Chapter 1507: Night Ghosts

Chapter 1507: Night Ghosts


The golden giant Banderas suddenly skidded to a stop before shouting angrily at the sky.

The sound waves spread towards every direction like invisible tidal waves.

“Crack! Crack!”

Countless ancient trees were destroyed by his roar.

“What’s wrong? Why have we suddenly come to a stop?” Curtis asked in surprise.

“I don’t know.” The Lizard Progenitor looked a little confused himself.

Qin Lie’s Blood Soul Beast avatar had returned to its true form just like the Lizard Progenitor.

The Soul Beast was just as big as a giant. They could almost be mistaken as members of the same species.

His true body was sitting quietly top the Blood Soul Beast and staring towards the front coldly.

“Banderas saw a dead body, a giant’s body,” he said solemnly.

His Blood Soul Beast avatar suddenly moved faster while he was still speaking.


Curtis and Campbell quickly followed after Qin Lie.

Two silver giants could be seen lying next to a mountain stream like two tiny hills.

Their bodies were riddled full of holes just like a hornet’s nest.

No blood was flowing out of the wounds, however.

It would seem that their blood had been collected by the enemy.

Banderas roared like an enraged beast as he stood next to the giants. His roar seemed to cause the very world itself to tremble.

Qin Lie shot a gloomy look at the two dead silver giants after the Blood Soul Beast avatar had brought him close to Banderas.

Qin Lie knew that the bigger a race, the harder it was for them to reproduce. Neither the giant dragons nor ancient beasts were exempt from the rule, as well as the giants.

There were probably less than a thousand giants in the entire Giant Spirit Realm. Considering how few they numbered, every life was as precious as their own.

The two silver giants before them were probably killed because they had resisted too much. Their desire not to become slaves had ultimately resulted in death.

The culprit had probably done it to set an example to the rest of the giants!


A stirring roar at the distance was suddenly cut short.

Banderas stared towards that direction with stern eyes. “Over there! Someone is silencing him!”

Qin Lie narrowed his eyes and communicated a bit with the Blood Soul Beast avatar beneath his feet. “I found him.”

Then, he led the Lizard Progenitor, Curtis, and Campbell towards the location of the noise behind Banderas.


Standing above a giant’s head, the midget with green skin and cruel eyes pulled its wizened hand out of his victim’s skull.

He had killed the giant who had attempted to respond to Banderas a second time without mercy.

He pulled out his arm covered in brain tissue. He waved it casually before staring at the rest of the giants with brutal eyes.

The silver giants and copper giants were dead silent before his gaze.

“One more noise and I’ll kill the noisemaker and the rest of you as well.” The short, green midget threatened the Giant Race using the Spirit Realm’s common language. “Come with us quietly and I’ll sell you for a good price. You’ll lose your freedom and work in a mine without daylight for eternity, but at least you’ll be alive. But if you refuse to obey, then I will kill every last one of you right now.”

“Lord Kun Luo, the reply just now sounds like it’s from another powerful giant.” Another midget asked darkly, “Haven’t we enslaved every powerful giant in this world?”

“Maybe it’s a fish who happened to escape our net,” the foreigner called Kun Luo sneered. “Don’t worry, I’ve contacted the others. They’ll take care of it.”

“Then all is fine.”

“Boom boom boom! Boom boom boom boom!”

Suddenly, a loud, earthshaking noise came from seemingly every direction. It caused the foreigners to look around in surprise.

Kun Luo immediately swore in his own native language before taking to the air.

He immediately saw the golden Banderas running towards him like a golden mountain.

“It really is a rank ten giant.” Kun Luo was pleasantly surprised by this new arrival. He immediately contacted the others using a secret art. “A fish is coming straight our way, rank ten!”

“The rest of you will stay here,” he instructed.


Kun Luo floated in the air weightlessly like a green ghost.

He then executed his bloodline secret art in secret.

An invisible wave of soul energy spread out towards every direction with him at the center.

Banderas’s bloodline suddenly went out of control while he was still running.

It caused him to collapse on the ground suddenly like a collapsing mountain.


Large patches of forests were flattened into bits while he was falling.

Banderas was completely dizzy after the fall, and his own bloodline seemed to be howling inside his ears. He couldn’t move without feeling like the world was swaying beneath his feet.

He didn’t understand what was going on for a time.

Behind Banderas, Qin Lie’s Blood Soul Beast avatar and Qin Lie suddenly emerged.

“A Soul Beast! A Soul Race clansman!” Kun Luo’s expression suddenly changed.

The invisible soul energy surrounding Kun Luo seemed to have concealed his body. It was why Banderas hadn’t spotted Kun Luo even though he wasn’t far away from him.

But Kun Luo’s expression immediately changed when he saw the Blood Soul Beast.

Kun Luo gave up trying to hide himself and suddenly reappeared like an actual ghost.

“A foreigner!” Curtis yelled.

“Soul servants.” Kun Luo seemed to recognize Curtis for who he was immediately after shooting him a glance. Then, he looked straight at Qin Lie’s Blood Soul Beast avatar and asked, “Are they all your soul servants?”

By they, he was of course referring to Qin Lie, Curtis, Campbell, and Banderas.

He had assumed that all present were the Blood Soul Beast’s soul servants.

Qin Lie let his Blood Soul Beast avatar do the talking in a low and raspy voice. “Why are you here?”

“You and your people had gone to Spirit Realm, haven’t you? What’s so wrong with us hunting in the realms nearby?” Kun Luo stared at him with dark eyes. “This Giant Spirit Realm was first spotted by us, the Night Ghosts. We won’t try to take what’s yours, but we also wish that you will evacuate from Giant Spirit Realm.”

“Night Ghosts…” Qin Lie didn’t reply immediately. Instead, he tried searching for anything that was related to the Night Ghosts in Meio’s memory.

Qin Lie had acquired a great amount of memories and knowledge after refining the Blood Soul Beast into his avatar. Some of them were related to the outer realms, but he wasn’t able to process everything completely in a short time.

The memories were still inside his head, however.

A wisp of dark light swirled slowly inside the Blood Soul Beast’s eyes as he searched through his memories.

“Night Ghosts, wild ghosts!” Suddenly, Qin Lie’s eyes brightened. 

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