Chapter 1516: Soul Burial!

Chapter 1516: Soul Burial!

“Bang! Bang bang!”

Outside the valley, the Blood Soul Beast avatar, Curtis, the Lizard Progenitor, and the rest of the Asura Race soul servants suddenly dropped to the ground.

Everyone was dizzy from the sudden fall after crashing.

“What happened to you guys?” The golden giant Banderas was completely caught by surprise.

Campbell had come to a stop as well.


Behind them, Miao Fengtian fell from the sky just like the rest of the soul servants. The Abyss Devil Corpse Demons had stopped moving as well.

Banderas turned to look at the valley during the exclamation. He suddenly discovered that the lofty mountains that represented the Giant Race’s territory had become completely enveloped in darkness.

His shock was only grew bigger and bigger.

“Pant! Pant!”

Qin Lie’s Blood Soul Beast avatar panted heavily as the greenish blue flame in its eyes slowly turned dim.

Curtis and the Lizard Progenitor were experiencing the same thing.

The unusual phenomenon had hit every soul servant who had formed a soul contract with Qin Lie and imprinted with his soul imprint.

They were losing soul energy rapidly!

The soul servants’ souls were connected to the giant Soul Tree that was Qin Lie’s Dark Soul Beast subsoul.

Right now, the soul imprint was absorbing their soul energy rapidly and transferring it all to the Dark Soul Beast subsoul.

Their soul energy poured into the Soul Tree like rivers to the sea.

Unable to accustom themselves to the sudden and rapid loss of soul energy, they lost control over themselves and fell from the sky.

“Relinquish your control and surrender all your soul energy to the Dark Soul Beast!” Qin Lie ordered through the Blood Soul Beast avatar.

Every soul servant he had enslaved obediently listened to his order and surrendered the soul energy they spent much to cultivate to the Dark Soul Beast.

Even Qin Lie’s Blood Soul Beast avatar was transferring all of its rank nine soulline soul energy to the Dark Soul Beast!

At the same time, at Boluo Realm.

Zhuang Jing clutched her own head and screamed softly to herself.

She was also losing soul energy.

The Ancient Beast Realm, Sky Bearing City, the Frost Desolation Abyss, the Land of Chaos; every soul servant that had a soul contract with Qin Lie or had been enslaved by a Soul Beast had no choice but to sit down on the ground.

They were all pouring their soul energy into the Soul Tree.

Right now, the Soul Tree was connected to the Soul Race’s holy artifact, the Soul Suppressing Orb!

Moreover, Qin Lie was using a soulline ability, Soul Burial.

Soul Burial was the reason the two Soul princes attacking the Ji Family, the Ao Family, the Lu Family and Starry Hall were able to slaughter an entire city in a single night.

It was a terrifying ability that only a rank ten Soul Race clansman could execute.

Soul Burial enabled a Soul Race clansman to devour any souls whose bloodline was weaker than them within the ability’s range.

Of course, executing Soul Burial also demanded a tremendous amount of soul energy.

At first, Qin Lie’s soul was only powerful enough to envelop the entire valley. But after the Soul Tree’s power was enhanced by the Soul Suppressing Orb, his soul became strong enough to envelop the entire Giant Spirit Realm!

Originally, the Dark Soul Beast alone was enough to execute the Soul Burial.

But after the Soul Suppressing Orb was added into the mix, his soul had been spread so wide that he lacked the soul energy to maintain the Soul Suppressing Orb for long.

That was why he had no choice but to draw soul energy from his soul servants!

“What a strange feeling…”

He felt his soul servants as countless soul energy surged into like rivers spilling into a sea.

When his senses enveloped the Giant Spirit Realm, he was also able to slaughter every Night Ghost scattered throughout the Giant Race’s homeworld in but an instant!

Even Xinda, Tia and Badi—all rank ten bloodline experts—had had their souls temporarily controlled by Qin Lie.

The only reason the ability hadn’t killed them off instantly was because they all shared the same bloodline rank.

“Soul smoke... they are as clear as a fire beacon to me…”

Standing on top of the Dark Soul Beast’s head, Qin Lie looked around him and saw pitch black soul smokes rising from all over Giant Spirit Realm.

They were all converging towards his direction.

By now, every experts of the Night Ghosts whose bloodline was below rank ten was already dead.

Their soul smoke was slowly making their way towards the Soul Tree.

For some reason, an increasingly strange feeling coming over him.

Meanwhile, his Soul Tree continued to extract soul energy from his soul servants.

He could feel the soul energy entering the Soul Suppressing Orb through the Soul Tree’s roots.

It was the price he had to pay to control the Soul Suppressing Orb.

The Night Ghosts’ souls were caught by the Soul Tree’s branches after they got close to it.

The branches then absorbed their soul fragments like a magnet.

Right now, the Soul Tree was busy absorbing soul energy to control the Soul Suppressing Orb and absorbing the Night Ghosts’ soul fragments into its branches.

The branches swayed lightly after the absorption as if it was eliminating the impurities and memories contained inside the souls. They were all converted into pure soul energy.

This strange cycle lasted for a while…

Suddenly, the world of absolute darkness disappeared and returned the valley to normal.

Since the Soul Suppressing Orb had stopped extracting soul energy from the Soul Tree, the Soul Tree didn’t need anymore soul energy from its soul servants either.

It was because the ability Soul Burial had officially come to an end.


Xinda, Tia, and Badi’s souls had been turned into three clumps of gray clouds and pulled out of their physical bodies by the Soul Suppressing Orb.

A flash later, all three souls had been devoured by the Dark Soul Beast.


The Soul Suppressing Orb loosened itself from the Soul Tree’s roots and returned back to his body once more.

The Soul Tree remained outside though. There were still more Night Ghost martial practitioners’ soul fragments to collect.

The Soul Tree continuously absorbed the soul fragments and converted them into pure soul energy.

Now that Soul Burial had officially ended, Qin Lie had moved on to reaping the fruits of his rewards.

“My soul energy has returned!”

“Every I’d lost earlier seems to have been returned back to my soul.”

“Wait… The amount of soul energy I’m getting seems to be bigger than the amount I contributed earlier!”

Every soul servant in every world was astonished by the unexpected return.

When their soul energy was extracted from them earlier, they had all thought that they were going to die. It was a terrifying moment to all of them.

However, in less than ten minutes, the Dark Soul Beast had returned them their soul energy, and then some!

Moreover, the feedback of soul energy showed no signs of stopping anytime soon!


The Blood Soul Beast avatar entered the Giant Race’s valley and began devouring all of the Night Ghosts’ souls around.

The rank nine Blood Soul Beast avatar looked incredibly excited. This battle had scored Qin Lie more than enough vital, blood, and soul energy to push his Blood Soul Beast avatar to rank ten!

“Rank ten, a new rank ten subsoul is about to be born!”

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