Chapter 1505: Return

Chapter 1505: Return

“There isn’t going to be any trouble, is there?” Carey asked embarrassedly.

“What trouble?” Qin Lie asked in confusion.

“It is all thanks to you that the Cullen Family was able to enter Boluo Realm, and then from Boluo Realm to the Frost Desolation Abyss. I’m aware that you’d returned everything you owed us long time ago.” Carey shot Naji a glance before continuing. “I even heard that you’d saved them both back at the Frost Desolation Abyss, so now we’re the ones who owe you too much.”

Qin Lie kept quiet and said nothing.

Carey continued while looking guilty. “I also know that your people’s relationship with the God Race isn’t really that friendly.”

“Oh,” Qin Lie replied emotionlessly.

Carey starting looking more and more embarrassed, “I just think that…”

He took his time to think up his reply before continuing, “I figured out a few things after spending some time in the Frost Desolation Abyss. I’d also heard about the four transcendent bloodline races. I know now… that the Hundred Races are incomparable to the powerful races of the outside universe.”

“Now that the God Race had returned to Spirit Realm, I… have a feeling that Spirit Realm might succumb to their might once more.”

“But their return is actually an opportunity to the Cullen Family, an opportunity to regain our former glory. I’m not willing to pass it by.”

Qin Lie furrowed his brows and shot them a deep look. “You may return through the realm entrance.”

He left after tossing down these parting words.

The entire Cullen Family looked nervous and anxious. They didn’t understand his real thoughts.

“Father, he… he’s just Cadak’s soul servant,” Serine said seriously. “Cadak is a Soul Race clansman, and the Soul Race and the God Race have never been friendly with each other! You are destroying us by revealing our true intentions!”

“No, he’s not a soul servant,” Carey shook his head, “He doesn’t feel like a soul servant at all.”

“But his aura is almost identical to the Dark Soul Beast’s!” Serine didn’t believe him.

“He is the Dark Soul Beast. More accurately, the Dark Soul Beast is part of him,” Carey replied solemnly.

Forget Serine, even the nearby Cullen Family members were stunned by this revelation.

They clearly hadn’t thought of this possibility.

“I’d been inquiring about Qin Lie through various channels, and I know that he had been operating in Sky Bearing City, Boluo Realm, and Vermillion Realm. I know that he had won the trust of the Ice Emperor himself, and that Sky Mender Palace, the Ji Family, and the Qin Family value him greatly,” Carey explained grimly. “If he really was just a soul servant of Cadak’s, do you think that the Ice Emperor, Qin Shan, the Ji Family, and Sky Mender Palace would be fooled by him? The lot of you may not know the Qin Family, but I know that the human race’s Soul Progenitor is none other than the forefather of the Qin Family himself.”

“Even better, he was Cadak’s master.”

“What? The Soul Progenitor was Cadak’s master?” Hester exclaimed in shock.

“The Dark Soul Beast, the Blood Soul Beast, and the Soul Devouring Beast all used to be generals under the Soul Progenitor’s command,” Carey’s unfocused eyes looked like bottomless abyss when he said this. “I don’t know how Qin Lie did it, but I’m sure he has Cadak fully under his control.”

“This means…” He looked at Serine. “That you had mistaken his relationship with Cadak.”

Serine froze instantly.

For the longest time, she had thought that Cadak was the reason why Qin Lie, the soul servant, was so successful today.

She thought that Qin Lie had given up his freedom to Cadak to obtain all kinds of secret arts and a great amount of refined soul energy.

She had even mocked Qin Lie in his face without knowing the truth.

It was only until after her father had told her the truth that she realized just how foolish she had been.

Her heart suddenly became filled with bitterness.

“He has half the God Race’s blood in him. This means that he shares an extraordinary relationship with the God Race. That may be why we’ll succeed in making contact with the evil dragons at the Asura Realm.” Carey pondered for a moment before continuing, “The fact that he agrees to our plans may mean that the evil dragons shared some rapport with him as well.”

Hester and the rest of the Cullen Family members grew more and more astonished.


After Qin Lie’s Blood Soul Beast avatar had parted ways with the Cullen Family, it started venturing deeper into the Frost Desolation Abyss.

He needed to fight powerful Abyss Devils and regain his bloodline power as quickly as possible. He needed to turn this Blood Soul Beast into a rank ten trump card.

But right after he left Cadak’s territory, a tremendous consciousness suddenly descended from the sky.

“Dawson!” he exclaimed in a soft tone.

A dark, Abyss Devilish figure wriggled for a moment before appearing in front of him.

“The God Race wishes to know about your decision,” Dawson said through his soul shadow.

“Have they already lost their patience?” Qin Lie snorted.

“They want you to visit the God Race’s ancestral ground as soon as possible. They say they’ll stop everything if you agree,” Dawson replied.

“I refuse,” Qin Lie answered.

“I will relay your answer.” Dawson nodded before continuing,. “From what I know about the God Race, I’m sure that they’ll be making their move very soon. You’d better be careful. Also, I heard that some foreign races had discovered a way to enter Spirit Realm, and I suspect that some unfamiliar faces will be showing up there very soon. You should watch your back.”

“The Soul Race and the Satorius Family members had appeared in Spirit Realm already!” Qin Lie uttered unkindly.

“Oh, I see. It’s probably Great Sage Tian Qi’s work.” Dawson didn’t look surprised. “You said that he had stayed in Spirit Realm before. Considering his abilities, he most likely had set up a secret entrance in Spirit Realm a long while ago.”

“Does this mean that more experts of the outer world might be coming through from this secret entrance?” Qin Lie asked.

“Maybe.” It was at this moment Dawson’s figure slowly faded away. “Just remember that you can submit to the God Race if you wish to solve everything that’s taking place in Spirit Realm.”

His soul shadow vanished completely after saying that.

“Submit…” Qin Lie frowned.


Deep within Shattered Ice Realm.

A brilliant secret realm entrance was slowly forming inside a giant starship. It looked like drawings of complicated spatial lines above a heap of starry gemstones.


A chilly white figure suddenly appeared after the realm entrance had taken form.


“The patriarch is back!”

“It’s connected! It’s finally connected!”

The Profound Ice Family members gathered around the secret realm entrance screamed in pleasant surprise.

“Thanks for the trouble.” Han Che nodded lightly.

Bing Hui and many powerful Profound Ice Family members then came through the realm entrance in succession, followed by the Blaze Family’s current patriarch, Lieyan Zhao, and his family’s experts.

“Finally, we’re back after twenty thousand years.” Lieyan Zhao sighed emotionally.

“Chief, the Evil Dragon Race has also entered Spirit Realm,” a Profound Ice Family member reported.

“The Evil Dragon Race?” Han Che frowned before looking at Lieyan Zhao. “What is he planning?”

“Who knows? He’s been gone for too long.” Lieyan Zhao shook his head.

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