Chapter 1502: Coercion

Chapter 1502: Coercion

Since the two Soul Race clansmen who had sneaked into the Lu Family and Starry Hall promised not to return to the Ji Family and Sky Mender Palace, Qin Lie did not have any reason to stay in the Ji Family.

For some inexplicable reason, he believed in the promises of the two Soul Race clansmen.

When Hua Tianqiong heard the two Soul Race princes would primarily target the six forces, he was relieved.

After the Ice Emperor left, Hua Tianqiong was very eager as he urged Qin Lie to stay calm.

Ji Dan, who had suffered great losses this time, thought that they should use this opportunity to force the six forces to compromise.

He did not mind dealing with the Soul Race clansman that caused havoc in the Ji Family a while later.

After learning their intentions, Qin Lie left the Ji Family to go back to Sky Bearing City.

He explained the incident in detail to Qin Shan.

After his narration, Qin Shan nodded in agreement of his actions.

He was relieved.

"I just received news that Tang Beidou, the one called Fire Demon, is a descendant of the Flame Emperor." Qin Shan smiled and then said, "I heard that Tang Siqi that you’ve hidden in Boluo Realm is also a descendant of the Flame Emperor."

Qin Lie smiled guiltily.

Qin Shan thought a moment and said, "You can bring that Song girl and Tang girl back to Sky Bearing City whenever you wish. I think… after seeing you and your recent experiences, the family will accept not only you, but also your partners. Also, that Tang girl is a descendant of the Flame Emperor, so they certainly will not mind."

"Let them temporarily stay in Boluo Realm." Qin Lie had a cautious expression and said, "Right now, Boluo Realm is safer than Sky Bearing City."

"That is true," Qin Shan said.

He thought for a while and suddenly asked, "The Ling Family went to Nine Hells Purgatory?"

Qin Lie had a dim expression. "They went to Nine Soul Hell, I haven't had news in a long time. I don't know how the Ling Family is right now."

"Worried about Ling Yushi?" Qin Shan asked with a smile.

"A bit," Qin Lie said honestly.

"Boy, you are unusually fortunate," Qin Shan lamented. "Back then, I arranged for you to stay with the Ling Family because I knew the Ling Family had the Dark Nether Race's bloodline. I thought that the Ling Family would one day become the masters of Nether Realm. I originally wanted to use you to tightly tie us to Nether Realm through the Ling Family. I had not expected Ling Yushi's bloodline to go all the way back to the Devil Monarch of the Nine Hells Purgatory."

"The Eight Purgatories have the most powerful Abyss Devils. The Devil Monarch of the Nine Hells Purgatory is willing to take all the members of the Ling Family into the Nine Hells Purgatory for one girl. It’s evident how much value he has placed on Ling Yushi."

"I do not know when I can meet them again." Qin Lie sighed.

"Not so difficult." Qin Shan smiled and said, "When the danger to Spirit Realm is resolved, you, as a creator of an Abyss level, can use the abyss passageway to go into Nine Hells Purgatory."

"However, you have to be a bit stronger, at least rank nine bloodline."

"Otherwise, you will be in danger in the Eight Purgatories."

Qin Lie's expression brightened. He said, "That person had the Blood Emperor take the Ancient Life Tree into the Frost Desolation Abyss..." he explained the matter.

Qin Shan frowned and thought for a while. He said, "I do not understand him, nor know what intentions he has towards you. Judge for yourself if you really need the Ancient Life Tree once you ascend to rank nine bloodline.. If you feel that your bloodline has a flaw then, and cannot control the movement of your bloodline, you can try to assimilate the Ancient Life Tree."

Qin Lie's eyes lit up.

"You should be the masterpiece he is most proud of in this lifetime. Perfect Blood." Qin Shan had a dark expression and said, "I think he would not destroy the fruit of his life’s work."

"Understood." Qin Lie nodded.

"Sky Bearing City will be fine for now. I will pay close attention to the news. I want to see how long Pei Dehong will hold out for!" Qin Shan snorted and said, "You being able to find those two Soul Race clansmen is a great weapon for us! We can use this to great effect!"

"Grandpa, back at Vermillion Bird Realm, before leaving, Narsen of the Spirit Race said that Great Master Tian Qi had foreseen Spirit Realm’s ‘death’," Qin Lie said carefully.

Qin Shan snorted again and said disdainfully, "If he was so accurate each time, the Spirit Race would have defeated other races and become the sole transcendent bloodline race of the universe!"

"Fate is ethereal and intangible, no one can see it clearly!"

"However, he’s been hiding in Spirit Realm for many years, and it is true he has great knowledge of the races and forces of Spirit Realm."

Qin Lie's expression changed. He said, "He stayed many years in Sky Bearing City. He said he changed the structure inside Sky Bearing City. Could he..."

"Do not worry, I have taken care of it." Qin Shan had a rare proud expression. "I am not skilled in fighting, but I do not believe that I am any inferior to this so-called Blood and Soul Mentor, at least in this field!"

Qin Lie suddenly relaxed.

Then he had the Dark Soul Beast avatar stay behind in Sky Bearing City to continue comprehending the Soul Race secret arts.

His main body left Sky Bearing City and headed for Boluo Realm.

Vermillion Bird Realm had changed dramatically because of him. The Vermillion Birds had endured an undeserved calamity. Even Vermillion Bird Realm was wracked with earthquakes.

He felt guilt towards the Vermillion Bird Race.

Tong Yan should have gotten the Vermillion Birds and other fire-attribute beings to Boluo Realm by then. He wanted to know the situation.

Through the Blood Soul Beast avatar, he arrived at the lands of the Ancient Beast Race.

When his main body came, the Blood Soul Beast avatar returned to the Frost Desolation Abyss.

"The Flame Emperor has left Boluo Realm." Teng Yuan appeared and said, "I had not expected Tang Siqi and Tang Beidou of Flaming Sun Island to be descendants of the Flame Emperor."

"You did not go to the Frost Desolation Abyss?" Qin Lie asked curiously.

Teng Yuan appeared in human form and smiled slightly, saying, "I will soon reach rank ten."

Qin Lie said joyfully, "Congratulations."

"Nivitt is still in the Frost Desolation Abyss. I have a feeling that my bloodline will soon reach rank ten so I returned to Boluo Realm." Teng Yuan explained and said, "Tong Yan has been gradually moving her clansmen to Boluo Realm. The matter of Vermillion Bird Realm... do not think of it too much, I know you definitely did not want Vermillion Bird Realm to end up like this."

Qin Lie sighed and said, "We have to take care of those Vermillion Birds. If you give me some more time, Vermillion Bird Realm will recover and become better than before."

"Of course, I trust you," Teng Yuan said.

Qin Lie was about to leave for Seven Spirits Islands when Teng Yuan added, "Vanessa of the Sea Race wants to see you."

"She wants to see me?" Qin Lie was surprised.

"She’s come a few times recently, about some matter regarding the Sea Race." Teng Yuan had a dark expression and said, "I heard that the evil dragons who drove the Asura Race out seem to be moving towards the Sea Race. Barett and his two brothers are very close to them. And you... are most likely to affect those evil dragons. She might want to use you to help her with this."

"I understand." Qin Lie nodded.

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