Chapter 1510: Death Power

Chapter 1510: Death Power


Curtis's body wavered from where he was floating as invisible death energy ravaged his body.

He felt cold all over, his soul spinning towards the whirlpool of death, his spirit power and the bloodline power of the Asura Race slipping away.

"The Bone Race's power of death."

Qin Lie's Dark Soul Beast avatar glanced at Curtis.

Curtis's wavering body flew immediately towards the Dark Soul Beast and was gripped by its hoof.


A wave of vitality from the Dark Soul Beast was forcibly channeled into Curtis's body.

The threads of death energy  seemed to be caught by an invisible hand and were pulled out of his body.

The light appeared in Curtis’s eyes again.

"Soul Illumination!"

Dark circles of light spread from the Dark Soul Beast's bluish green eyes and immediately covered a range of a thousand miles.

"Over there!" He pointed in his main form.

In the direction he pointed at, a gray speck of light suddenly appeared.

That was a living soul!

Kun Luo's soul!

Kun Luo used the Earth Demon Race's bloodline secret art to hide himself. Curtis, the Lizard Progenitor, and the two giants could not find him.

Even Qin Lie and his two Soul Beast avatars couldn’t force him to appear.

But his Soul Race secret art could!

Under Soul Illumination, Kun Luo's body was still hidden, but his soul was clearly visible.

The three Asura Race soul servants of late Void Realm cultivation headed towards Kun Luo on their six-level Soul Altars with vicious gazes.

Kun Luo's soul flashed and moved rapidly. He seemed to be using bloodline power and wanted to use his Earth Demon Race bloodline latent ability to affect the gravitational energy field.

Qin Lie's main body pointed at his forehead.

A crystal Soul Altar suddenly floated out of his forehead. The earth power he comprehended turned into complicated patterns on his Soul Altar.

His main body suddenly flew in the direction of the Soul Altar. The Soul Altar fell toward the quaking earth, sending a ripple of spirit energy towards the earth’s core.

The earthquake subsided, as though the earth itself had been subdued.

At the same time, a mysterious energy field arose from his one-level Soul Altar.

The gravitational energy field recovered back to normal.

Banderas, Campbell, and the Lizard Progenitor who were falling towards the cracks in the ground managed to stabilize their bodies.


Banderas howled, his body glittering, making him look like a divine being.

He grabbed towards Kun Luo's soul.

Golden specks of light shot out of his fingers and headed towards Kun Luo's soul like golden sand.

Kun Luo's soul did not react unusually after being detected by the Dark Soul Beast avatar, but strange sounds came from the area.

"Damn it! You can disrupt the bloodline secret art of the Earth Demon Race!" Kun Luo shouted.

As he screamed, his wounded body appeared due to his injuries.

The dots of golden light penetrated his small body and made dozens of bloody holes.

"I will crush you!"

Banderas howled as his golden hand grabbed towards Kun Luo like a bolt of golden lightning.

A hint of fear flashed through Kun Luo's dark eyes. He swore as he quickly activated his bloodline secret art and floated around like a willow branch.

Banderas howled madly, his hands waving like he was swatting flies.

Kun Luo was forced to channel his bloodline secret art to continuously dodge hands of the golden giant.

"Gutas!" he screamed.

"Be patient, everyone is coming here, they cannot run away." Gutas snorted.

His bone hand at his back stopped and he did not pull out another bone spike.

His bright eyes in his eye sockets stared at Qin Lie's Dark Soul Beast avatar.

Clearly, Qin Lie's Dark Soul Beast avatar was a great threat to him.

At this time, the Lizard Progenitor and the three Asura Race Void Realm experts charged towards him.

"Death Wither!"

Gutas sneered, his eyes exuding savage light. A terrifying aura of death exploded from his bones.

The bone spikes on his back completely flew out, each bone spike tip releasing black smoke, similarly filled with deathly auras.

The bones and the shrouding mist made them look like black flags.

The bone spikes scattered in different directions and arranged a formation. The sky inside darkened.

The Lizard Progenitor and the three Asura Race soul servants were amid the bone spikes.

The mysterious death energy field formed amid the bone spike formation, and seemed to be able to erode all life.

The eyes of the Lizard Progenitor and the three Asura Race servants suddenly dimmed.

They were unmoving in the air.

"Master, their vitality is quickly floating away. I can see it clearly!" Curtis shouted in alarm.

Under the area of Death Wither’s effect, the Lizard Progenitor and the others’ bodies secreted small threads.

Curtis that was previously wounded by the Bone Race clansman immediately understood. These threads contained their lifeforce.

"Haha, the Death Wither of the Bone Race can be used on all beings! Including Soul Beasts!" Gutas laughed. "Even your soul, if surrounded by Death Wither, will be affected by this bloodline secret art! Even a Soul Race clansman can not break free in a short time, right?”

As he spoke, the death energy surrounding him flooded towards the bone spikes.

The black bone spikes slowly floated back up and expanded the area of effect.


Seeing the area spread towards him and Qin Lie, Curtis shouted again.

"Death Wither, targeting all beings with life, including the Soul Race..." Qin Lie rubbed his chin, thought a moment, and he laughed.

A star door slowly formed in front of him. A bloodless Miao Fengtian first flew out.


An enormous Silver-eyed Snake Devil flew out from behind Miao Fengtian.

Then, the Sharp Claw Devils, Giant Scorpion Devils, and Lightning Devils.

The Abyss Devils were shrouded in corpse energy and had no lifeforce.

They burrowed into the area covered by Death Wither.

They were not affected by Death Wither at all. They screamed and suddenly covered Gutas.

"Corpse Demons! How can Corpse Demons be there?! They are all made from Abyss Devils’ corpses!" Gutas screamed.

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