Chapter 1493: Spirit Race Demon Pet

Chapter 1493: Spirit Race Demon Pet

When the Ice Emperor learned what was happening in Vermillion Bird Realm from the Flame Emperor, he sprinted over from Ice Phoenix Realm.

When he reached the volcano mouth and saw Qin Lie was unharmed, he sighed in relief.

"I’m glad you are fine," the Ice Emperor said.

Seeing the Ice Emperor appear, the Lizard Progenitor, Curtis, Tong Yan, and Tong Zhenzhen calmed down.

They felt as though they had escaped from death.

As one of the human race’s Three Emperors, the Ice Emperor was a nine-level Soul Altar expert and one of the strongest in Spirit Realm.

They believed that with the Ice Emperor's arrival, Narsen of the Spirit Race would lose his control of Vermillion Bird Realm.


A glowing glacier-like nine-level Soul Altar giving off cold energy suddenly flew out of the Ice Emperor's forehead.

The white-robed Ice Emperor was like a pillar of ice that stood upright on the nine-level Soul Altar.

Blinding rays of icy light reflected off different levels of the nine-level Soul Altar, and shone over the world blindingly.

"Sst ssst!"

The arctic presence immediately caused white steam when it touched the flames from the volcano.

This place suddenly became filled with steam.

The Ice Emperor stood in front of Qin Lie and the Lizard Progenitor within the white mist, and said calmly to Narsen, "Since I am here, you have lost your chance to kill Qin Lie."

"Really?" Narsen snickered.

The Ice Emperor replied confidently, "You can try."

"Alright." Narsen nodded. "I also want to know what level the strongest of Spirit Realm has reached!"

"Come out!"

He pointed at the sky.

The void which already had spatial cracks suddenly exploded.

The spatial fragments shot in all directions like cracking glass.

The sharp spatial presences that came off those fragments seemed able to cut through all beings.

"Retreat!" the Ice Emperor shouted.

His nine-level frost Soul Altar spread its crystal petals like an ice lotus.

The scale-like enormous ice crystals cut on those spatial fragments as the Ice Emperor shouted.

"Crack crack crack!"

The freezing presence immediately covered the land, and even the exploding space seemed to be briefly frozen.

The flying spatial fragments stopped spinning as though they were gripped by unseen frost hands.


An enormous spatial fragment seemed unable to tolerate the arctic power, and shattered like a mirror.

A strange beast suddenly flashed through the fragment!

That beast was like an enormous rhinoceros dressed in golden armor. The beast was a hundred meters tall, and as its hooves moved, golden ripples were created.

A sharp metal power came from the golden horn of the strange beast.


A ray of golden light flashed and the Ice Emperor's nine-level Soul Altar suddenly spun and retreated.

On the Soul Altar, the Ice Emperor's motionless body also started to waver.

A fist-sized hole appeared on the third level of the nine-level Soul Altar.

"Demon pet!" Qin Lie exclaimed.

He knew that each Spirit Race clansman would always have an accompanying demon pet.

Many demon pets were chosen at Spirit Race clansman’s birth.

The demon pet would slowly grow strong as the Spirit Race clansman grew.

The close connection between the Spirit Race clansman and the demon pet would sometimes surpass their parents and their partners.

For powerful Spirit Race clansmen, their demon pets were the most important partners, and their second life!

In the Origin World, and later the Flaming Sun Abyss, there had been restrictions on the entry of demon pets.

Due to this, when Qin Lie fought with Oktan and the Spirit Race clansmen, he had never seen demon pets before.

He had even doubted the combat power of the Spirit Race clansmen.

But when he met Indigo last time, Indigo had gravely warned him that if Spirit Race clansmen summoned their demon pets to fight, their power would be at their peak.

Some demon pets were able to merge with their masters and use their power to their limits.

Some demon pets were even stronger than their masters!


The golden rhino-like beast bellowed lowly, and its hooves moved as it stepped towards the Ice Emperor's Soul Altar.

Layers of golden ripples seeming to contain the truth of metal power fell towards Ice Emperor’s Soul Altar, transforming into bolts of golden lightning.

In a flash, the bolts bombarded the Ice Emperor's nine-level frost Soul Altar.

Ear-piercing "squeaks" came from the Ice Emperor's nine-level Soul Altar. The Ice Emperor's expression grew grave.

"This is the strongest power of Spirit Realm?" Narsen shook his head and said, "If this is all, you cannot even win against my demon pet."

As he spoke, he turned to look back and howled.

In the distance, Spirit Race clansmen continued to appear. These were all Satorius Family members.

Among them was another Spirit Race expert who reached rank ten bloodline.

"Qin Lie, you may be able to flee from Vermillion Bird Realm to the Flaming Sun Abyss, but these people in front of you, including this so-called Ice Emperor will die here!" Narsen said coldly.

Qin Lie frowned.

At this time, the Ice Emperor's mental voice sounded by his ear. "Qin Lie, this place is Vermillion Bird Realm. If I let loose, I fear that we will forever damage the laws of Vermillion Bird Realm. That way, Vermillion Bird Realm will become like Ice Phoenix Realm, an arctic and freezing world. All the low rank beings, and the majority of weaker Vermillion Birds here will be greatly injured. If you can leave, try to leave with the Vermillion Birds. Once you leave, I can lure that person away from Vermillion Bird Realm to fight."

"His main target is you!"

When peak experts fought, they would damage the balance of a realm, and even destroy it!

The Ice Emperor clearly did not desire Vermillion Bird Realm turning into another Ice Phoenix Realm, but Narsen had no such fears. He would not care if Vermillion Bird Realm was flattened.

This meant that Narsen and his demon pet could do as they wanted.

The Ice Emperor was restrained.

"No, you have no need to consider so much, Vermillion Bird Realm is connected to the Flaming Sun Abyss, and has a treasure underneath. Even if you temporarily change the laws of Vermillion Bird Realm, it will recover to its normal state. You can use your full power," Qin Lie responded.

At such words, he saw the Ice Emperor's retreating nine-level Soul Altar immediately stop.

On the frost Soul Altar, the Ice Emperor's urgent expression completely disappeared from his eyes.

Qin Lie immediately understood that his words helped Ice Emperor overcome his mental obstacle.

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