Chapter 1490: Terror Spreading

Chapter 1490: Terror Spreading

Twenty thousand years ago, when the God Race was still in Spirit Realm, the Evil Dragon Race still ruled Dragon Realm.

At the time, the Giant Dragon Race had no authority in Dragon Realm, at all.

After the Hundred Races had managed to chase out the God Race from Spirit Realm, the Evil Dragon Race also vanished with the Blaze Family’s old patriarch.

That was why the Giant Dragon Race was able to take over Dragon Realm and make it their territory.

Not long ago, Han Che led a group of Profound Ice Family members to invade Dragon Realm, capture many powerful giant dragons and bring them to Shattered Ice Realm. As a result, the Giant Dragon Race as a whole was dealt a great blow.

Right now, the Giant Dragon Race’s patriarch, Affleck, and a group of survivors who had managed to slip away from the Profound Ice Family’s clutches were currently gathered outside of Shattered Ice Realm.

They had tried to borrow the six Gold rank forces’ strength to kill the Profound Ice Family members entrenched at Shattered Ice Family to the last and rescue their captured kin.

Almost no powerful giant dragons were left in Dragon Realm as a result.

That was why the Dragon Realm had succumbed almost instantly when the patriarch of the Evil Dragon Race had suddenly broken through the spatial crystal barrier and descended from the sky while leading almost three hundred evil dragons.

The other dragons still living in Dragon Realm were of no threat to the evil dragons.

Whenever an evil dragon’s imposing figures flew by, the nearby denizens would immediately curl up on the ground in humble fashion.

They had all decided to betray the Giant Dragon Race.

The evil dragons’ return and their retaking of Dragon Realm had quickly spread throughout this part of Spirit Realm in no time.

Soon, the human race, the Asura Race, the Wood Race, the Ancient Beast Race, and the Sea Race had caught wind as well.

At the same time, the news of two Soul Race clansmen ravaging the Ji and Ao Families’ territories had spread like unquenchable wildfire throughout the worlds.

It wasn’t long before every race had heard of the horror that was happening at the Central World of Spirit Realm right now.

The Profound Ice Family members were still entrenched deeply in Shattered Ice Realm. They were unmoved despite having faced the six great forces’ combined attack.

The Evil Dragon Race who had vanished for twenty thousand years had taken over Dragon Realm swiftly in dominating fashion.

On top of all that, two mysterious Soul Race clansmen had hidden themselves among the Ji Ao Families and causing the death of millions.

The series of big happenings caused terror and panic across all major races of Spirit Realm.

Every wiseman noticed through various signs that the future of Spirit Realm was filled with misfortunes.

They also noticed that their situation was even more precarious than it was thirty thousand years ago.

There were also some smaller races or secluded groups who were actually overjoyed at the God Race’s return because they used to be worshippers of the God Race. They were all making preparations to return to the God Race’s embrace once more.

Some races who viewed the human race as enemies were plotting behind everyone’s backs and enjoying the human race’s misfortunes from the sidelines.

If the God Race was close, or left them any hints to follow, they would instantly submit to them in joy.

The God Race’s arrival, the evil dragons’ return and the Soul Race’s rampage had caused every living being in Spirit Realm to feel desperate and afraid. Everyone was starting to worry for the future of their own race.

There were many who could feel the coming of a storm.

At the Ji Family.

Qin Lie stood at a tall platform and stared at the thick traffic of people surging past a series of arched gates and into the Ji Family’s city below him.

That Soul Race clansman had suddenly gotten quiet after he had ravaged the Ji Family’s territory and annihilated the Heavenly Woman Mill.

He knew very well that even a rank ten Soul Race clansman had to spend some effort and energy to enslave a Genesis Realm martial practitioner fully.

That was without mentioning that there were six other Void Realm experts that he had captured as well.

The Soul Race clansman would have to hide for a little while longer before he could claim all that power to himself.

Not able to find that Soul Race clansman, the Ji Family did the wisest thing possible and gathered all martial practitioners and mortals into territories that their experts could look after.

That was why the Ji Family’s people and the martial practitioners who served them as vassal forces were all pouring into the city right now.

Countless giant flying spirit artifacts bearing both martial practitioners and mortals surged into the Ji Family’s city from all directions.

“Qin Lie, is it possible for there to be enemy soul servants among the martial practitioners who are entering the Ji Family’s city right now?” Miao Yizi asked in a quiet tone.

“That possibility is real,” Qin Lie said.

“Is it possible for you to find them?” Miao Yizi asked again.

But Qin Lie shook his head while replying, “It’s a difficult task.”

