Chapter 1515: Instant Death

Chapter 1515: Instant Death

“Oh no!”

Qin Lie’s Blood Soul Beast avatar realized what was going on at the valley due to the soul connection they shared.

“Narsen has tricked me yet again!”

The Blood Soul Beast’s eyes glinted harshly before he charged towards the giants’ homes.

Curtis, the Lizard Progenitor, and the Asura Race soul servants all followed him closely.

They were all Qin Lie’s soul servants, and they were connected to Qin Lie by the soul. Naturally, they were aware of what had transpired as well.

“What’s wrong?” Banderas asked.

“The battle has begun,” Curtis answered.

They had stayed outside the periphery because they thought that Qin Lie could summon them anytime using the star door. But now that that method was no longer possible, they had no choice but to charge towards the valley at their highest speed.

Irritated and angry, they prayed that Qin Lie and the Dark Soul Beast could hold out against the Night Ghosts’ terrible attack until they arrived.

“Kill him!”

Meanwhile, inside the valley, Badi laughed sinisterly as a divine light shone from his third eye.

Xinda of the Earth Demon Race and Tia of the Winged Race were attacking him from both sides.

“Earth Demon Secret Art—Landslide!”

The six tall mountains that formed the valley suddenly started shaking under Xinda’s bloodline power.

The ground beneath the mountains suddenly split apart, and rocks as big as tiny hills started falling straight towards Qin Lie’s Dark Soul Beast avatar.

At first glance, it was as if Xinda was throwing a bunch of floating islands at him.

Qin Lie’s Dark Soul Beast avatar growled, “How dare you!”

A glowing giant white bone scythe appeared like it had slipped out of a spatial rift and slashed at the giant rocks.

A ripple of metallic light spread towards the front.

“Rrrrmb! Rrrmmmb!”

The giant rocks instantly exploded into smithereens before they even made contact.

“Bloodline secret art—Featherweight.”

Tia fell lightly towards Qin Lie like a willow.

His descent was erratic and completely unpredictable. Qin Lie tried to focus his attention on him, but for some reason his mind started to turn dizzy all of a sudden.

Even his Dark Soul Beast avatar was looking dizzy.

It was as if his attention and soul consciousness would become affected if he tried to determine Tia’s fall trajectory.

“The Winged Race’s secret arts are very impressive.”

Badi of the Three-Eyed Race laughed sinisterly as his third eye grew brighter and brighter.

“Come out!”

He then stared straight at the Dark Soul Beast and Qin Lie with his third eye.

All of a sudden, the Dark Soul Beast’s Soul Tree started flying out of the Soul Beast’s head bit by bit.

Even Qin Lie’s Soul Altar was starting to slip out of his control.

The Soul Altar he had refined from an Origin Crystal was literally flying out of a corner of his eye…

Apparently, Badi’s third eye and rank ten middle level bloodline secret art was capable of pulling out a Soul Race’s very soul from his flesh puppet.

This turn of events stunned Qin Lie greatly. He abruptly ignited his God Race bloodline.


Imperishable flames instantly gushed out of his pores and surrounded him like lava.

The connection between his body and his Soul Altar suddenly became much tighter!

Thanks to Qin Lie’s quick wit, the Soul Altar was slowly pulled back into his own body.

Unfortunately, Badi still managed to pull out his subsoul from his Soul Beast.

It was an absolutely abnormal situation though!

“Lord Badi! How can this be?” Xinda exclaimed.

The rank ten Soul Race subsoul had been forcefully pulled out of the Soul Beast’s body.

But Qin Lie’s weaker self was actually able to resist Badi’s third eye and keep his Soul Altar.

Xinda was absolutely shocked by this.

“There is only one explanation!” Badi was just as surprised as Xinda was. He inhaled once before yelling loudly, “That body is his actual body and not a puppet! He managed to resist my third eye’s power because his body and soul shared a tight, natural connection with each other! On the other hand, his subsoul and avatar aren’t one and the same. That is why it couldn’t resist my third eye’s pull! His subsoul is a true Soul Race clansman, but his true body and soul… is a unique entity that we had never encountered in our lives!”

“Impossible!” Tia screamed, “Who has seen a Soul Race clansman with real flesh and blood? Who has even heard of it?!”

“Can a Soul Race with flesh and blood even considered a member of the Soul Race anymore?” Xinda’s disbelief was just as big.

Any outer realms’ being with common sense would know that the Soul Race was the most mysterious race out of the four transcendent bloodline races.

They were beings who were born as a soul since birth. They had no concept of flesh or blood.

Without exception, all Soul Race clansman must possess another race’s flesh and blood if they wished to own a body.

They didn’t have a real body because they weren’t born with one to begin with!

That was why Qin Lie’s existence came as such a shock to them. It was something they had never even heard or imagined in their life!

“He is a unique entity! There’s no way he could’ve resisted my third eye otherwise!” Badi’s expression suddenly turned a lot more serious than before. “He even has the Blaze Family’s bloodline in him!”

As if his own words had reminded him of something, Badi’s excitement suddenly became almost palpable, “Capture him alive! He’s far more valuable than a rank ten subsoul! His very existence defies the Soul Race’s history! He’s worth everything we have!”

Xinda and Tia were just as excited as he was.


Still standing on top of the Dark Soul Beast avatar, Qin Lie pointed a finger to his glabella and summoned the Soul Suppressing Orb.


The Soul Suppressing Orb immediately flew towards the separated Soul Tree and came to a stop just beneath its roots.

“Whoosh whoosh whoosh!”

The Soul Tree’s branches swayed like lively spirit snakes and surrounded the Soul Suppressing Orb.

A screen of pure black suddenly enveloped the entire sky.

In a breath, all light vanished from the sky of the Giant Spirit Realm.

The Giant Race’s domain suddenly turned into a world of absolute darkness.

The Soul Suppressing Orb could detect every living being within the world of darkness.

But the living beings trapped inside it couldn’t see it with their eyes.

“The Soul Race’s holy artifact! The Soul Suppressing Orb!” Badi suddenly became afraid.

Xinda and Tia’s expressions also changed after they had heard his cry.

“Amazing! What amazing soul power!”

The Soul Tree’s branches touched the Soul Suppressing Orb like it was caressing it.

In that instant, Qin Lie’s rank ten subsoul felt like an infinite amount of soul energy had been injected into itself.


His soul perception enveloped the entire Giant Spirit Realm in just several seconds!

He could sense ever life in the Giant Spirit Realm from the biggest golden giants to the tiniest underground bug.

At the same time, a secret truth that seemed to have power over all souls circulated inside his soul.


The Night Ghosts’ martial practitioners trapped inside the pitch black world suddenly died without warning.

Their souls abruptly turned into black wisps and flew towards Qin Lie’s Soul Tree.

Every Night Ghost expert in Giant Spirit Realm aside from Xinda, Tia, and Badi had perished instantly regardless of distance!

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