Chapter 1517: Fall

Chapter 1517: Fall

Above the Giant Race’s valley, gray-colored wisps of soul smoke converged toward the Soul Tree like rain.

The Soul Tree floated above the Dark Soul Beast’s head like a demonic plant as it continuously absorbed all the soul fragments around it.

These soul fragments all belonged to the Night Ghosts.

“Crack! Crack!”

At the same time, the Blood Soul Beast avatar was busy crunching down on the dead bodies of the Night Ghosts and converting them into refined flesh and blood energy.

Xinda, Tia, and Badi were the only three bodies he neglected to devour.


Finally, the Lizard Progenitor, Curtis, and the rest of the soul servants made it to the valley.

“Boom boom boom!”

Banderas and Campbell had also appeared, their footsteps reverberating like thunder.


The two giants stared at an aged golden giant with bloodshot eyes.

“Qin Lie, where are those outsiders?” Campbell asked urgently.

Qin Lie pointed at Xinda, Tia, and Badi’s dead body. “They’re all here.”

“They’re all dead?” Campbell exclaimed in surprise.

“There are five other areas where your clansmen are being held captive.” Instead of answering Campbell’s question, Qin Lie said, “The Night Ghosts watching your people in those five places are dead as well. You should head over to those areas immediately after you’re done rescuing the people here.” He told the two Giants their exact locations after that.

Campbell memorized the locations before thanking Qin Lie in a hurry. “We know what to do. Thank you so much for what you’ve done for us.”

“I’ll get straight to the point!” Banderas inhaled once before declaring loudly. “From hereon, the Giant Race will treat you as our closest friend! We swear to execute your order to the fullest no matter what it may be, even if the enemy turns out to be the Qin Family!”

Qin Lie was stunned by his declaration.

For the longest time, the six great human forces led by Pei Dehong had tried to befriend the two strongest races on Spirit Realm, the Giant Race, and the Ancient Beast Race.

Even the Qin Family, the Ji Family, and the Sky Mender Palace had tried the same thing.

However, none of them had ever truly won the two races’ trust.

A great chaos was coming to Spirit Realm in the near future, so the Giant Race and the Ancient Beast Race’s power would be a great addition to any force.

All Qin Lie had been aiming for was the trust of Boluo Realm’s branch. He had never expected to actually win the entire Giant Race over to his side.

Still, Qin Lie was certain that the Giant Race and him would be sharing a deep friendship after this incident.

In the meanwhile, the Blood Soul Beast avatar was still consuming Night Ghosts’ bodies to restore its soulline to peak rank ten.

Besides that, Qin Lie was planning to convert all of his rank ten captives—Xinda, Kun Luo, Tia, Gutas, and Badi—into the Blood Soul Beast’s soul servants.

These experts would become the Blood Soul Beast’s soul servants. They would make the Blood Soul Beast avatar stronger.


Suddenly, a loud explosion came from the shackled space around the valley without warning.

The badge Badi of the Three-Eyed Race had used earlier suddenly raced towards a spatial rift like a beast that had escaped its cage.

Everything had happened too quickly for Qin Lie to react. By the time he realized what had happened, the badge had already vanished into the spatial rift.

The badge was part of Narsen’s power…


Qin Lie stared at the vanishing spatial rift coldly. Narsen had probably seen everything that had happened on the Giant Spirit Realm through the badge.

His guess was correct.

At the top of a mountain where the Nether Continent and Blue Flame Manor intersected.


Narsen ripped a hole in the sky itself and pulled out his badge from within.

Behind him stood a bunch of Satorius Family members who were led by Boggart.

“Chief, how are the Night Ghosts doing?” the rank ten Boggart asked tentatively.

“The Night Ghosts are finished,” Narsen said indifferently.

Boggart was caught off guard by his repl. “I thought the Night Ghosts had invested a considerable amount of forces into the Giant Spirit Realm? They had five rank ten experts, and you had even sealed off the Giant Spirit Realm’s space for them. How did they fail despite all this?”

“Qin Lie is slowly but surely learning how to use the Soul Suppressing Orb.” Narsen sighed quietly.

“Ah!” Boggart cried.

As a Spirit Race clansman, he knew full well just how scary the Soul Suppressing Orb was in the hands of a powerful Soul Race clansman.

He also knew that the two Soul Race princes ravaging Spirit Realm right now were really aiming for the Soul Suppressing Orb.

