Chapter 1514: Tricked

Chapter 1514: Tricked

The giant Dark Soul Beast moved towards the stone houses while carrying Qin Lie.

The Dark Soul Beast’s low, reverberating growls echoed throughout the valley and caused the stone houses to tremble in response. Many experts of the Night Ghosts frowned slightly.

“It really is a rank ten Soul Race clansman!”

“A rank ten Soul Race clansman cannot possibly be nameless in the outer realms or the Soul Race. Who is he?”

“Everyone, watch out!”

The rank eight and nine Bone Race clansmen, Winged Race clansmen and Dragon Lion Race clansmen conversed among themselves while getting ready.

They all knew just how terrifying a rank ten Soul Race clansman truly was.

“He just ascended to rank ten bloodline. We are strong enough to fight a low level rank ten bloodline expert,” Badi of the Three-Eyed Race said indifferently.

In the outer realms, bloodlines were also split into ten ranks. The rank could be further broken down into low level, middle level, and high level just like in the system Spirit Realm’s foreign experts used to gauge their cultivation.

Badi stared at the Dark Soul Beast and opened his third eye, shining a light at it. He seemed to be identifying the Dark Soul Beast’s bloodline status.

As Badi had said, Qin Lie’s Dark Soul Beast had only just reached rank ten some time ago.

He was just a low level rank ten bloodline expert based on the outer realms’ bloodline system.

“I suppose a low level rank ten Soul Race clansman is acceptable. Any higher than that though, and all we could do would be fleeing,” Tia of the Winged Race said quietly.

Although both him and Xinda of the Earth Demon Race were rank ten bloodline experts, they were low level just like the Dark Soul Beast avatar.

Moreover, the Earth Demon Race and Winged Race’s bloodlines were far inferior compared to the Soul Race. They might all share the same bloodline level and rank, but Xinda and Tia were well-aware that they were no match for another Soul Race clansman.

But Badi was different…

Badi was a middle level rank ten Three-Eyed Race clansman. Obviously, the Three-Eye Race’s bloodline was inferior to the Soul Race’s, but because his level was higher, he wouldn’t be completely outmatched.

This was why they were both afraid of Badi—the man was just stronger than them.

“These are souls of Gutas and Kun Luo.”

Qin Lie’s Dark Soul Beast avatar growled and spat something on the ground.

A gray brown soul and a mist-white soul flew out of its eerie maw.

“Kun Luo!” Xinda yelled.

“It’s Lord Gutas’s aura!”

The few Bone Race clansmen present also screamed in surprise.

The Dark Soul Beast then inhaled Gutas and Kun Luo’s souls back into his stomach before saying, “Gutas and Kun Luo are both low level rank ten bloodline experts. My original plan is to refine them into my soul servants. I doubt that Night Ghosts have many rank ten bloodline warriors, and the loss of every rank ten bloodline warrior is a severe blow to your overall strength. So am I right when I say that they’re more valuable than every giant in the Giant Spirit Realm?”

“That’s right. Gutas and Kun Luo are more valuable than every Giant in the Giant Spirit Realm combined.” Badi replied sternly.

Xinda and the Bone Race clansmen let out a secret sigh of relief after hearing this.

“I can exchange Gutas and Kun Luo’s life for the giants.” The Dark Soul Beast stared coldly at Badi. “Release the giants first, and I can arrange my people to deliver over Gutas and Kun Luo’s bodies. I haven’t destroyed them yet. Once their souls are returned to their bodies, they will return to normal. What do you say?”

But Badi shook his head and answered without hesitation, “I refuse!”

Xinda and the Bone Race clansmen instantly turned pale.

Even the Dark Soul Beast seemed to be furious. “Why? Don’t tell me their lives aren’t worth these giants?”

“Those two are definitely more valuable than the giants, but not more than you.” Badi suddenly smiled maliciously. “A rank ten Soul Race clansman is far more valuable than both of their lives combined! Why would I ever make this trade with you?”

“Badi!” Xinda was absolutely furious.

“Lord Badi!” The Bone Race clansmen were screaming as well.

