Chapter 1506: Quake

Chapter 1506: Quake

At a place filled with countless dead stars in the outer worlds, there was a strange area was just as distorted as the one at the center of Prism Continent. It was also treated as a forbidden zone by all living things.

It so happened that this area wasn’t too far away from the Wood Race’s homeworld.

There were countless spinning and twisting spatial rifts inside that forbidden zone. They looked like a malicious maw that was selective of its prey.


A deep passage suddenly appeared in the middle of the malicious maw. There was no telling where it was connected to.

“Zzzt! Rip!”

Thin spatial rifts that looked like swaying knives could be seen cutting apart the space of the area.

“Whoosh! Whoosh whoosh!”

A couple of people suddenly flashed out of the deep passage.

Some of them looked brawny and thorny just like Abyss Devils; some of them were short and green-skinned, and some were clearly Bone Race clansmen and Winged Race clansmen.

They immediately left the forbidden zone after coming though the passage from an unknown world.

“Spirit Realm! Haha, this should be Spirit Realm alright! To think that the spatial node we purchased would actually lead us to Spirit Realm as advertised!”

“The God Race, the Soul Race, the Spirit Race, and even the Abyss Devils are hoping to come here. I see no reason not to loosen our bones in this undeveloped world!”

“That’s right, we should try and benefit ourselves in some ways even if we can’t compete with the transcendent bloodline races for the geocentric motherlode!”

“I heard that Spirit Realm’s races aren’t highly evolved. Hehe, I’m going to grab a bunch of slaves from this place.”

“I want the bones and bloodlines of experts.”

“I want minerals and spirit materials.”

“Then let’s split up and go our own ways.”

The foreigners let out a loud hoot before leaving this place.


Many giants lived in the secluded Giant Spirit Realm, a place that was far, far away from Spirit Realm, just like the Ancient Beast Realm. It was also rumored that this was the origin world of all giants.

Somewhere along the spatial crystal barrier of the Giant Spirit Realm.


One part of the crystal barrier shattered like glass before widening into a large gap.

After that, all kinds of strange-looking foreign experts flew in from the crack.

“Spirit Realm! This is Spirit Realm.”

“The God Race, the Soul Race, and the Spirit Race are all gunning for the Geocentric Motherlode, so let’s claim these auxiliary realms for ourselves instead.”

“I’m so glad we found a whole new world.”


The band of experts mixed with Bone Race clansmen, Winged Race clansmen, and many more unknown foreigners saw the giants beneath their feet and raised their weapons, murderous excitement in their eyes.

The Giant Spirit Realm wasn’t the only realm that was under attack. Foreign experts had suddenly poured out of portals in several other secluded places of Spirit Realm as well.

These foreign experts had spread out and sought for living realms immediately after they had entered Spirit Realm.

For a time, there was chaos everywhere!

The Wood Race’s homeworld, the Giant Race’s homeworld, the Yaksha Race’s homeworld, and the Black Jail Race’s homeworld were all under attack.

Even the outer worlds conquered by the six great Gold rank forces of the human race had become a target as well.

This meant that both Spirit Realm and the worlds surrounding it were all embroiled in warfare all of a sudden.

The Profound Ice Family was still holding Shattered Ice Realm, and the Evil Dragon Race had conquered both the Dragon Realm and Asura Realm.

This situation was pretty bad already, but no one could’ve predicted the sudden arrival of even more foreigners from the beyond. They were slowly but surely consuming all the outer worlds of Spirit Realm.


At the Frost Desolation Abyss.

Qin Lie’s Blood Soul Beast avatar looked to be drenched in purple Abyss Devil blood. Right now, he was currently stepping on a rank nine Lord of the Abyss.

He was just about to reap the fruits of his labor after engaging a rank nine Abyss Devil in a difficult battle and killing it.

It was at this moment his True Soul informed him Spirit Realm was currently under attack by foreign forces all over the place.

He suddenly realized that Dawson’s warning had come true.

Someone was putting the “secret entrances” he had set up throughout Spirit Realm to use.

“Great Sage Tian Qi!” Qin Lie snorted inside his heart.

A dark, purple figure slowly appeared from the distance before transforming into Enos.

The noble and beautiful Enos was dressed in purple today. She stared at Qin Lie’s Blood Soul Beast avatar calmly before reporting, “My sources told me that someone is purposely selling spatial entrances to Spirit Realm to the wicked all across the galaxy. They are some of the greediest, most bloodthirsty, and cruel killers of the world, and Spirit Realm is nothing more but a piece of fat meat in their eyes. In fact, they may be swinging their butcher knives and carving flesh off the lamb that is Spirit Realm right now.”

“You are exactly correct.” Qin Lie’s Blood Soul Beast avatar let out a low growl. “I have a new target now.”

“What do you mean?” Enos asked.

“I don’t need to hunt Abyss Devils in the Frost Desolation Abyss to restore this avatar’s strength anymore. All these invaders will be my nutrition!” Qin Lie roared.

A star door suddenly appeared right next to the Blood Soul Beast. Qin Lie’s avatar shot Enos a glance before rushing right through the door.

On the other side of the star door, Qin Lie’s true self, Curtis, the Lizard Progenitor, the giants Banderas and Campbell were all present and waiting.

They were currently at Giant Spirit Realm!

“Roar!” Banderas let out a loud roar.

His roar was like an invisible wave that rolled endless towards the distant horizon.

“It’s our clansmen!” A silver giant caught wind of the roar and roared back his own reply in excitement.

Right now, the silver giant and a dozen or so copper giants were being forcefully led down a certain direction like slaves. Their necks were wrapped with thick bands.

These giants were completely covered in blood. Their mouths, necks, and chests were covered in bloody wounds as well.

Some of these wounds were bone deep!

“It’s useless,” a short, tiny midget said while sitting atop a silver giant’s shoulder. He looked as small as a fly compared to the silver giant, but he was the one in charge. “There are only three rank ten bloodline Giant Race warriors in this world, and their strength is average at best. What can you possibly do against highly intelligent invaders like us? Hehe, you’ll all be turned to slaves in the end, and I’m sure you’ll sell for a good price considering your width and height.”

Every Giant Race clansman within the vicinity wore despairing and humiliated look.

The Giant Race was one of the powerful ancient races of Spirit Realm, but for some reason their strongest experts were all missing right now.

As for them, they had all been taken captive. They might have to serve another person as their master for eternity.

It was a terrible fate no one could accept.

“Over there! I received a response from over there!” Banderas growled.

“Let’s go!” Qin Lie ordered.

Banderas started charging towards their destination like a giant golden war chariot. His footsteps caused the earth itself to quake.

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