Chapter 1496: Combine

Chapter 1496: Combine


Qin Lie and the Dark Soul Beast avatar flew out of the star door that was about to explode.

Dan Yuanqing and Chen Lin had appeared in succession as well.

Miao Yizi was the only one who hadn’t joined them. She only had a six-level Soul Altar, and her cultivation hadn’t reached the Genesis Realm.

Simply put, she wasn’t strong enough to deal with Vermillion Bird Realm’s crisis right now.

“Is this really the Vermillion Bird Realm?” Dan Yuanqing couldn’t help but shout in astonishment the moment he entered Vermillion Bird Realm.

Every volcano in the Vermillion Bird Realm had become covered in ice and snow. They had all transformed into cold, icy peaks.

Frozen white land stretched as far as he could see. He couldn’t catch even a glimpse of fire at all.

Moreover, he was a Genesis Realm expert, but the current Vermillion Bird Realm made him feel chilled from head to toe.

This was definitely not the Vermillion Bird Realm he knew.

“The Ice Emperor’s frost powers had forcefully warped the Vermillion Bird Realm’s natural laws themselves.” Chen Lin’s face was riddled with astonishment. “He really is one of the Three Emperors of the human race. He had used his understanding of frost to transform a realm’s natural energies into a battlefield that is compatible with him. His comprehension of the laws and truths of power is far beyond our own.”

Dan Yuanqing thought seriously before nodding in agreement, sighing. “He truly is strong.”

“Where is the Ice Emperor?” Chen Lin asked.

Qin Lie looked surprised as well.

He had created the star door based on Curtis’s soul location. Logically speaking, they should’ve appeared right next to Curtis.

When Qin Lie looked at their surroundings, he suddenly realized that they had landed on a different volcano.

Neither the Ice Emperor nor Narsen was anywhere to be seen.

He immediately tried to contact Curtis again.

“Over there!”

He pointed at a direction.


His Dark Soul Beast avatar growled and returned to its true form.

An invisible wave of soul energy gushed out of the giant Soul Beast’s nostrils, causing the soul energy nearby to become strange and unpredictable.

A Soul Tree could be vaguely seen in the Soul Beast’s pupils as well.

“My two soul servants are currently at Vermillion Bird Realm’s realm entrance.” Qin Lie’s true body led the way while explaining, “Vermillion Bird Realm’s spatial laws had undergone a fundamental change due to our clash with Narsen. That is why my star door wasn’t able to pinpoint their location accurately and strayed slightly off target.”

“For now, please come with me to the realm entrance and aid my soul servants in the battle against that other Spirit Race rank ten bloodline expert.”

“My Soul Beast avatar will aid the Ice Emperor in fighting Narsen!”

After Qin Lie was done speaking, his giant Soul Beast avatar suddenly took off to the distance in a beam of pitch black light.


The terrible soul energy that was rippling from the pitch black light caused cracks to appear on the firmament of Vermillion Bird Realm.

“Let’s go!”

His true body urged before taking off to where the Vermillion Bird Realm’s realm entrance was situated. He looked like a burning meteor.

His Soul Beast avatar reappeared at the mouth of the volcano after a couple of flashes.

Tong Yan and Tong Zhenzhen had already left the area. Curtis and the Lizard Progenitor had also gone to the realm entrance.

Narsen and the Ice Emperor were the only ones left in this area.

The Ice Emperor stood atop his glacier-like nine-level frost Soul Altar like a ten-thousand year old ice boulder. He was drawing out the power of absolute frost inside his Soul Altar with his soul.

Millions of sharp rays of icy light burst out of the nine-level Soul Altar and flew straight towards Narsen and his giant golden rhino.

The Ice Emperor was also conjuring many ice waves containing the truths of frost and sending them flying towards Narsen.

The ice waves spread outward and froze space itself into ice. Everything that was caught within its blast looked like they were encased firmly in ice.

The family patriarch of the Satorius Family, Narsen, was sitting on his giant golden-armored rhino with his eyes narrowed, unleashing his bloodline powers non-stop.

He possessed the bloodline attributes of space and life. A terrific explosion when his bloodline powers clashed against the Ice Emperor’s frozen space.

During the explosions, Narsen fired many glaring spatial blades towards the Ice Emperor’s Soul Altar, hoping to cut it apart.

