Chapter 1499: Murder Everywhere

Chapter 1499: Murder Everywhere

Central World, the Lu Family.

The Lu Family was one of the Central World’s Gold rank forces just like the Ao Family and the Ji Family. They were among the most ancient families of human history.

At this moment.

A city called United Cloud City situated at the north of Lu Family’s territory was riddled with mangled corpses.

United Cloud City was a fifth rank city within the Lu Family. It housed over four hundred thousand martial practitioners, mortals, and a couple of vassal forces.

This city also enjoyed the protection of a Genesis Realm expert.

However, United Cloud City—all four hundred thousand denizens—had been killed last night.

A secret spatial entrance slowly appeared above United Cloud City before the leaders of the six great forces—Pei Dehong, Hong Ju, and Ao Changsheng walked out in succession.

The forefather of the Lu Family, Lu Zheng bowed his head and shot a glance at United Cloud City. His face had turned completely pale before he realized it.

“Over four hundred souls, dead! Not a single one of them had been left alive!” His lips trembled at the mere thought.

He had been worrying since the day the Ao Family started losing their clansmen.

The Lu Family and the Ao Family were quite close to each other, and he was afraid that the Soul Race clansman who had slipped into the Ao Family would change targets and attack the Lu Family instead.

Unfortunately for him, his biggest fears did come true. The tragedy of United Cloud City made it clear that the Soul Race clansman had slipped into the Lu Family.

“It’s exactly the same as what had happened in the Ao Family.” Ao Changsheng looked down at the bloodied city numbly. “According to Ji Dan, that Soul Race clansman is a cruel and bloodthirsty being. He could’ve easily devoured these souls and achieved his objective without making a scene, but he chose to paint the streets with blood anyway. The only explanation behind it is that this Soul Race clansman is a complete madman who loves to kill brutally!”

“He has probably recovered his strength already.” Pei Dehong also looked frustrated and anxious. “I’m sure he had probably enslaved a lot of experts in the Ao Family, and he had probably gone into hiding again after slaughtering United Cloud City and taking a Genesis Realm expert with him. He will have gotten stronger and enslaved even more subordinates by the time he shows up again, and it’s up to him to decide if he wants to stay in the Ao Family, the Lu Family, or even attack the rest of us!”

“We must find him!” Hong Ju uttered through gritted teeth.

All the experts of the six great forces were starting to panic after they saw what had happened at United Cloud City.

The fact that United Cloud City had succumbed to that mad Soul Race clansman proved that his objective wasn’t limited to the Ao Family alone.

He would kill even more people anywhere he wished!

What this meant was that their territories weren’t completely safe from the Soul Race clansman. He might very well make them their next target.

Moreover, every time the Soul Race clansman had slaughtered a city, his power and the number of his subordinates increased accordingly.

If they couldn’t drag that Soul Race clansman out of his hole and kill him before he reached full power, it was only a matter of time United Cloud City’s fate would befall them!

“From now on, our top priority is finding that Soul Race clansman. Nothing else matters. Deploy every search-type Divine Grade artifact and find him even if it means unearthing the ground itself!” Pei Dehong ordered.


At the Ji Family.

Ji Dan, Ji Yao, the Ji Family members and Sky Mender Palace experts such as Hua Tianqiong converged at Ji Family’s ancestral ground with tired looks on their faces.

They all looked defeated and depressed.

They had searched through every territory under their jurisdiction and scanned as deep as one hundred meters into the ground, but they still weren’t able to find that Soul Race clansman or his hideout.

The only good news so far was that all Ji Family members and their vassal forces had migrated to the Ji Family’s ancestral ground.

This meant that the Soul Race clansman must attack them here if his target was still the Ji Family.

Right now, everyone was gathered in the Ji Family’s ancestral ground.

Suddenly, the Ice Emperor, Qin Lie, Dan Yuanqing, and others walked out of the Ji Family’s realm entrance.

The group soon arrived at the top level of the palace where the Ji Family members were currently gathered.

“I heard that you had gone to the Vermillion Bird Realm?” Hua Tianqiong asked.

Looking troubled, the Ice Emperor didn’t give him a reply. 

Dan Yuanqing gave Hua Tianqiong a bitter smile before he told them everything that had happened at the Vermillion Bird Realm.

When he was finished, everyone’s face grew even gloomier than before.

“Forefather!” Suddenly, Ji Yuan walked in with looking shaken and afraid. “I’d just received news from the Ao Family that their Soul Race clansman had moved to the Lu Family and annihilated United Cloud City!”

“United Cloud City!?” Ji Dan looked stunned. “United Cloud City is four hundred thousand people strong! They were also protected by a Genesis Realm expert, weren’t they!?”

“They’re all dead!” Ji Yuan said.

Hua Tianqiong suddenly turned pale after hearing this, “Sky Mender Palace isn’t too far away from the Ji Family. Do you think that Soul Race clansman would choose to attack Sky Mender Palace instead because the Ji Family isn’t as easy as a target now?”

Every Sky Mender Palace martial practitioner started panicking after hearing this.

If enough time had passed that the Soul Race clansman who was attacking the Ao Family had made their next move, then their attacker had most likely recovered as well.

What would that Soul Race clansman do if he learned that every Ji Family member had gathered at the Ji Family’s ancestral ground?

It was very possible that he might move onto Sky Mender Palace!

“I must return!” Knowing this, Hua Tianqiong couldn’t bear to stay for even a second longer.

The rest of Sky Mender Palace’s experts also hurried towards the Ji Family’s teleportation formation.

Ji Dan and everyone else could understand his fear and panic completely.

That was why none of them had tried to stop him.

“Wait a second!” Qin Lie suddenly yelled.

“What is it?” Hua Tianqiong turned around and asked impatiently. “He may be attacking Sky Mender Palace right now!”

“Every time that Soul Race clansman attacks, he will seal off an entire space with his soul,” Qin Lie said seriously. “Unless your soul is stronger than his, no one will be able to transmit their soul consciousness out of his bubble. This means that no one can send a soul message to you even if they’re under attack right now! Moreover, it makes no difference for you to return now or later. If he really has switched targets to Sky Mender Palace, and if he is attacking your territory right now, then it’d be already too late by the time you’d returned.”

Before Hua Tianqiong could muster a retort, Qin Lie added, “Moreover, you hadn’t found anything even when he was still in the Ji Family, had you?”

“Then what should we do? Should we just sit here and do nothing?” Hua Tianqiong glared at him.

“I’m here in my true body.” Qin Lie pointed at his glabella before continuing. “This means that I can finally try to seek him out. Those two Soul Race clansmen had only started attacking Spirit Realm after my true body had gone to the Vermillion Bird Realm.”

“What does that mean?” Hua Tianqiong’s mind was a little slow because of his fear and panic.

But the Ice Emperor realized what Qin Lie was saying, “You mean that Narsen had purposely attacked you at Vermillion Bird Realm to keep you from returning to Spirit Realm?”

“That’s my guess anyway,” Qin Lie said in agreement.

The Ice Emperor’s eyes lit up with excitement before he urged, “In that case, let’s find him as soon as possible!”

Qin Lie shot a glance at Ji Yuan. “Please find me a private room.”

“Come with me!” Pleasantly surprised, Ji Yuan hurriedly led the way.

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