“Shut up!” Badi shot Xinda a glare before turning towards the Bone Race clansmen. “I am the person in charge in this realm. Anyone who dares question my decision will be executed without mercy!”

The Bone Race clansmen instantly fell quiet in fear.

Xinda also frowned and calmed down.

“Don’t worry, he wouldn’t dare destroy Gutas and Kun Luo.” Badi grinned and consoled Xinda, “He can’t refine Gutas and Kun Luo into his soul servants in such a short time. They are both at rank ten after all. All we need to do is to kill and capture him as soon as possible, and we’ll be able to save both Gutas and Kun Luo.”

Xinda’s eyes brightened as he licked the corner of his mouth. He then asked violently, “What else are we waiting for, then?”

“Oh, I was just curious.” Badi chuckled strangely before looking up suddenly with his third eye.

His gaze landed squarely on Qin Lie’s true body.

Qin Lie’s true body was only at rank eight, and he had purposely concealed both his aura and soul. That was why he hadn’t drawn either Xinda or Tia’s attention since his arrival.

The rest of the Night Ghosts simply glanced at his true body once before returning their gaze back to the Dark Soul Beast as well.

In their opinion, Qin Lie’s true body was probably nothing more than a human soul servant.

What was there so interesting about a human with weak bloodline?

“What are you curious about, Lord Badi?” Tia couldn’t help but ask.

“I’ve never seen a subsoul stronger than the main soul!” Badi declared.


Xinda and Tia blurted uncontrollably and in shock. They finally looked at Qin Lie squarely.

“He’s the main soul? How, how is this possible?” Tia cried out.

“His subsoul is stronger than his main soul? Isn’t that a little too strange?” Xinda was also shouting.

“I’m just as puzzled as you are.” Badi shook his head with equal perplexity. “That’s why we should all focus our attacks on him, not the Soul Beast. The Soul Beast is just a puppet!”

“He is the one we need to take down!” Badi pointed straight at Qin Lie’s true body.

Qin Lie was truly surprised by Badi’s accusation. He couldn’t help but be impressed by this race.

He had encountered plenty of foreign experts in the past, and a great number of them were easily more powerful than Badi.

However, most of them also thought that his Dark Soul Beast avatar was the main soul between the two.

Badi had only met him for the first time, but he was able to identify his weaker self as the main soul in just a short time. It came as a great surprise to him.

He now had a completely new outlook on Badi’s strength.

“He’s a difficult opponent…”

Not wanting to take any unnecessary risk, Qin Lie tried to create a star door to the Sky Bearing City.

He had his Asura Race clansmen stationed at Sky Bearing City.

Badi was too enigmatic, and despite wielding a rank ten Dark Soul Beast avatar, Qin Lie didn’t have absolute confidence in beating him in battle. That was why he was even planning to borrow the Qin Family’s strength.


However, Badi suddenly let out an odd chuckle before producing a palm-sized badge.

The badge was densely covered in thin spatial cracks.

“Heaven Suppression!” Badi yelled.

The densely packed spatial cracks on the badge suddenly burst into a series of dazzling light.

The spatial laws around them suddenly froze as if an invisible hand had grabbed them.

Qin Lie was unable to use his Star Door ability as a result.

“This was lent to me by Narsen of the Satorius Family.” Badi laughed madly at him.

“Narsen again!” Qin Lie roared angrily.

Suddenly, he knew why Gutas and Kun Luo were so certain that he was unrelated to the Soul Race.

It was because Badi had learned of his true identity through Narsen!

Narsen must’ve made an agreement with Badi before. That was why he was so set on taking him down even after his own people had protested against him!

This was Narsen’s second attempt to take his life after the failed attempt to assassinate him at the Vermillion Bird Realm. This time, it was through the Night Ghosts’ hands.

“Oh, it seems like you’d fought against him before.” Badi chuckled. “He told me not to forget to seal up the space properly if I’m ready to take you out. He also promised me to give us a big reward that’s far more worth than these useless giants!”

“Xinda, Tia, follow my lead!”

“It’ll be best if we can capture him alive, but feel free to kill him if he resists too much!”


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