Chapter 1511: Imitating

Chapter 1511: Imitating

Gutas was a pure Bone Race clansman. Normally, the Corpse Refinement Art was something only the Bone Race possessed.

Death aura and corpse energy were something that was passed down within the race only. They would use the power of death to gather corpse energy from corpses before refining the bones with their unique secret arts.

However, the Corpse Refinement Art wasn’t something everyone could learn, even in the Bone Race.

Gutas was one of those clansmen unqualified to learn the Corpse Refinement Art.

That being said, he was at least aware of Corpse Refinement Art’s power.

In fact, he knew better than anyone how useful a Corpse Demon was to a member of the Bone Race!

The Bone Race’s bloodline was mostly tied to the power of death, and the power of death was effective on all living things including the Soul Race!

However, the power of death was completely ineffective against a Corpse Demon because it had neither a life nor a soul. Moreover, it was a puppet awakened using the power of death in the first place.

A Corpse Demon fell completely under its master’s command, and they fought based on combat instincts while they were still alive. The corpse energy circulating inside their dead veins formed the source of their power.

“Who are you people?”

Gutas glared at Miao Fengtian as bones suddenly popped out of his elbows, knees and shoulders.

These newly formed bones looked like living bone spears. Gutas immediately engaged the Abyss Devil Corpse Demons in battle after the transformation.


Gutas slammed one of his sharp bones into a Silver-eyed Snake Devil’s head.

However, the Abyss Devil didn’t feel any pain whatsoever. It immediately counterattacked by biting his bony arm.

A couple more Corpse Demons also charged Gutas in unison, biting, tearing, and attacking him from every direction.

That wasn’t all. Miao Fengtian proceeded to order a few Corpse Demons towards the bone spikes that looked like black banners.

Completely ignoring the effects of the “Death Wither” domain, they grabbed the bone spikes with their claws.

The death energy on the bone spikes could sap any living being of their lifeforce quickly, but it was completely ineffective against the Corpse Demons.

The Corpse Demons tried to break them with every bit of their strength.

Unfortunately, the bone spikes refined by the rank ten Gutas were exceptionally tough.

The Corpse Demons refined from rank eight Abyss Devils weren’t strong enough to break them no matter how they tried.

An idea entered Miao Fengtian’s mind, and he rang the Corpse Summoning Bell.

The Corpse Demons obeyed his new order and moved the bone spikes away from Gutas instead of breaking them.

This time, the sabotage successfully deactivated the domain-type formation.

No longer losing both their soul energy and their lifeforce, the Lizard Progenitor and the three Asura Race clansmen immediately came to.

A shudder later, they immediately joined the battlefield and attacked Gutas again.

“Summon more Corpse Demons,” Qin Lie instructed.

“Ring ring! Ring ring!”

Miao Fengtian shook the Corpse Summoning Bell and brought even more Corpse Demons over from the Frost Desolation Abyss.

More powerful Abyss Devils entered the Giant Spirit Realm through the star door and charged in accordance to Miao Fengtian’s orders.

Meanwhile, more and more soul figures were appearing thanks to Qin Lie’s Soul Race secret art “Soul Illumination”.

They were all Night Ghosts.

“Some of your clansmen are being kept captive over there, go with Miao Fengtian and rescue them,” Qin Lie yelled at Campbell.

“I got it!”

The peak rank nine giant Campbell immediately gave up trying to hunt down Kun Luo with Banderas and charged another group of Night Ghosts with Miao Fengtian and the Abyss Devil Corpse Demons.

Qin Lie’s Blood Soul Beast avatar was following them wordlessly as well.

“Earth Demon Race, rank ten bloodline…”

An odd glint entered Qin Lie’s Dark Soul Beast avatar’s eyes. He seemed to have grown an interest in Kun Luo.

“You head over to Kun Luo,” Qin Lie instructed.

Curtis nodded and rammed Kun Luo on his six-level Soul Altar.

His six-level Soul Altar suddenly took on a rhombus shape. Every corner of his Soul Altar looked razor-sharp.

Lightning zapped across Curtis’s cross-shaped pupils before his Asura Race bloodline erupted like a volcano.

“Battle Lust!”

Curtis shouted as an incredible amount of battle lust burst out of his bloodline. He was instantly transformed into a fearless warrior.

His aura, his Soul Altar, and his powerful physique all seemed to have climbed up to a whole new level.

The Asura Race was renowned for their warmongering nature among the ancient races of Spirit Realm.

They had won their fame through war!

Their bloodline was also closely tied to combat. Every time they were in battle, their aura, spirit, body, and mind could be turned into vitality that enhanced their soul perception, constitution, and battle instinct.

Curtis might not have forged the seventh level of his Soul Altar yet, but his bloodline had reached rank ten already.

Just like Banderas, he was a rank ten bloodline expert through and through. He looked like he had gone insane after activating “Battle Lust”.

Banderas suddenly sensed a tidal wave of battle lust rushing over him while he was attempting to catch Kun Luo.

He didn’t even need to turn around to know that Curtis had joined the fray. They’ve been fighting for a long time, and he gained no advantage over Kun Luo.


Kun Luo once against slipped through Banderas’s fingers like a ghost before his bloody wounds started vanishing all of a sudden.

His tiny body soon became completely invisible as well.

However, Qin Lie’s Soul Race secret art made sure that his soul flame was always visible.

Riding on top of his rhombus-shaped Soul Altar, Curtis made sure to aim at Kun Luo’s soul flame with the pointed end of his Soul Altar as he charged.

An invisible forcefield that came from space itself blocked in front of Curtis’s Soul Altar like a wall.


Brilliant sparks scattered all over the place where the two powers met.

“Tear him apart!” Curtis growled harshly.

A terrible power burst out of the pointed end of his Soul Altar and tore apart the forcefield that was blocking its way. Then, it slammed right into Kun Luo’s soul flame.

Kun Luo’s soul flame suddenly swayed unsteadily like a hurricane was blowing at it.

His invisible body reappeared into view once more, and a new, bloody hole had appeared at the center of his chest.

Once again, Kun Luo had suffered a terrible blow.


While Kun Luo was screaming out in pain, a pitch black whirlpool that could suck a person’s soul suddenly appeared above his head.

He abruptly looked up.


He saw that Qin Lie’s Dark Soul Beast avatar opening its giant mouth. He saw countless Soul Race secret patterns shining around the Soul Tree behind its pupils.

His vision suddenly blurred in front of him, and his soul flame was abruptly pulled out of his body.

His tiny body collapsed towards the ground swiftly after losing its soul.

“Preserve his body, I can use it after I imprint his soul with a soul mark,” Qin Lie hurriedly instructed.

Curtis stopped himself abruptly just before he was about to tear Kun Luo’s body into pieces.

Qin Lie said, “I figured I might as well do the same thing the two Soul Race princes are doing to Starry Hall and the Lu Family.”

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