Chapter 1497: Immeasurable

Chapter 1497: Immeasurable

“Life Absorption!”

The Soul Beast’s bluish green eyes glowed sinisterly as a huge amount of soul energy spread towards every direction.

He soon discovered that the life strands had come from the nearby habitants of Vermillion Bird Realm.

His soul consciousness told him that not a single Vermillion Bird had been left alive after Narsen’s technique.

This meant that lifeforce Narsen had gained through his “Life Absorption” technique all came from the Vermillion Birds the Ice Emperor had frozen earlier.

In just an instant, Narsen had killed at least dozens of Vermillion Birds with his secret art!

“Will the Vermillion Bird Race go extinct because of me?” Qin Lie muttered to himself.

He knew full well that Narsen was only here because of him!

Narsen wouldn’t have wreaked havoc in the Vermillion Bird Realm if he hadn’t come here.

But now, Tong Ying and a large number of Vermillion Birds and spirit beasts who cultivated the fire spirit energy had been killed by Narsen because of his presence.

Qin Lie felt deeply responsible for their deaths.

Narsen had regained all of his strength after using Life Absorption.

Narsen’s lifeforce seemed so vast it was almost infinite. After merging with his demon pet, his powerful body was brimming with so much energy that he felt like an erupting volcano!

His aura was actually stronger than either Terror Devil King or Despair Devil King!

“Indigo hadn’t lied to me…”

He finally realized that the Spirit Race really deserved the title of a transcendent bloodline race. They really did have the power to stand toe to toe with the Abyss Devils, the God Race and the Soul Race.

Narsen was pretty formidable even before he had summoned his demon pet. After the giant golden rhino appeared and fought by his side, he became so powerful that even the Ice Emperor was feeling a considerable amount of pressure.

Worse, after the demon pet had merged into Narsen’s body, his combat strength instantly became three times stronger than normal!

Narsen’s lifeforce, bloodline power and soul power had all increased drastically as well.

“This is Narsen at his peak strength.” Qin Lie sighed inside his mind.


The white bone scythe the Soul Beast avatar had tempered for many years suddenly flew towards Narsen and slashed.

Several beams of light containing sharp metal laws burst out of the white bone scythe’s body and rained toward Narsen.

“Hehe!” Narsen let out an odd chuckle before he charged towards the metal light beams and met the attack head on.

“Kachak! Dang dang dang!”

Sparks flew off the metal armor around his chest area. Narsen looked completely unharmed by the attack.

When the white bone scythe slashed down towards him, Narsen finally let out a cold snort before yelling, “Exile!”

A huge spatial hole of unfathomable depths suddenly appeared in midair.

A powerful suction force came from inside the spatial hole!

Qin Lie’s white bone scythe was pulled into the giant spatial hole. It vanished in a flash before Qin Lie could do anything.

The soul connection between the Soul Beast avatar and the white bone scythe suddenly became very unstable.

Just as Qin Lie was about to use a Soul Race secret art to summon his white bone scythe back to his side, Narsen shook his head and sneered, “It’s too late.”

A mysterious ripple suddenly appeared above Qin Lie. It bloomed like a demonic flower before falling straight down towards the Soul Beast avatar.

“Swhoosh swhoosh swhoosh!”

A strange suction force came from inside the halo. It seemed to be attracting something unto itself.

The Soul Beast avatar immediately started losing its tremendous reservoir of lifeforce.

“Life Absorption!”

Qin Lie turned pale. He immediately understood that Narsen had directed his bloodline secret art at him while he was distracted just now.

“I’m still here,” the Ice Emperor said coldly.

An icy crystal ball containing cool, icy water flew out of the Ice Emperor’s nine-level frost Soul Altar.

“Divine Grade artifact!” Narsen’s expression turned a little serious.


The crystal ball unleashed a surge of bone chilling frost aura before flying toward Narsen.

A large amount of icy mist spilled out of the crystal ball and filled up the battlefield in no time.

“Frost Explosion!”

The ice water inside the crystal ball suddenly started circulating a hundred times faster than before.

The crystal ball then exploded and fired a couple of icicles dozens of kilometers long straight at Narsen. They looked like sharpened spears from a distance.

Narsen’s armored body was supposed to be strong enough to resist any weapon.

However, the icicles were so powerful that they managed to drill bloody holes in his chest and stomach area!

At the same time, the Ice Emperor used his knowledge and experience of frost to slip a couple of icy streams into Narsen’s body.

Narsen started freezing over in multiple places as a terrifying level of frost power poured into his body from his wounds.

He had no choice but to cancel the “Life Absorption” technique he was attacking  Qin Lie’s Soul Beast avatar with.

“Amazing.” Narsen shot the Ice Emperor a frosty glare. “Your understanding of the truth of frost is almost comparable to Han Che’s already. I didn’t expect to find someone like you among the races of Spirit Realm.”


His body swelled and contracted suddenly like a balloon.

The frost power the Ice Emperor had applied to him was dispelled just like that.

There was a price, however. The golden armor covering his entire body had become dim and lightless.

Moreover, the severe blow Qin Lie had dealt to his soul and the puncture wounds the Ice Emperor had dealt to his body were ultimately effective. Right now, Narsen looked a lot less energetic than he was before.

Narsen was able to roughly estimate the Ice Emperor’s true strength from the truths of frost that had slipped into his body. Thanks to that, he also knew that he would have to pay an unacceptable price to kill both the Ice Emperor and a rank ten Soul Race clansman right here and now.

“I think I have a rough idea where the Spirit Race stands in terms of strength now.” Narsen shot the Ice Emperor a glance before turning back to Qin Lie. “I also know why both Assad and Great Master Tian Qi think so highly of you now. I suppose there are lousier ways Oktan could’ve gone…”

Narsen nodded to himself before letting out an eerie laugh. “You should save your energy and use it on those two Soul Race princes.”

After that, he casually split the space next to him in half and said, “Let’s go.”

The spatial rift instantly moved next to the Vermillion Bird Realm’s realm entrance.

The Satorius Family members dashed into the spatial rift as quick as lightning.

Neither the Ice Emperor nor Qin Lie had tried to stop them.

They did nothing except watch them vanish before their eyes coldly.

Soon, Narsen was the last person to stand next to the spatial rift. He looked at the Ice Emperor and Qin Lie and said, “Great Master Tian Qi is the sage of the Spirit Race, and he has the ability to see into the future. He told us that the death of Spirit Realm was foretold, and that you wouldn’t be able to change this outcome no matter what you try. The real reason I’d come to Spirit Realm is to gain some benefits for the Satorius Family. Once those two fellows had enslave the human race completely, the rest of you are nothing more but a fish in a barrel waiting to be shot.”

“I’ve always been a patient man. I can afford to wait a little longer.”

After that, he dashed into the spatial rift and vanished completely.

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