His giant golden rhino was also roaring and making ripples appear around its hoofs, seemingly keeping the Ice Emperor’s frost powers at bay.

From time to time, the giant rhino’s horns would fire a sharp ray of golden light that was capable of traversing the space between the Ice Emperor and itself in an instant, striking the former’s nine-level Soul Altar directly.

Narsen had the help of his demon pet when fighting the Ice Emperor. He seemed to have a slight advantage over the Ice Emperor thanks to this and his bloodline’s secret arts of space and life.

However, he seemed to be aware that it wouldn’t be easy to kill an expert at the Ice Emperor’s level.

His eyes sparkled ominously, and his lips were curled into a sinister smile. He seemed to be plotting something.

However, Qin Lie’s Soul Beast avatar arrived in the nick of time to aid the Ice Emperor.

“Eh!” Narsen immediately realized who he was looking at. He sneered, “Is this another you?”

“It is I,” Qin Lie growled in the Soul Beast’s form.

“It looks like this world has become connected with the Flaming Sun Abyss. There’s no way you’d be able to return so easily otherwise.” Narsen nodded at Qin Lie before continuing. “But you shouldn’t have returned!”

“Possession!” His face suddenly looked strained.


The giant golden-armored rhino beneath Narsen roared angrily before turning into a ball of golden light and entering his body.

Narsen’s thin body instantly became healthy and strong after the merge.

Golden scales started growing out of Narsen’s cheeks, neck area, arms, waist, and stomach. His life aura had also become nearly three times stronger than before!

His bloodline power, life energy, and soul energy had grown drastically in a short time!

It was as if he had transformed into an entirely different person. He even seemed much stronger and scarier than even a rank ten Abyss Devil!

Narsen pointed his golden finger at the Ice Emperor and started drawing something in midair.

Countless golden sparks mixed with the secrets of space suddenly assaulted the Ice Emperor’s Soul Altar.


Tiny cracks suddenly appeared around the seventh level!

A clear wound was appearing on the Ice Emperor’s corner of the eye as well.

“Qin Lie! Watch out!” the Ice Emperor shouted.

Narsen pointed another finger at Qin Lie’s Soul Beast avatar.

A golden flash swam towards the Soul Beast avatar like a lightning snake and ripped a bloody wound through its stomach!

The golden light contained the power of space and metal. It had cut through the Soul Beast avatar’s tough skin effortlessly.


Qin Lie let out an angry roar before pulling out a giant white bone scythe from his stomach.

The giant bone scythe immediately filled the space with a maddening aura of savegeness and bloodthirst.

It was as if the very world itself was howling angrily like a ghastly spirit. A distorted light of metal suddenly appeared inside the white bone scythe too.

The golden light appeared and vanished in just an instant.

The Soul Tree had also flown out of the Soul Beast avatar’s eyes.

An eerie and evil soul energy instantly invaded Narsen’s mind.

A shudder later, Narsen discovered that the white bone scythe’s distorted light of metal had somehow been delivered into his brain by the Soul Tree.

He couldn’t help but scream out in pain.

His soul had been dealt a terrible blow, and blood was flowing out of the corner of his eyes and his nostrils.

“Life Conversion!”

Narsen pressed a finger each to his eyes and yelled.

There was a rumble from inside Narsen’s stomach, and the rich life aura that it threatened to burst out of his body weakened a bit.

However, Narsen’s soul energy seemed to have gotten stronger as a result!

White lightning could be seen flashing between Narsen’s eyes. The Spirit Race clansman gritted his teeth and stared coldly straight into the Soul Beast avatar’s pupils.


A wisp of golden smoke suddenly flew out of the corner of his eyes and dissipated into the air.

Qin Lie could sense that the metal power he had injected into Narsen’s head earlier had been forcefully flushed out.

Narsen sneered and said, “I am the family patriarch of the Satorius Family, and the Satorius Family is one of the most ancient families of the Spirit Race! As the family patriarch, I am the equal of the likes of Assad! There is no way just the two of you will be able to kill me!”

“Life Absorption!”

A mysterious ripple of energy spread out from Narsen’s body.

After that, both Qin Lie and the Ice Emperor saw countless strands of life energy rising from all over the ground.

These strange life strands entered Narsen’s body due to the mysterious ripples.

The life energy Narsen had used up just moments ago was restored just like that.

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