Chapter 149: Stepping into the Inner Sect (Teaser)

Chapter 149: Stepping into the Inner Sect

“A’Hai, what is it?” After Qin Lie and Tang Siqi left, Feng Rong instantly asked in puzzlement.

Mo Hai held the jade spirit tablet that Qin Lie had inscribed the Materialization spirit diagram on. He narrowed his eyes as he used his mind to feel it and inspect the diagram created from the spirit lines inside it.

After a while, Mo Hai stopped and responded in a deep voice, “This boy called Qin Bing, if he really has not learned the Materialization spirit diagram before, then his talent is astounding.”

Feng Rong’s expression shifted.

She knew just how proud Mo Hai was in the field of forging.

In these years, she didn’t know how many artificers had come to visit Mo Hai, but he rarely spoke of someone as having astounding talent. The most recent time was when he had judged Tang Siqi. He said that she had talent in artifact forging and would be able to take up great duties in the future.

He hadn’t even said how much talent Liang Shaoyang who had come this time had. All he had said was that he was acceptable…

Yet Liang Shaoyang had caused a change in the spirit pattern pillars and also disturbed the sect master and the three great reverends....

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