Chapter 1519: The Sun Thin In the West

Chapter 1519: The Sun Thin In the West

Giant Spirit Realm.

Under Qin Lie's guidance, Banderas, Campbell, and the other Giant Race experts rescued almost a hundred members of the Giant Race from remote areas of the realm.

They also took all the bodies Night Ghosts and foreign races’ clansmen had left after losing their souls.

The corpses of the foreign races’ clansmen which still had lingering flesh and blood energy would help the Blood Soul Beast recover its past strength.

His Dark Soul Beast remained in Giant Spirit Realm to refine the remnant souls of the many Night Ghosts’ experts he absorbed.

Also, there were five rank ten bloodline souls restrained inside the Dark Soul Beast's body.

—Those were prepared for the Blood Soul Beast when it reached rank ten.

The two Soul Beast avatars needed time, and would remain a while longer in Giant Spirit Realm.

His main body had no other matters to attend to.

As he idled, his soul servant in Sky Bearing City received a message from his grandfather.

He learned what had happened in Ninth Heaven.

"Temporarily stay in Giant Spirit Realm to protect the Blood Soul Beast avatar. I am going back to Sky Bearing City."

He commanded Curtis and the Lizard Progenitor to stay behind. His main body used Star Door ability of the Demon Spirit of Space and Time bloodline to leave Giant Spirit Realm.

A moment later, he appeared in Sky Bearing City.

Inside the hall of the Qin Family, the Flame Emperor, the Ice Emperor, his grandfather Qin Shan, Hua Tianqiong, Ji Dan, and some of the Genesis Realm martial practitioners of the three allied forces were lined up.

As soon as he entered, all the gazed locked on to him.

The Ice Emperor sighed inwardly with relief. "It’s good that you’ve made it back in time."

Everyone in the hall wore serious, stern expression. They no longer gloated about the six forces led by Pei Dehong.

They all felt great pressure.

Ninth Heaven was destroyed. This meant the power of the two Soul Race clansmen reached a terrifying height.

Next time they appeared, the two Soul Race clansmen would be even stronger!

By then, regardless of who the two Soul Race clansmen attacked next, the situation of Spirit Realm would change enormously.

The Ice Emperor and the Flame Emperor did not want to see the people of Spirit Realm killed by the two Soul Race clansmen.

"This..." Qin Lie entered, looked at the crowd, and said, "Have they agreed to our conditions?"

The Ice Emperor smiled bitterly. "We can discuss the conditions after. Do not worry, I believe they will agree."

"So that's how it is," Qin Lie said with a smile. "Where do we go first?"

"Pei Dehong and the others have built a new teleportation formation after reaching Ninth Heaven. We can go directly to Ninth Heaven," Ji Yuan said.

"Up to you." Qin Lie nodded.

The Ice Emperor thought for a moment and said to Qin Shan, "Sky Bearing City is crucial. You need to be here, and the experts of the Qin Family should do their best to not leave."

"Yes." Qin Shan answered.

He and the Ice Emperor knew Sky Bearing City had underground passages that reached deep into the earth.

The geocentric motherlode of Spirit Realm was just tens of thousand of meters below Sky Bearing City.

The geocentric motherlode was the heart of Spirit Realm and might be the final target of the Soul Race, the Spirit Race and other outsiders. If Sky Bearing City had too few experts, and the invaders took the opportunity to attack, Spirit Realm would be truly doomed.

Therefore, Sky Bearing City had to have experts stationed.

"The experts of Sky Mender Palace and Ji Family can go with us to Ninth Heaven. Once Qin Lie discovers the movement of the two Soul Race clansmen, I hope that everyone can temporarily forget their past grudges, and first work together to kill the two Soul Race clansmen and their soul servants," Ice Emperor said seriously.

Hua Tianqiong and Ji Dan nodded together.

They immediately communicated mentally with the experts of Sky Mender Palace and the Ji Family outside and had them prepare.

"Ninth Heaven has already told me the location. We can go through the Qin Family's teleportation formation," Ji Yuan said.

"Then let's go." Miao Yizi glanced at Qin Lie.

"Yes, let’s," Qin Lie said.

The group of people left the hall and came to the Qin Family's teleportation formation, that Miao Yizi swiftly activated.

Everyone walked in a line.

"Zzt zzt! Zzt zzt zzt!"

The temporary teleportation formation built on Ninth Heaven's vast plaza released blinding light.

A wave of spatial vibrations appeared from within.

