Chapter 1489: The Return of the Evil Dragons

Chapter 1489: The Return of the Evil Dragons

In the lands of the Ao Family.

The group of Ao Family martial practitioners rode a giant cloud sailboat to arrive at a desolate ancient city.

The sailboat in the air, the Ao Family members looked down.

Bloodied corpses were scattered around the ruined city, giving off heavy tang of blood.

This city was a gathering place of Ao Family members. Tens of thousands of their family members lived here.

Over the night, the bustling city became dead.

"Forefather! We cannot go on like this!" Ao Zhao said, his eyes red.

The forefather of the Ao Family, the short and fat Ao Changsheng, had an ashen face. His eyes flashed viciously. "I know, but do you have any suggestions on what we should do?"

Ao Zhao immediately closed his mouth.

In the last few days, he led the Ao Family experts to roam around the Ao Family lands.

They attempted to capture the Soul Race clansman.

But that Soul Race clansman was still massacring their family, avoiding their search.

He could not do a thing.

"When will the people from Ninth Heaven arrive?" Ao Changsheng said gravely.

"Soon," Ao Tai replied.

"Wait for them to come," Ao Changsheng ordered.

Four hours later, the experts of the six forces who were led by Pei Dehong returned from Shattered Ice Realm using a large teleportation formation.

"Brother Ao, what’s the situation?" Pei Dehong asked from afar.

"Look for yourselves," Ao Changsheng said woodenly.

Pei Dehong, Hong Ju, and some of the old Genesis Realm experts flew around the dead city.

They landed back on the Ao Family cloud sailboat with grave expressions, looking like their closest family died.

"A rank ten Soul Beast," Hong Ju said gravely.

"According to Ji Dan, each Soul Beast is a Soul Race clansman, and the two Soul Race clansmen here in our Ao Family and the Ji Family are the princes of the Soul Race." Ao Changsheng inhaled deeply and said, "They are stronger than the three Soul Race clansmen who had been in the Asura Realm, Ancient Beast Realm, and Nether Realm. Up until now, this guy has killed almost a million people of our Ao Family, and enslaved a dozen Void Realm and one Genesis Realm."

"What about the Ji Family?" Pei Dehong asked.

"Slightly better than us." Ao Changsheng sighed. "But they also have no idea how to deal with this matter."

"Shit!" Why would the Soul Race try to enter Spirit Realm now? Did they have an agreement with the God Race?" Hong Ju swore. "Two Soul Race clansmen, one in the Ao Family, one in the Ji Family, has caused chaos in two Gold rank forces!"

"They are scarier than the God Race!" Ao Changsheng said gravely.

At the words, the experts of the six forces thought for a moment and nodded.

The two Soul Race clansmen could enslave Void Realm and Genesis Realm human experts, which gave it a perfect way of hiding. They had no solution for this problem.

Yet if they allowed the two Soul Race clansmen to continue making chaos in the Ao and Ji Families’ lands, the two Soul Race princes would gain two huge armies.

If they continued to grow stronger, all the experts of the human race might become their soul servants.

At that time, it would be the apocalypse for the human race in Spirit Realm!

These two Soul Race clansmen almost caused two Gold rank forces to collapse not long after arriving in Spirit Realm.

If a dozen Soul Race clansman came, and rampaged around Spirit Realm, wouldn't Spirit Realm fall shortly?

"Gather our forces and search for that Soul Race clansman. Temporarily... do not focus on Shattered Ice Realm," Pei Dehong said helplessly.

"I hope we can find him before he grows too powerful. Otherwise, the consequences will be inconceivable," Ao Changsheng said depressedly.

The martial practitioners of the six forces lost their morale at his words.

The Ao Family was not far from Starry Hall and the Lu Family. The experts of Starry Hall and the Lu Family felt their temples pulse seeing the Ao Family's terrible state.

They felt a sense of anxiousness.

They feared that the Soul Race clansman would sneak out of Ao Family’s lands to attack them instead.

At the time, they would experience everything the Ao Family was experiencing.

That was definitely not something they wanted to see.

Due to this, the six forces had no objections to gathering their forces and eliminating the Soul Race clansman from the Ao Family.

They did not want their homes to become the battlefield instead.


Outside the spatial crystal barrier of Dragon Realm.

A dot of black light flashed abruptly and expanded wildly!

Soon, that light turned into a mysterious and deep spatial passageway with ear-deafening dragon roars coming from within.

An evil dragon flew out of the passageway. His sharp claws sliced, and he smashed the spatial crystal barrier.

"Dragon Realm! After twenty thousand years, I, Brockhurst, have returned!"

This evil dragon howled as he charged towards Dragon Realm. His presence was like a storm that rippled through the sky of Dragon Realm.

"Roar roar! Roar!"

Behind him, evil dragons roared wildly as they flew out of the spatial passageway.

In a short half an hour, almost three hundred evil dragons assaulted Dragon Realm.

These three hundred evil dragons consisted of nine elites at rank ten bloodline and more than fifty at rank nine. The rest possessed rank seven or eight bloodlines.

This force was stronger than the Giant Dragon Race at their peak!

The giant dragons, after being hunted by the Profound Ice Family, were greatly weakened, and could not match the evil dragons’ swarm.

After the evil dragons flew out, a bloody figure walked out of the spatial passageway.

"Dragon Realm..."

He looked at the land below him and grinned, his eyes filled with bloody light.

He was Li Xin who had appeared not long ago in the Frost Desolation Abyss.

"After so many years, I finally returned to Spirit Realm." Li Xin, who now called himself Blood Emperor, licked the corner of his lips and laughed wildly. "This world will once again be dyed in blood!"


Boluo Realm.

In the valley of the Demon Dragon Race, the rank nine evil dragon Calvert suddenly trembled violently.

"What is it?" Barett lazily leaned in the shadow to avoid being under the light of the three suns. Seeing Calvert act like this, he waved his black dragon claw and said, "What can make you so excited? Are you also going to reach rank ten bloodline?"

"My father has returned!" Calvert waved his head as he roared.

The evil dragons led by Gilbert had been scattered around the valley and flew over at his roar.

"How is it possible? How could your father return?" Barett immediately flew up, his head twisting in shock. "Twenty thousand years ago, he and the patriarch of the God Race disappeared. There was no news of them ever since!"

"He is in Dragon Realm! I can feel his summons! I am going to Dragon Realm now!" Calvert shouted.

"Haha! Patriarch has returned!"

"The golden age of the Evil Dragon Race has arrived!"

"The old patriarch finally managed to return! Our wait is over!"

The other evil dragons roared furiously.

"We are going now!"

Calvert did not waste words and led the evil dragons to the realm entrance of Boluo Realm.

"Wait a moment! I have to tell my brothers!" Barett shouted.

He hurriedly followed.

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