Chapter 1518: Utterly Defeated

Chapter 1518: Utterly Defeated

Ninth Heaven.

Pitch black soul threads gathered in the ninth level like smoke rising into the sky.

At the peaks above the clouds, vast palaces stood.

On the enormous plaza, many large teleportation formations were smashed and even the realm entrances were destroyed.

The two Soul Race princes lazed about the plaza in the forms of the Soul Beasts.

They opened their mouths and swallowed.

Dirty air came out of the Soul Beasts' noses, which they inhaled back in, breathing with the soul smoke of the dead practitioners.

Huge amount of eerie smoke gathered from all around Ninth Heaven and was sucked into their mouths.

The entire Ninth Heaven seemed to be on fire, the souls evaporating out of bodies creating the smoke.

Around the two Soul Beasts were dozens of Void Realm and Genesis Realm human martial practitioners—soul servants with soul imprints.

The two Soul Race princes led the soul servants to attack Ninth Heaven and destroyed the large teleportation formations and realm entrances first.

Then their soul servants started the massacre.

They used the Soul Race latent ability—Soul Burial—on each level of Ninth Heaven. They crushed the souls of all human experts that were lower in bloodline rank than them.

"Whoosh whoosh!"

The Soul Race prince called Malcolm used his Soul Beast mouth to swallow a seven-level Soul Altar.

That seven-level Soul Altar belonged to an early Genesis Realm expert.

On the other side, Latiff also inhaled a seven-level Soul Altar.

They were going to turn the two Genesis Realms into soul servants.

The soul servants scattered around them could feel they were receiving a reward from the two Soul Race clansmen—their soul power was slowly increasing.

Some of the human soul servants had grief and fury in their eyes. Others had helplessness and some secret joy.

But they did not dare have thoughts of rebellion against the two Soul Race princes.

They knew if the soul master was willing, they would be destroyed with a thought.

They were forced to accept their fate. They did not know that as time passed, the influence of the soul master on their soul and consciousness would grow.

Soon in the future, they would be willing to accept the status of a soul servant. As the influence deepened, they would gradually lose themselves.

One day, when the soul master ordered to attack their former relatives, they would attack without hesitation.

Soul masters had all kinds of tactics and secret arts to control the thoughts and consciousness of soul servants.


Starry Hall.

Pei Dehong stood in front of the entrance of a large teleportation formation made from jade and swore restlessly.

The teleportation formation which seemed to have a star revolving around it could not form a connection to Ninth Heaven.

"It is not a problem with our teleportation formation, but the teleportation formation over at Ninth Heaven has been destroyed," said Hong Ju with a downcast expression, enduring Pei Dehong's curses, "I have tried all of your teleportation formations, none can connect. This means the Soul Race clansmen began by destroying all teleportations formations. Otherwise, there would be at least one working."

"Brother Pei, the matter is already so..." Hong Ju urged.

"If teleportation formations do not work, we will go on Soul Altars!" Pei Dehong shouted angrily. He interrupted Hong Ju's urging and released his nine-level Soul Altar.

He flew towards it, sat on top of it and looked coldly at Hong Ju and the others before flying away from Starry Hall.

Hong Ju, Ao Changsheng, and the others exchanged a look. They sighed helplessly and followed.

They were fully aware the trip was pointless. The battle would be over by the time they got there.

Also, even if they reached Ninth Heaven in time, they would not be able to find the two Soul Race princes.

They’ve been trying to find them all this time but never succeeded.

The Ice Emperor came and told them Qin Lie could find the location of the two Soul Race clansmen.

They believed the Ice Emperor's judgement.

However, they could not accept Sky Bearing City's conditions.

No one expected that Ninth Heaven would be conquered during their standoff.

They suddenly realized they had to submit to Sky Bearing City's conditions, no matter how severe.

This time, Ninth Heaven. Who would be next? Starry Hall? Or maybe Six Ways Alliance? Would it be the main base of Starry Hall or Six Ways Alliance?

Who knew the next move of the Soul Race clansmen?

Even more terrifying was the fact that their strength grew as time went on. 


"What? Ninth Heaven has been taken?"

In Sky Bearing City, Hua Tianqiong heard the news and laughed gloatingly. He said, "I really want to see Pei Dehong's face!"

Ji Dan showed happiness initially but then his expression turned serious. He said, "Ninth Heaven has fallen, this means that the two Soul Race clansmen have accumulate enough power to threaten us!"

At the words, Hua Tianqiong put away his smile and said gravely, "That’s true."

"Now it is Ninth Heaven, later, we may be next." Ji Dan hesitated and then looked at the silent Qin Shan. He said, "If we continue to delay, Pei Dehong will definitely compromise and accept all of our conditions. However, the six Gold rank forces of the human race might be completely erased. There is no benefit to us in this. If we remain silent and let the six forces die, we will be next."

"At the time, we may not be able to ward off the power the Soul Race clansmen have accumulated."


A glowing ray of icy light flashed and turned into the Ice Emperor. "We can wait no longer," he shouted when he landed.

He had received news that Ninth Heaven had fallen and hurriedly came to Sky Bearing City.

The two Soul Race clansmen dared to attack Ninth Heaven. This meant they had raised a tiger as an enemy.

If they continued to hesitate, and give the two Soul Race clansmen more time, he worried the six forces would collapse.

By then, it would increase the power of the two Soul Race clansmen. They might not be able to kill the two.

"Regardless of where Qin Lie is, we must immediately contact him and have him return," the Ice Emperor said.

"We cannot give them more time." The Flame Emperor also appeared.

"Wood Race, Giant Race, Yaksha Race, Black Jail Race, all the realms of the major foreign races have been invaded." The Ice Emperor sighed deeply. "Spirit Realm's own realms are filled with holes. If we continue to fight only when it benefits us… everything will be destroyed."

"I will have him return immediately," Qin Shan said gravely.

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