"Whoosh whoosh!"

Figures walked out of the shining teleportation formations.

"Greetings, Lord Ice Emperor."

"Greetings, Senior Flame Emperor."

The experts of the six forces surrounding the teleportation formation saw the two elderly figures appear and bowed hurriedly.

The Ice and Flame Emperors were the sages of the human race. Sky Mender Palace, the Ji Family, and the Qin Family were only willing to participate at their invitation.

"Really a long time no see." Hua Tianqiong walked out and snickered coldly. He looked at Hong Ju of Starry Hall and said in a strange tone, "The Qin Family has been away from Spirit Realm for three centuries, and Starry Hall has not slacked in making trouble for Sky Mender Palace. Many of Sky Mender Palace's territories have been taken forcibly by you."

Hong Ju of Starry Hall had a nine-level flame Soul Altar and his temper was fiery as well.

Most of the time, when he and Hua Tianqiong met, they would have a fierce conflict at any disagreement.

However, this time, Hong Ju had an expression of awkwardness and apology. He said, "We were wrong in the past, Brother Hua. Do not worry. After this matter, we will immediately give you these lands back!"

Hua Tianqiong snorted and did not respond.

Ji Dan of the Ji Family frowned and looked at Ao Changsheng of the Ao Family.

The Ji and Ao Families shared a border, and naturally did not lack any conflicts. In the past, when the Qin Family was in Spirit Realm, the six forces thought of the Qin Family and the Sky Mender Palace as their greatest enemies and did all they could to make trouble for the Qin Family and Sky Mender Palace.

At the time, the Ji Family was able to keep themselves neutral.

When the six forces worked together to destroy Qin Hao's Soul Altar and force the Qin Family out of Spirit Realm, the Ao Family's spirit rose.

In the recent three centuries, the Ao Family benefited greatly from the Ji Family with the support of the five forces behind them.

Ji Dan glanced around. Ao Changsheng knew what he wanted.

"Brother, we can make a written agreement now. We will return all the lands the Ao Family took over, and we are willing to make up for your losses." At this point, Ao Changsheng paused, smiled and said carefully, "What do you think?"

"Then I have no problems." Ji Dan nodded slowly.

"Then..." Ao Changsheng asked.

"The one who can help you is not me." Ji Dan glanced back.

Ao Changsheng, Hong Ju, Lu Zheng and the others looked along his gaze and their expressions grew awkward.

"What? Elders do not recognize me?" Qin Lie smiled brightly.

His gaze passed over Hong Ju and the others to land on the fragile and skeletal looking Pei Dehong who had a dim gaze.

Of Pei Dehong's two sons, Pei Tianming died at his hands, and Pei Tianchong was killed by the Soul Race princes.

Pei Dehong, after losing two sons and having Ninth Heaven taken over, seemed slightly depressed after the power he accumulated over thousands of years was suddenly was annihilated.

After the Ice Emperor and the Flame Emperor appeared, he only greeted them, remaining silent after.

He seemed to have lost his soul.

Not long ago, when he drove his nine-level Soul Altar and flashed to Ninth Heaven, all he saw was soulless corpses.

As though to make an example, Pei Tianchong, who reached the late stage of the Void Realm, was not turned into a soul servant.

They killed him.

Pei Tianchong had been hung on a spear in front of Ninth Heaven's palace.

When he arrived, he saw his son's tragic state.

Then, he found that it wasn't just his son. His grandsons’ generation, his great grandsons, all the descendants of the Pei Family had been killed.

Ninth Heaven was the base of the Pei Family, and he had left all his descendants here.

Right now, all of his descendants had their souls destroyed by the two Soul Race clansman's Soul Burial.

The Pei Family was destroyed.

He, the Pei Family progenitor, was still alive because he hadn't stayed in Ninth Heaven.

It was truly ironic.

The Pei Family had been destroyed, Ninth Heaven had been smashed, the martial practitioners that he had worked to nurture over thousands of years had been either killed or imprisoned.

The vassal forces who learned about Ninth Heaven's massacre, Pei Tianchong's death, and the destruction of the Pei Family fled from Ninth Heaven's lands in terror.

Many other forces announced they left Ninth Heaven.

After a night, Pei Dehong felt as though everyone in the world had abandoned him.

Even a monster who lived more than twenty thousand years could not endure the impact of his family being destroyed and his foundation collapsing instantly.

Pei Dehong's spirit seemed to have crumbled with the destruction of his family and Ninth Heaven.

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