For the past two days, Hua Tianqiong, Sky Mender Palace’s martial practitioners and Qin Family’s experts such as Chen Lin and Dan Yuanqing had been assisting the Ji Family in scouring their territories for the Soul Race clansman.

They were hoping to capture the Soul Race clansman while he was busy enslaving Heavenly Woman Mill’s experts.

They thought that maybe they could detect the soul presences of Heavenly Woman Mill’s martial practitioners even if they couldn’t lock down that Soul Race clansman.

That was why they spread out and tried roaming some of the more secluded places in the Ji Family’s territory.

Originally, Qin Lie had been part of the search party himself. But after roaming for a day and finding nothing at all, he decided to return to the Ji Family’s city for now.

He was trying to think of a way that might sense the Soul Race clansman.

He knew full well that the disaster that had struck the Ji Family would continue if he couldn’t force the Soul Race clansman to reveal himself.

“I heard that this body of yours is actually a Soul Beast?” Ji Yuan, dressed in traditional clothes made her way to him with a haggard look on her face. Her eyes looked dim, and she hadn’t had a moment of shut eye for six days and nights. “You are a Soul Race clansman yourself, aren’t you? Don’t you have any secret art that might be able to make contact with those people? Also, back at Sky Bearing City, I heard that you possess the Soul Race’s ultimate treasure. Can’t you use it to seek out our targets?”

“The Soul Suppressing Orb!” Qin Lie’s eyes abruptly lit up in excitement.

He had been trying to find a way to detect the Soul Race clansman through his avatar and its inherited memories.

However, he hadn’t obtained any secret art that might enable him to do so when he had ascended to rank ten.

His true body hadn’t seemed like it held a viable solution until Ji Yuan had reminded him of the Soul Suppressing Orb.

The Soul Suppressing Orb was the Soul Race’s holy artifact, and it contained a seemingly endless amount of secrets inside. It might just hold a way to detect the Soul Race clansman.

Ji Yuan’s reminder might actually turn out to be a good idea.

Both Miao Yizi and Ji Yuan felt a little hopeful when they saw the look in his eyes.

“So? Does a possibility exist there?” Miao Yizi asked.

“Is it possible to find that Soul Race clansman through that ultimate treasure?” Ji Yuan asked urgently.

For the past few days, the Ji Family had been toyed by the Soul Race clansman to the brink of collapse.

They knew the Soul Race clansman’s next move would only be bigger after he had completely converted all of Heavenly Woman Mill’s martial practitioners into his soul servants!

No one could predict how many more Ji Family members would die when that happens!

Recently, everyone in the Ji Family was feeling incredibly irritated. Their irritation only grew when they recalled that the Asura Race and the Ancient Beast Race had had some close calls themselves.

They all desired to engage that Soul Race clansman in open combat.

“I dare not make any promises right now, but I can try of course.” Qin Lie pondered for a moment before frowning slightly. “But my true body is currently away from Spirit Realm. It’s currently stuck in a… special place, studying the laws of fire.”

“Then what should we do?” Ji Yuan asked urgently.

“It shouldn’t take much longer now.” Qin Lie thought for a moment before replying, “I’ll try to finish my study as soon as possible. I’ll try to have my true body come over before that Soul Race clansman makes his next move.”

“You must be quick!” Ji Yuan said urgently.

“Qin Lie, what do you plan to do with the… situation at Dragon Realm?” Miao Yizi asked suddenly.

The news that the Evil Dragon Race had invaded the Dragon Realm had reached their ears as well. They all knew what was happening at Dragon Realm.

“What can I do?” Qin Lie gave her a bitter smile. “The Profound Ice Family is still entrenched in Shattered Ice Realm, and two Soul Race clansmen are causing trouble for the two families. Moreover, the Satorius Family should’ve arrived at Spirit Realm as well, but no one has any idea where they are right now. How can I pay any attention to Dragon Realm right now?”

“I heard that the evil dragons at Boluo Realm had traveled to the Dragon Realm as well,” Miao Yizi added.

Qin Lie wrinkled his eyebrows once before replying, “Let them.”

“I heard that Barett’s two brothers had gone over to the Dragon Realm as well. It seems that they were meeting the evil dragon’s patriarch,” Miao Yizi reminded him.

“The Evil Dragon Race and the Demon Dragon Race have always had a good relationship. I’m not surprised that they would join hands.” Qin Lie pondered for a moment before sighing. “However, Spirit Realm’s situation has definitely become even more complicated because of their movement.”

“Technically speaking, they are… allies of your maternal grandfather, am I right?” Miao Yizi asked tentatively.

“He and I have nothing to do with each other,” Qin Lie replied coldly.

“Oh.” Miao Yizi stopped prodding further after that.

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