To those two, not even the Geocentric Motherlode was as important as their race’s holy relic.

“What is our next step? Should we keep attacking Qin Lie for them?” Boggart asked with a pondering look.

But Narsen shook his head and said, “Our strength is probably insufficient now.”

“You must be joking!” Boggart said.

“His second subsoul is on the verge of breaking through to rank ten soulline. Moreover, he had enslaved all five rank ten experts of the Night Ghosts for himself,” Narsen said bitterly. “This means that he had claimed the strongest power of the Giant Spirit Realm for himself. Can you imagine how powerful he is right now? Two rank ten subsouls, many powerful soul servants, and gradual mastery over the Soul Race’s holy artifact…”

Narsen sighed again before saying, “We’d missed our best chance after failing to kill him twice in a row. Now, there is nothing we can do against him.”

“What should we do then?”

Boggart’s heart grew heavy after hearing his patriarch’s explanation.

“Let’s leave it to those two.” Narsen pondered for a moment before replying, “It shouldn’t be too long before they build a link between the Spirit Realm and the homeworld. When that happens, more Soul Race experts will be pouring into Spirit Realm. Also, I heard that the God Race had reconnected with their vanguard at Shattered Ice Realm. Perhaps Lieyan Zhao and Han Che have come already.”

“The God Race?” Boggart wasn’t quite sure what he meant. “They wouldn’t do anything to Qin Lie, would they?”

“It is true that the God Race is very interested in Qin Lie himself, but the same cannot be said for his two avatars.” Narsen chuckled eerily to himself. “The only two entities we’re wary of are those two avatars, or am I wrong?”

“You’re right!” Boggart’s eyes lit up. “I heard that the first thing the God Race did after setting foot on Spirit Realm thirty thousand years ago was exterminating the Soul Race clansmen hidden there!”

“The grudge between the God Race and the Soul Race cannot be undone,” Narsen sneered.


Starry Hall.

Hong Ju, Pei Dehong, Ao Changsheng, and the rest of the patriarchs of the six great forces were all gathered in one place.

These late stage Genesis Realm experts had held an iron grip over Spirit Realm for over ten millennia, and had even stretched their influence far, far into the galaxy. There had been a time they thought that nothing was beyond their capabilities.

However, the two Soul Race clansmen were slowly but surely breaking them apart.

After Qin Lie had entered the Giant Spirit Realm, the Ice Emperor had been acting as a messenger for the six great forces and Sky Bearing City.

They were busy negotiating terms.

Qin Lie, the Sky Mender Palace, and the Ji Family demanded that their territories and the Ancient Beast Race’s domains be returned to them.

Besides that, they had also demanded the outer realms the six great forces were currently occupying.

They’d even gone so far as to demand a redistribution of the six great forces’ territories in Spirit Realm. The Qin Family, the Ji Family, and the Sky Mender Palace had requested the six great forces to compensate them to the fullest.

The negotiations had continued for a very long time. They hadn’t been able to come to an agreement even now.

All the while, the two Soul Race clansmen were causing havoc to the six great forces.

In just a couple of days time, Six Ways Alliance, Reincarnation Sect, and Ninth Heaven had lost a couple million lives to the two Soul Race clansmen.

Besides that, a lot of Void Realm experts and Genesis Realm experts had gone missing without notice.

They knew that it was only a matter of time before these people were all enslaved by the two Soul Race clansmen.

The Silver rank forces and Copper rank forces who used to be vassal forces of the six great forces all left their territories after noting that their host didn’t have the ability to protect them.

Suddenly, the six great forces had become a joke to the eyes of everyone in the galaxy.

The six great forces themselves were fully aware that they had lost more than half of their strength during this strenuous period.

If the situation were to remain the way it was, their losses would only grow larger and larger.

“Forefather! Forefather! It’s terrible, Ninth Heaven had been taken by the Soul Race clansmen!”

A Ninth Heaven martial practitioner rushed in while screaming in panic, “Both Soul Race clansmen had joined hands and led their enslaved soul servants straight towards Ninth Heaven! We’re done for, the entire Ninth Heaven is done for!”

“What about my son, Tianchong?!” Pei Dehong let out a terrible scream.

“Dead, everyone’s dead!”

After attacking the six great forces as they pleased for some time, the two Soul Race clansmen had finally gathered enough strength and soul servants to take down Ninth Heaven itself.

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