Chapter 152: Relentless (Teaser)

Chapter 152: Relentless

“Good day, Elder Tong.”

Qin Lie arrived at the entrance and nodded in respect towards Tong Jihua with a cool expression.

“Mn.” Tong Jihua also nodded and continued to speak with Liang Zhong. He did not say anything to him.

Qin Lie’s body was surrounded by cold air. He passed through between Liang Zhong and Tong Jihua and headed inside Armament Sect. He purposely avoided looking at Liang Zhong.

Liang Zhong also did not think much of him and simply smiled, continuing to speak with Tong Jihua. When he had entered inside the sect and was instructing the Dark Asura Hall generals to be more careful, he accidentally glanced at Qin Lie’s back.

He was stunned for a second. Suddenly, he stared at Qin Lie’s back even more intently as his expression turned somewhat strange. “This back is really familiar. It’s like I’ve seen it before somewhere…”

“Mister Liang, Mister Liang!” Tong Jihua called out softly.

Liang Zhong recovered, frowned slightly before all of a sudden asking, “Who is that cold young man who passed by just now?”

“He’s Qin Bing, an inner sect disciple. He has just recently ascended up the mountains.” Tong Jihua explained carelessly, “Elder Mo Hai is the one who noticed him and gave word for him to...

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