Chapter 1508: Lonely Souls and Wild Ghosts

Chapter 1508: Lonely Souls and Wild Ghosts

Outside the realm, there were countless different races. The God Race, the Spirit Race, the Soul Race, and the Abyss Devils were at the top, as the ‘transcendent’ races.

Under them were the Bone Race, the Winged Race, the Titan Race, and other slightly weaker races.

Most of the other beings lived in groups, for example like the God Race and the Spirit Race.

But there were no absolutes.

Among the many living races, there would be internal conflict and those that harmed the herd.

Some criminals that lost the trust of their group would be exiled forever.

Some who lost the fight over power in the group, or had committed great crimes, had to leave the group.

Once those people left their races, they would be immediately isolated and become lonely souls and wild ghosts.

Most of them would even be pursued by their races’ experts after they left.

The universe was large, but there was no place for them.

After a long time, those that had betrayed their groups or were abandoned by their races gradually gathered together to survive.

They called themselves the "Night Ghosts," a homonym of the "wild ghosts”, to signify their belonging to the group.

The Night Ghosts were a decentralized faction of a complicated structure. There were clansmen of the Bone Race, the Winged Race, as well as many other races.

Those who were abandoned left their groups and had no restraint in their conduct in order to survive. Many of the tragedies that occurred in the universe came at their hands.

They were a group of bloodthirsty mosquitoes that frequently appeared in low rank realms to gain as much benefit as possible.

They were cruel, bloodthirsty, and unscrupulous.

They were unwelcome in the universe. Whenever they met some other powerful races, they would be ruthlessly killed.

The Bone Race once had slaughtered the Night Ghosts and drove them out of their realm in a river of blood.

The Night Ghosts did not dare appear around the God Race, the Spirit Race, and the Soul Race.

They occasionally went to the Abyss. However, since they were disliked by the Lords of the Abyss, they would be hunted down.

For races like the God Race, the Night Ghosts were just a bunch of minor mosquitoes. As long as the Night Ghosts were not active in their realms, they would not care.

The Night Ghosts knew this so they mostly were active in low rank realms.

Spirit Realm, to them, was a fat piece of meat.

They purchased a secret realm passageway to Spirit Realm through their own connections and prepared to get as much benefit as possible after entering.

They knew the God Race, the Soul Race, and the Spirit Race were targeting Spirit Realm.

They knew they were not a match for those transcendent bloodline races so they didn't dare go to Spirit Realm. They only wanted to take advantage of the chaos and raid the nearby realms.

The secret information about the Night Ghosts gradually became clear as Qin Lie searched with his soul.


The rank ten golden giant Banderas fell down inexplicably after just standing up.

The Lizard Progenitor and the other giant, Campbell, also felt something unusual in their bloodline.

The more they wanted to activate their bloodline power, the stronger the unusual vibration that caused them to sway and not be able to stand up.

"Temporarily do not move!" Qin Lie’s Blood Soul Beast avatar shouted.

The Lizard Progenitor and Campbell both stopped.

Campbell's eyes shone with gold light as he stared at Kun Luo. He appeared to want to charge and kill the other.

But Kun Luo had a dismissive expression. He clearly looked down at Campbell. He said to Qin Lie, "Us Night Ghosts will not raid Spirit Realm. We will only be active in the surrounding realms. Do not meddle."

"I just so happen to want Giant Spirit Realm." Qin Lie's Blood Soul Beast avatar had a proud and cold expression in the green eyes. "I am requesting that you immediately release all the giants you have captured and leave Giant Spirit Realm! I will only spare you then. Otherwise, I will kill all the wild ghosts that have come in!"

"Qin Lie!" Banderas howled.

"Saving your race is a priority," Qin Lie said mentally.

Banderas suddenly closed his mouth.

"Impossible!" Kun Luo shouted angrily. "Soul Race, do not go overboard. We saw this Giant Spirit Realm first, and have already conquered it! If you came first, if we found members of the Soul Race here in Giant Spirit Realm, we would not have invaded! And now you want us to give it up? Impossible!"

"Oh, really?" Qin Lie smirked.

His main body activated his bloodline secret art and used the Demon Spirit of Space and Time bloodline to form a star door.


His rank ten Dark Soul Beast avatar flew out of the star door with Miao Fengtian, Xue Li, and the others.

"Rank ten!" Kun Luo was shocked.

He recognized the Blood Soul Beast in front of him was only a rank nine Soul Race clansman, and still felt a thread of hope.

But this Soul Race clansman who came now had a terrifying soul presence, clear evidence of its rank ten bloodline.

Kun Luo himself had rank ten bloodline. While he felt no particular threat from rank ten giant Banderas, he feared that rank ten Soul Race clansman.

He was only a member of the Earth Demon Race. The Earth Demon Race’s combat prowess was lower than that of the Bone and Winged Races.

As a member of the Earth Demon Race, he innately feared the four transcendent bloodline races. He knew that while they were both rank ten bloodline, he was not his adversary’s match.

Also, he knew all Soul Race clansmen did not fight alone.

Seeing the rank ten Dark Soul Beast with the rank nine Blood Soul Beast, he felt that maybe the Soul Beast really was targeting the Giant Spirit Realm.

"I will give you some time. Tell the other Night Ghosts to release the giants they have captured, and retreat from Giant Spirit Realm." The newly-arrived Dark Soul Beast avatar raised its head arrogantly. "Only then will I spare you."

Kun Luo's eyes flashed with silver light as his thoughts moved.

His expression grew grave.

"Wait a moment, I will ask others," Kun Luo suddenly said.

"Oh," Qin Lie said indifferently.

Kun Luo closed his eyes, his hand pressing to a string of bones on his chest as though he was communicating with someone.

After a while, he smiled mysteriously and said, "Wait a moment, one of my fellows is coming over. He is of higher status than myself in our group. He will give you an answer."

Looking at the strange light in his eyes, Qin Lie suddenly felt anxious and shouted, "Kill them all!"

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