Chapter 1509: Earth Demon Secret Art

Chapter 1509: Earth Demon Secret Art

"Kill them all!"

At Qin Lie's order, Curtis and the Lizard Progenitor charged towards Kun Luo of the Earth Demon Race.

The giants Banderas and Campbell were affected by Kun Luo's bloodline secret art. The more they fought to break free, the more they seemed to sink into quicksand.

They furiously waved their arms, trying to shake off the dazing effect. However, as soon as they tried to attack, their bloodline would go out of balance again.

"The bloodline secret art of the Earth Demon Race can directly affect the gravitational energy field of a bloodline's balance, it is great," Qin Lie said coldly.

Controlling gravitational energy was the core bloodline latent ability of the Earth Demon Race. Each clansman would have a sensitive perception toward gravitational energy and other powers existing in space. They could also control it through their bloodline.

On land, they could use bloodline secret arts to influence the gravity of the world.

In the ocean, they could also use bloodline secret arts to affect the buoyancy of the water, and crush their enemies with water.

Even in the void between the stars, they could use their bloodline to form a special spatial field.

This kind of unique bloodline power was why the Earth Demon Race was able to survive in the universe.

"Earth Pitfall!"

Kun Luo's eyes were dark, and his short body flashed backwards.

"Boom boom boom!"

The earth rippled underneath Qin Lie's feet and suddenly formed great waves.

Enormous deep gullies tore out of the earth and swallowed the tall trees.

The enormous Lizard Progenitor fell towards one of the deep gullies from the sky.

The giants Banderas and Campbell lost their footing and fell into a crack in the earth too.

Only Curtis and the Asura Race soul servants were not greatly affected by the gravitational energy field due to their size.

The bigger one was, the harder it was to control themselves as they faced the powerful gravitational energy field.

Due to this, the Lizard Progenitor, the two giants, and even Qin Lie's two Soul Beast avatars felt the pull of the powerful ground.

"Heehee, heeheehee!"

Kun Luo laughed as his small body disappeared.

Seconds later, his laughter was still present but he hid away.

Other than Qin Lie, everyone lost him.

"I just communicated with my fellow night ghosts. They told me that only two princes of the Soul Race entered Spirit Realm." Kun Luo disappeared but his voice came from the surroundings. "Those two Soul Race princes have not left Spirit Realm yet, and are committing great massacres. How could they suddenly come to Giant Spirit Realm? We knew long ago that the Soul Race, the Spirit Race, and the God Race's target is the super-sized Spirit Realm, the massive amounts of spirit materials and its geocentric motherlode!"

"They would not look at a mere Giant Spirit Realm, and would not come!"

"And you! Even if you are a Soul Race clansman, you are not part of their group!"


Kun Luo shouted.

"I am here!"

A Bone Race clansman two meters tall and with bones like dark green crystal flew over.

Gutas, who had a relatively high status among the Bone Race, had sharp bone spikes on his back.

Those bone spikes were at least three meters long, all had different colors, but the same deathly aura.


When he appeared, he threw out a dark red bone spike that headed straight for Curtis.

Curtis had not sunk down towards the earth under Kun Luo's bloodline power and was still floating in the air.

"Careful!" Qin Lie shouted.


The bone spike flying towards Curtis suddenly exploded and turned into dark red threads of smoke.

The wisps of the smoke were like nimble snakes and wrapped around him before he could react.

The threads seemed to sink and disappear once they touched Curtis.


Curtis held his throat, his eyes bulging, his breathing becoming difficult.

He felt a wave of death power spreading through his limbs.

His vitality was quickly slipping away.

His eyes gradually grew dim. With no outside help, he would be dead soon.

The connection between him and Qin Lie became so weak that it threatened to break.

"Haha, a group of low rank beings dare to stop us Night Ghosts." Gutas laughed as he grabbed a second bone spike from behind him.

"Careful of the Soul Race clansman!" Kun Luo warned from an unknown place.

"No problem, I'll leave the big ones to you, and take care of the small ones." Gutas divided the enemies.

"Good." Kun Luo snarked darkly and said, "This one here is not acknowledged by the Soul Race. If we can capture him alive, then he will be more valuable than all the giants. Think about it, a Soul Race clansman! And one not acknowledged by the Soul Race!"

"Yes, he is more valuable than everyone else!" Gutas was excited.

When Kun Luo had messaged him, he immediately contacted the higher ups of the Night Ghosts. The person in charge immediately gave an answer.

The two princes of the Soul Race said if they could capture these two Soul Race clansmen, the Night Ghosts would receive great rewards!

Gutas did not know the Night Ghost in charge of Spirit Realm had managed to communicate with the two princes of the Soul Race.

But he knew if they captured this Soul Race clansman, their activities in the Spirit Realm would become much easier and their fame in the universe would increase greatly.

And they could show merit towards the two Soul Race princes!

If the Night Ghosts received the favor of the two princes, the status of the Night Ghosts would increase.

He became more excited and said, "Kun Luo, everyone else is coming over after hearing the news! If we capture these two Soul Race clansmen, us Night Ghosts can receive the friendship of the Soul Race!"

"That is great, maybe we will not have to hide from now, and will gain a foothold in the universe!" Kun Luo was excited.

Qin Lie's expression darkened as he cursed from atop the Blood Soul Beast.

When he found the two Soul Race princes with Soul Suppressing Orb, they told him not to meddle. They promised they wouldn't go to the Qin Family, Sky Mender Palace, and the Ji Family's lands.

But in the blink of an eye, they made a promise to the Night Ghosts and used them in the Giant Spirit Realm against him.

"I will settle debts with you later!" He decided.

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