Chapter 1495: Another Path

Chapter 1495: Another Path

"I have to admit. I have underestimated you," Narsen said.

The Spirit Race clansmen behind him, except the other rank ten expert, were being frozen over.

The Ice Emperor's enormous ice Soul Altar continued to release thick white mist. The arctic power within contained the coldest secrets of the universe.

Even the rank nine Vermillion Bird Tong Yan turned into an ice statue under that terrifying arctic essence.

Only those who reached rank ten bloodline like Curtis and the Lizard Progenitor were unharmed.

But even so, Curtis and the Lizard Progenitor were slowly freezing, their bodies stiff.

"The boy!" the other rank ten bloodline expert shouted.

He glared at Qin Lie.

In his view, Qin Lie who was only a rank eight bloodline was not qualified to stand in front of him.

The rank nine Spirit Race clansmen behind him were frozen after being permeated by the cold power of the nine-level Soul Altar of the Ice Emperor. How could Qin Lie be unaffected?

"Boggart, he is different.” Narsen had an excited expression.

“I understand, I finally understand! Haha!"

He suddenly laughed.

The other rank ten bloodline Boggart had a confused expression. He didn't know what Narsen was laughing about.

"Look closer!" Narsen shouted.

Boggart stilled and gave Qin Lie a serious look.

He probed him closely with his bloodline and soul. His expression suddenly changed. "Profound Ice Family bloodline! This is not right! Just now, he had the Blaze Family bloodline!"

"I did not believe it before, and did not trust Assad and Great Sage Tian Qi's words. I understand now." Narsen laughed.

Qin Lie's bloodline attribute changing caused him to understand that the God Race's Perfect Blood project they had started may have finally been realized in Qin Lie’s body.

Initial shock wearing off, Boggart finally realized the truth.

At this time, Narsen grinned and said, "It seems that I must capture you too"

He turned to look at the giant golden-armored rhino.

Criss-crossed lightning flashed in his eyes again.

In that area, spatial blades in the form of a cross suddenly flew out of a spatial crack.


The ice wrapped around the giant golden-armored rhino split under the spatial blades.

That giant golden-armored rhino that Narsen raised from childhood immediately broke free from the ice and charged towards the Ice Emperor with a howl.

"Boggart, send our clansmen far from this place," Narsen ordered.

Boggart nodded. His hands pulled out rainbow ribbons that wrapped around the Spirit Race clansmen who had been frozen.

They all turned into rays of light that streaked to the realm entrance of Vermillion Bird Realm.

It seemed much safer there.

"Qin Lie, go first, leave this to me," the Ice Emperor said.

Qin Lie, who only had rank eight bloodline and was clearly not at the same power level as Narsen, hesitated for an instant before reaching a decision.

"Whoosh whoosh whoosh!"

Blue light erupted from the Demon Spirit of Space and Time bloodline within his body. At the same time, his Abyss Devil heart also beat fiercely.


The sky seemed to crack. His body was wrapped by blue light and instantly disappeared.

He disappeared from Vermillion Bird Realm.

In the Flaming Sun Abyss.

His main body appeared above the Origin Sea. He looked down and found that the Origin Sea was boiling with thick abyss devil energy.

With the Origin Sea as the center, the nearby mountain ranges had risen and were rumbling as flame sprouted out.

"It is changing right now..."

He felt a moment and then activated his Demon Spirit of Space and Time latent ability, Star Door, star-shaped doors appearing again.


He appeared at the Ji Family's realm entrances in Central World. His Dark Soul Beast avatar had been waiting there all along..

Masters of the spatial laws, Chen Lin and Miao Yizi, were waiting there as well.

"Qin Lie!"

Seeing his main body come, Chen Lin and Miao Yizi exhaled in shock and their expressions grew excited.

"I remember that your master left behind a secret art that can form countless spatial cracks, and even create Light of Annihilation?" he asked urgently.

Chen Lin and Miao Yizi nodded with puzzlement.

"Narsen of the Spirit Race has used a spatial secret art to seal Vermillion Bird Realm's space. Two of my soul servants are over there. It is not easy for me to use Star Door with them as the target," Qin Lie did not tarry and said, "My bloodline power is limited, but my soul is not. I can locate my soul servants anytime, but I cannot forcefully break the spatial lock Narsen used."

"I need you to tear apart Narsen's spatial lockwhen I locate the soul servants in Vermillion Bird Realm with my soul. When the star door is the size of a rice grain, you have to make a crack using the secret art your master has left behind!"

His tone was urgent.

"What happened over there?" Chen Lin said.

"The Ice Emperor is there, my two soul servants are there, and so are the Vermillion Birds of Vermillion Bird Realm." His expression was dark as he said, "If we cannot stop Narsen, Vermillion Bird Realm might cease to exist, and even the Ice Emperor might be in danger.”

Chen Lin and Miao Yizi exchanged a look.

"Alright!" Chen Lin shouted.

Qin Lie inhaled deeply and first located the Lizard Progenitor and Curtis using his subsoul's secret arts.

Once he felt Curtis's position, his Demon Spirit of Space and Time bloodline immediately used Star Door.

A weak light like that of a firefly flashed at his main body's chest and attempted to expand, but was suppressed by a certain force.

The light flashed as though it would extinguish at any moment.

"Now!" Qin Lie shouted.

Chen Lin and Miao Yizi summoned their Soul Altars. Their respective seven and six–level Soul Altars immediately gave off blinding light.

Their gaze focused directly at the small dot where the star door was.

The dazzling lights contained mysterious spatial power and shot at the dot of light.

The speck of light held by an invisible hand that had just been on the verge of being extinguished suddenly expanded by this strange spatial power!

"Whoosh whoosh! Zing zing zing!"

Dozens of spatial cracks appeared and light seemed to almost flood out.

Qin Lie only needed a glance to shout, "Enough!"

He saw the traces of the Light of Annihilation!

At this time, the light he made using the Demon Spirit of Space and Time bloodline exploded and became a splitting star door.

His main body, the rank ten Dark Soul Beast avatar, Dan Yuanqing, and Chen Lin all passed through.

He used another path to return to Vermillion Bird Realm!

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