Chapter 1494: Change in the World

Chapter 1494: Change in the World


The giant golden-armored rhino roared and charged forward. The volcanos were penetrated by golden light, lava and flames gushing into the air.

Everywhere the giant golden-armored rhino passed, the earth and mountains shook. The golden light fell, creating seemingly bottomless holes in the ground.

The patriarch of the Satorius Family, Narsen, stood at ease in front of Qin Lie and the Lizard Progenitor.

He had not truly fought yet.

At the same time, another dozen Satorius Family members were flying over from the direction of Vermillion Bird Realm's realm entrances.

They stood behind Narsen.

"Another rank ten bloodline expert!" Tong Yan shouted in shock.

Curtis and the Lizard Progenitor had grave expressions. Curtis said, "Master, if the old lizard and I work together, we might be able to deal with that rank ten Spirit Race expert."

Qin Lie glanced at the old Spirit Race clansman, shook his head and said, "You are not his match."

Curtis was shocked.

He trusted Qin Lie's judgement. Since Qin Lie said he and the Lizard Progenitor together were not a match for the second rank ten expert of the Spirit Race, then they definitely were not.

"Then what do we do?" Curtis asked mentally.

Qin Lie glanced at the Ice Emperor with narrowed eyes, and said, "He wouldn’t be defeated so easily."

"How about this." Narsen snickered and suggested, "Qin Lie, give me the Soul Suppressing Orb of the Soul Race, I will let you go this time, how about it?"

"Soul Suppressing Orb?" Qin Lie frowned.

Narsen said with a smile, "You might be able to go directly to the Flaming Sun Abyss from this place. You will not die, but what about them?"

He pointed at Curtis, the Lizard Progenitor, Tong Zhenzhen, Tong Yan, and the Ice Emperor.

"We will kill them, as well as all the living beings of Vermillion Bird Realm. That is, if you leave." Narsen's expression grew cold. "This realm called Vermillion Bird Realm will be completely destroyed because of you. You know that it is an easy matter for us to destroy a small realm with our power. What do you say?"

Qin Lie's eyes flashed as realization struck. "Once I give up Soul Suppressing Orb, we will no longer have a way to track the two Soul Race princes. Is that your aim?"

Narsen did not speak.

"If we allow the two Soul Race princes to do as they wish in Spirit Realm's Central World, soon the human world of the Spirit Realm will collapse," Qin Lie said.

Narsen's eyes were cold. "I will tell you truthfully that Spirit Realm is fated to completely disappear. The God Race, the Spirit Race, the Soul Race. Since we’ve set our eyes on Spirit Realm, this land will fall soon or later."

He said disdainfully, "With Spirit Realm's present combat power, they do not have power to fight any of the transcendent bloodline races, let alone three of them at the same time."

"As for us, we only aim to enslave powerful races of Spirit Realm before the God Race arrives."

"This way, when the God Race arrives, we will already have built a realm passageway in Spirit Realm to lead more Soul Race clansmen to arrive."

"At that time, the Soul Race and our Satorius Family will take over Spirit Realm early."

"Even if the God Race comes, they would leave in helplessness when faced with the experts of the Soul Race, especially when Spirit Realm no longer has its geocentric motherlode."

"From when we started to target Spirit Realm, this land was fated to be out of your control."

"The result is fated whether you fight or not. It is better if you obey and lead your relatives to safety early."

"This is what you should do now."

As he spoke, Narsen's blue eyes showed criss-crossing white lightning.

In the sky above Vermillion Bird Realm, cracks sounded. Criss-crossed spatial blades assaulted every nook and cranny of the realm like grim reaper’s scythes.

"Boom! Boom boom boom!"

The volcanos thousands of meters tall exploded as those spatial blades landed.

The Vermillion Birds near those volcanos and the beasts and other beings cultivating fire energy gave sharp screams.

Tong Zhenzhen screamed, her eyes red. She seemed to know that many of her race members and her fellows were dying off in great numbers.

But she could not stop it.

"With my power, if I do this a few more times, Vermillion Bird Realm will completely shatter," Narsen said coldly.

"Patriarch, is there a need to chat with him?" The other rank ten bloodline expert's eyes shone viciously. "A mere rank eight bloodline God Race clansman is not worth your words. How about leaving him to me?"

"It will not so simple." Narsen shook his head.

"Ten Thousand Mile Ice Seal!"

At this time, Ice Emperor shouted from the top of the nine-level Soul Altar.

His enormous nine-level glacier-like Soul Altar suddenly produced thick mist.

The mist was like a sea that expanded at a visible rate.

Arctic flows moved within the white mist as though it was forcibly changing the laws of the world.

"Crack crack!"

Where the white mist passed, even space, and all things seemed to be frozen.

Layers of frost appeared on the wild body of the giant golden-armored rhino.

Its enormous body seemed to have difficulty moving.

Qin Lie looked and found that the golden light at the rhino's hooves and horns was twisting as they were disrupted by the arctic power.

The giant golden-armored rhino was gradually being frozen, an enormous chunk of ice covering his body shortly after.


The Ice Emperor drove the nine-level frost Soul Altar in front of Qin Lie in a flash.


The constantly erupting volcano under Qin Lie suddenly calmed in this moment.

He looked down and found the entire volcano was freezing over and transforming into an ice mountain.

"So cold!"

The Lizard Progenitor and Curtis couldn't help but shudder. Even their hair was turning white.

Tong Zhenzhen and Tong Yan, the two Vermillion Birds, shuddered as the Ice Emperor went near, and turned into two icy red birds.

The rank nine bloodline Tong Yan and the rank eight bloodline Tong Zhenzhen could not endure this arctic power.

Qin Lie's Blaze Family bloodline seemed to be extinguished when the Ice Emperor's nine-level Soul Altar came over.

He had to change his bloodline attribute.

An arctic presence came out of his bloodline, Soul Altar, and his acupoints.

A moment later, he fully transitioned to the Profound Ice Family bloodline.

He immediately adjusted to the cold world.

"Compared to losing Vermillion Bird Realm, I am more willing to see you die." The Ice Emperor's eyes seemed to have an ice storm brewing.

His face was slightly pale, and his exposed skin was transparent. His bones could be clearly seen under his skin and his bones were like crystal.

"Whoosh whoosh whoosh!"

Cold wind blew through all of Vermillion Bird Realm. The unbearably hot Vermillion Bird Realm really started to feel like Ice Phoenix Realm.

"Spirit Realm’s understanding of natural laws is at such a high level!" Narsen frowned for the first time.

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