Chapter 1503: Defectors

Chapter 1503: Defectors

On an island in the waters of the Sea Race in Boluo Realm.

"What will she tell Qin Lie?" Hayley said in conflict.

She was looking at Han Qian who Vanessa had restrained using bloodline secret arts.

Inside a glowing curtain of water, Han Qian was much thinner than before, her bright eyes now filled with deathly aura, devoid of vitality.

Ever since she was saved by Vanessa and taken into Boluo Realm, Han Qian's heart seemed to have died.

No matter what Vanessa said, she did not seem to hear it. If Vanessa relaxed even slightly, she would attempt to kill herself.

Previously, Vanessa had boasted to Qin Lie that she would tame Han Qian.

But now...

"I have no solutions." Vanessa sighed.

She knew that Han Qian's heart was dead. She wanted Han Qian to follow her intentions and gain Qin Lie's affection. But Han Qian would only kill herself.

She did so much because she did not want Han Qian to die.

"Let's sink her first," Hayley said.

"I fear Qin Lie asking." Vanessa had a worried expression.

"We will deal with it if it comes up."

"That is the only thing we can do."

The two women discussed for a while and then Vanessa sank the glowing light under the water.

They waited patiently.

An hour later, a bolt of lightning flashed across the distant sky and arrived.

"Young Master Qin." Hayley and Vanessa bowed in unison.

"I am very busy, speak clearly," Qin Lie said impatiently.

Hayley knew the arrival of the Sea Race patriarch Spid and the Sea King Pina had displeased Qin Lie greatly.

Spid's dismissive attitude had angered Qin Lie and they had parted on bad terms that day.

She knew that Qin Lie most likely did not have a good impression of the Sea Race.

After that event, Spid tried to use his connection to establish a relationship with the Qin Family. He had been ruthlessly refused.

That caused Spid to feel greatly defeated.

After that, Spid secretly started to inquire about Qin Lie, and used various ways to understand what had happened to the youth.

As his understanding deepened, Spid was greatly shocked, and recognized his mistake.

He had been thinking of ways of using Qin Lie to ease his relationship with the Qin Family when the Evil Dragon Race suddenly invaded, conquered Dragon Realm and then took over Asura Realm.

Now, the Evil Dragon Race was aiming toward the Sea Cloud Realm where the Sea Race was.

Spid felt terrified but also that this was a chance. He hoped that he could help Vanessa become the matriarch of the Sea Race.

He knew that Calvert of the Evil Dragon Race had come to Boluo Realm from Spirit Realm under Qin Lie's guidance.

Again, he wanted to use this connection of Qin Lie.

"The Evil Dragon Race is about to attack the Sea Cloud Realm, I...." Hayley hesitated and said, "After our discussion, we want to openly become the staunchest allies of the Qin Family. If you help me, and let Vanessa become the matriarch of the Sea Race, we will forever be on the Qin Family's side."

"I cannot influence the evil dragons," Qin Lie said coldly.

"How is that possible?" Hayley was panicked and hurriedly said, "I know that Calvert has led his evil dragons to meet up with the rest of the Evil Dragon Race. Calvert is the son of the Evil Dragon Race's patriarch. Also, I know that Barett and his two brothers joined them too. They have a good relationship with you. You can help us!"

"I said I cannot influence them!" Qin Lie said impatiently.


Vanessa and Hayley knelt together in front of Qin Lie with their heads low.

"Please help us. The Sea Race is not a match for the current Evil and Demon Dragon Races. I heard that many Asura Race clansmen were killed when the evil dragons invaded." Hayley buried her head and begged, "In Sea Cloud Realm, there are many innocent clansmen. I do not want them to be killed by the evil dragons!"

"I am willing to become your soul servant," Vanessa said.

"I am also willing," Hayley expressed in a hurry.

Qin Lie stilled.

Hayley had lived in Boluo Realm for many years. She knew that he, Nivitt, Teng Yuan, and the others had worked together to fight against the Asura Race branch hidden under Boluo Realm.

She knew about the existence of the Dark Soul Beast.

After so long, she naturally realized that Dark Soul Beast that had once disturbed Boluo Realm was actually another Qin Lie through various clues.

She knew that Curtis and the others were soul servants.

She knew that Qin Lie had no positive feelings towards the old patriarch of the Sea Race, Spid. If they wanted Qin Lie to help the Sea Race overcome this obstacle, they had to pay a price.

She and Vanessa would give themselves completely to Qin Lie as soul servants. If they were loyal to Qin Lie, maybe they could get him to change his mind.

"I said I have no way of influencing those evil dragons," Qin Lie repeated.

At such words, Hayley and Vanessa's expression dimmed.

Yet in this moment, a bloody light flew over.

The bloody light turned into the Blood Emperor, Li Xin.

"Young Master." Li Xin suddenly knelt on one knee after arriving and said, "I represent the Evil Dragon Race and swear loyalty to Young Master. We will do our best to realize Young Master's wishes."

Hayley and Vanessa's eyes suddenly lit up.

They knew who this person was.

Hayley had recently paid attention to the movements of the evil dragons. She knew when the Evil Dragon Race had invaded the Asura Race, the leader had been an expert who possessed an eight-level Soul Altar and called himself the Blood Emperor.

She knew those evil dragons seemed to be under this man’s orders.

Many experts of the Asura Race had been killed by this Blood Emperor.

And now, a mysterious man appeared, with such suffocating bloody presence that even their rank nine bloodlines were of no help. He also stated he could represent the Evil Dragon Race. Who could he be if not the Blood Emperor?

"You represent the Evil Dragon Race?" Qin Lie's expression was gloomy.

The Blood Emperor maintained his humbleness and said sincerely, "I, and my subordinates, and the Evil Dragon Race, we are all Master's servants at the core."

He grinned brightly and said, "You are Master's only grandson. Master wants us to serve you, we will do our best."

Qin Lie narrowed his eyes and looked deeply at him, saying, "Really?"


"If I want you to go to Shattered Ice Realm, and kill all the Profound Ice Family members?" Qin Lie snorted.

The Blood Emperor snickered and said, "If this is what the Young Master wants, we will act immediately."

Qin Lie stilled.

Lieyan Yuan was the last patriarch of the Blaze Family. Even now, he had many supporters in the God Race.

He was a God Race clansman, but his followers wouldn’t hesitate to move against the Profound Ice Family?

He didn't quite believe it.

However, the savage and bloody light flashing in the eyes of the Blood Emperor, as well as his eager expression did not seem to be fake.

This straightforward and matter-of-fact manner was something Qin Lie could not understand.

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