easily resolved, and Qin Lie needed a vent.

So they maintained their silence.

Also, in their minds, they also thought that Pei Dehong should react in some way...

"What do you want?" Pei Dehong's eyes grew a bit spirited. "If you can really find the two Soul Race clansmen, if they die! I will agree to all the conditions that Sky Bearing City have set!"

"Not enough," Qin Lie said.

"I know that Ninth Heaven has already paid a painful price, and the Pei Family members are almost all dead." Qin Lie narrowed his eyes and said coldly, "But this was not at my hands. I do not feel any relief. I want Ninth Heaven to announce to all the forces and races you will return everything you obtained from the Qin Family immediately! Also, after this matter, I want Ninth Heaven to leave Spirit Realm for three centuries! The Qin Family will take over all the lands Ninth Heaven has right now!"

"Three centuries, then Ninth Heaven can return from outside! During this time, I will not allow you to step into Spirit Realm!"

"These are my conditions!"

Qin Lie shouted firmly.

Everyone was stunned by the words. Even the two emperors frowned.

They felt that Qin Lie's conditions were slightly harsh.

They could understand demanding everything the Qin Family had lost, wanting Ninth Heaven to make reparations, and having Pei Dehong apologize.

But Qin Lie wanted to force Ninth Heaven out of Spirit Realm for three centuries and not allow them to take a step in. He wanted to take over entire Ninth Heaven in these three centuries. It was too overbearing.

"The conditions are too strict!"

"No! How can we agree?"

"Qin Lie! Do not ask too much!"

The Genesis Realm old monsters of the six forces started shouting and glaring at him.

Qin Lie's gaze was sharp as he looked towards the old men. "Too much? Alright, I want to see if the six forces can keep everything you have now if I do nothing!"

"If we are finished, how can you benefit? When the Soul Race clansmen are strong enough, the Qin Family, the Ji Family, and Sky Mender Palace will all be killed!" Hong Ju said angrily.

Qin Lie..." the Ice Emperor said haltingly.

He did not expected Qin Lie, who had not stated any opinions before arrival, would suddenly raise such harsh conditions.

He wanted to mediate, but hesitated seeing the firmness of Qin Lie's attitude.

Suddenly, he realized that he actually did not understand Qin Lie very well, and didn't know how many thoughts the boy hid.

"We will not be finished after you. In any case, you will not live to see it." Qin Lie stared at Hong Ju and snarled, "Do not worry. When the Soul Race clansmen destroy the six forces and gather enough power that we cannot resist, I will guide the God Race here. Maybe, I will also use Star Abyss and get those powerful Abyss Devils of to invade Spirit Realm. At that time, the forces of Spirit Realm will not be strong enough to fight the Soul Race and I will make Spirit Realm even more heated!"

"At that time, the Soul Race, the Spirit Race, the God Race, and the Abyss Devils will be active in Spirit Realm, it will be very interesting."

"But I fear you will not be able to see that time."

Qin Lie's eyes were mad.

"Are you crazy?!" Hong Ju screamed.

Everyone else paled, panic on their faces evident. They felt Qin Lie was completely mad.

Even the Ice Emperor and the Flame Emperor were shocked, frightened by the future Qin Lie described.

If the transcendent bloodline races turned Spirit Realm into a battlefield, the Three Emperors would not be able to change anything.

If the situation escalated that much, no one would be able to stop the death of Spirit Realm.

As everyone panicked, Pei Dehong suddenly spoke after his long silence, "I agree."

"Brother Pei!" Hong Ju shouted.

Pei Dehong waved his hand as though he calmed down. He said, "After this matter, even if Ninth Heaven exists, it will be a second-tier Gold rank force. We overestimate ourselves in staying in Spirit Realm and fighting the Qin Family."

At his words, everyone thought carefully and became silent.

Ninth Heaven had been impacted so greatly. Almost all of the Pei Family was dead, the experts killed or enslaved.

The vassals had left Ninth Heaven, and so Ninth Heaven had almost no core power other than Pei Dehong.

Ninth Heaven was not able to stabilize the situation like this. Even if Ninth Heaven remained in Spirit Realm, how could it fight the Qin Family?

Also, the present Qin Family had Qin Lie, who was proving to become more and more terrifying.

Through the news they continued to receive, they knew Qin Lie's charisma converted the Ancient Beast Race, the Demon Dragon Race, the races of Boluo Realm, the Giant Race and even reached the Frost Desolation Abyss.

What did Ninth Heaven have to fight the powerful Qin Family and the present Qin Lie?

Maybe leaving was a good outcome for the present Ninth Heaven and Pei Dehong.

"Oh, you really agree?" Qin Lie said.

Pei Dehong said, "I will immediately order and announce that Ninth Heaven will return the lands we have taken from Qin Family. We will tell all the foreign races that Ninth Heaven will leave Spirit Realm for three centuries after the matter is finished!"

"Alright." Qin Lie sat down. "I will immediately help you search for the two Soul Race clansmen after hearing the news."

"Work quickly," Hong Ju urged.

Qin Lie closed his eyes.

His attitude was clear. He would only act after hearing Pei Dehong’s declaration.

"I understand, I will act immediately," Pei Dehong said depressedly.

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