Chapter 1512: Guerilla Warfare

Chapter 1512: Guerilla Warfare

The Dark Soul Beast didn’t refine Kun Luo’s soul immediately. For the time being, he kept him imprisoned inside its stomach.

When the time was right, he would imprint a soul mark unique only to the Soul Race into Kun Luo’s soul and transform him into a soul servant.

Kun Luo was a rank ten bloodline Earth Demon Race clansman. Turning him into a soul servant would be largely beneficial to the growth of his avatar.

“Preserve his body for me.”

“Understood,” Curtis replied.

“Banderas, go help fight that Bone Race clansman,” Qin Lie said loudly.


The golden mountain lookalike turned around and set his eyes on Gutas.


Meanwhile, Gutas wasn’t faring so well. His spikes had been taken away by the Corpse Demons, the Lizard Progenitor and the three Asura Race clansmen were holding him down, and even more Corpse Demons were swarming him.

He had spent much time to refine the bone spikes he had used to execute Death Wither. They were part of his strength as well.

But they had been taken away, so he could no longer use Death Wither. Moreover, his life-corroding power of death had no effect on the Corpse Demon. As a result, Gutas was much weaker than usual.

It was unlikely that Gutas could’ve gained a decisive advantage even if he was just facing the Lizard Progenitor and the three Asura experts alone. After Banderas had joined the battle as well, he was getting more and more hardpressed.

“Dump Kun Luo’s body at the Frost Desolation Abyss,” Qin Lie instructed Curtis. His true body stayed behind while his Dark Soul Beast avatar suddenly took off to another direction.

“Bloodline secret art—Dark Soul!”

The Dark Soul Beast’s tremendous energy and blood fluctuations vanished bit by bit.

He was using the Soul Race’s concealment secret art to completely cover up his soul activity.

The Dark Soul Beast’s giant body was also shrinking at the same time.

A while later, the Dark Soul Beast avatar had taken on Qin Lie’s appearance.

Both his energy, blood, and soul seemed to have vanished from everyone’s senses.


He took to the sky like an invisible light.

“The battlefield’s over there!”

“We’re almost there!”

“If we can capture those two Soul Race bastards, the Night Ghosts will be in the Soul Race’s good graces!”

“This is the opportunity of a lifetime!”

Three middle-aged Winged Race clansmen with aquiline nosse and sharp eyes conversed with each other while flying swiftly.

Their bloodlines were only at rank nine.

“Night Ghosts…”

Qin Lie’s Dark Soul Beast avatar suddenly appeared right in front of the group.

An instant later, he had transformed back into a sinister-looking beast.

A giant white bone scythe descended from the sky like it would tear apart the air itself and headed straight towards the three “wild ghosts”. 

“Not good!”

“It’s him!”

Caught by surprise, the three Winged Race clansmen tried to execute their bloodline secret arts immediately.

“Soul Shackle!”

Unfortunately for them, ghost flames flew out of the Dark Soul Beast’s eyes and filled up the entire sky like green lanterns in an instant.

The three Winged Race clansmen’s souls were instantly befuddled by the light of the ghost flames.

The white bone scythe seized the opportunity to slash right through them.


The three Night Ghosts, former Winged Race clansmen, were cut into pieces before they even managed to scream.


Left with only their souls, the three Winged Race clansmen tried to escape, but the Dark Soul Beast easily followed up, sucking their souls into its eerie maw.

After that, the Dark Soul Beast shrank itself yet again and concealed its energy, blood, and soul.

He had used Dark Soul once again.

A creature with a dragon’s head, a lion’s body, and a snake’s tongue slowly made its way forward. It belonged to the Dragon Lion Race.


His red tongue kept making hissing noises as if he was trying to detect something.

Suddenly, he stopped as the light of wariness entered his lion eyes.

“Who is it?” He stared at the sky.

There was a gray cloud right above him.

“The Dragon Lion Race is pretty sensitive, but unfortunately for you, you’re only at rank nine.”


The cloud exploded and revealed Qin Lie’s Dark Soul Beast avatar. He then fell straight towards the Dragon Lion Race clansman.

“Rank ten Soul Race clansman!”

The Dragon Lion Race clansman screamed in despair when he saw who his attacker was.


The Dark Soul Beast devoured his three-meter tall body in one gulp before going into concealment once more.

He knew that there were other Night Ghosts’ experts moving around the area.

As he thought, a rank ten Earth Demon Race  expert and a rank ten Winged Race clansman was headed his way not long after he went into concealment.

They were followed by clansmen of the Bone, Winged, and Earth Demon Races. 

Those were all the Night Ghosts who had invaded the Giant Spirit Realm.

“We lost another one.” A handsome-looking Winged Race clansman frowned while flapping his wings. “This is the sixth group we lost.”

“Neither Kun Luo nor Gutas have sent word to us yet,” a short old Earth Demon said darkly.

“Something’s not right.” The Winged Race expert pondered for a moment. “If a rank ten Soul Race clansman plans to use guerilla tactics on us all day, there’s not really much we can do against it.”

“Tia, Kun Luo is my brother and a fellow who had betrayed the Earth Demon Race with me. I want him to live!” an old Earth Demon Race clansman yelled.

The Winged Race clansman called Tia thought for a moment. “I can’t detect that the presence of that Soul Race clansman or even his soul servants. You should know that a rank ten Soul Race clansman has the ability to conceal himself and his soul servants, Xinda. It won’t be easy to find him if he refuses to show his face.”

“I want Kun Luo to live!” Xinda roared angrily.

“There is a way.” Tia didn’t get angry with Xinda. He didn’t look disheartened by the loss some of their members either. “The easiest way to lure him out is to return to where we held the giants and threaten him with their life.”

“How do you know their lives matter to him at all?” Xinda asked.

“I know he’s here because of the giants,” Tia replied confidently.

“Alright, then we’ll do what you say,” Xinda agreed.

“Let us return.”

The Night Ghosts suddenly turned back after coming to an agreement.

Approximately five thousand kilometers away, Qin Lie, the Blood Soul Beast avatar, the Lizard Progenitor, and Banderas were gathered in one place.

The dozen or so golden and silver giants were busy complaining to Banderas and Campbell about their tragedy after their bindings had been loosened.

Six Earth Demon Race clansmen, three Dragon Lion Race clans men, and two Winged Race clansmen had already been killed. Most of them had been devoured by the Blood Soul Beast.

“They won’t be coming anymore.”

Qin Lie’s soul was connected to the Dark Soul Beast avatar, so he knew what his Dark Soul Beast avatar knew. He said, “Those Night Ghosts have changed their minds. They’re heading back to where they kept the giants imprisoned and waiting for us to walk into their trap. They don’t wish to play hide and seek with us any longer.”

His Blood Soul Beast avatar inhaled deeply while he was speaking.

It was sucking in wisps of gray soul mist from the sky.

The Blood Soul Beast had been concealing everyone’s soul presence and bloodline activity using a Soul Race secret art until now.

The two Soul Race princes at the Central World had used a similar technique to conceal their presences while they slaughtered the Ji and Ao Families’ denizens.

“Qin Lie, the Giant Race swears to follow you to the end of our lives if you can save our people!” Banderas promised.

“I will do my best!”

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