Chapter 1488: Calamity

Chapter 1488: Calamity

Ji Family members led Qin Lie away from the Ao Family’s lands, and headed for their territory.

On the road, all the Ji Family members wore grave expressions. They felt an inexplicable terror of the Soul Race prince hiding amid them.

They did not know what atrocities the perpetrator would commit.

In but a single night, three hundred thousand souls were consumed.

Such a terrifying entity was hiding silently in the Ji Family’s lands. It would be strange if they were not terrified.

"Qin Lie, even you are not able to find him?" Ji Dan said seriously.

He knew that this Qin Lie was technically a Soul Race clansman that had just reached rank ten soulline

Back in Sky Bearing City, Qin Lie could use his avatar to detect the movements of the two Soul Race clansmen.

He hoped that Qin Lie could do the same again.

But under his anticipatory gaze, Qin Lie shook his head, his expression bitter. "I can not."

Ji Dan's eyes filled with disappointment.

Ji Yao, Ji Yuan, and the many Ji Family members’ expressions darkened from worry.

"This is bad." Hua Tianqiong sighed and said, "Thirty thousand years ago, the three Soul Beasts wreaked havoc through the realms of three entire races. At the time, the Asura Realm, the Nether Realm, and the Ancient Beast Realm all had rank ten bloodline clansmen. Even so, they were helpless against the three Soul Beasts. If not for the God Race primarily targeting the three Soul Beasts after arriving, the three realms would have been devastated even more."

"Why did they not continue advancing to Sky Bearing City?" Ji Yao pulled his hair in frustration.

"They are not stupid." Ji Dan sighed.

"Since we know their target, we will naturally put up defenses around Sky Bearing City. Maybe they also know that the Ice Emperor and the Flame Emperor frequently visit Sky Bearing City." Hua Tianqiong realized the matter was troublesome. "They know what they will face if they invade Sky Bearing City, so they are not in a hurry."

Qin Lie thought for a moment and said, "The most terrifying thing about the Soul Race is that they can kill and possess many powerful soul servants if they sneak into lands bustling with life such as the Ji and Ao Families. In this process, they can use many low ranksouls and flesh to replenish the power of the Soul Beast and their bloodline power. Through slaughter, they can strengthen the Soul Beast, and gain more soul servants."

Pausing, he said firmly, "If we do not stop them, soon the Ji and Ao Families will be done for, and the experts of the two families will become their soul servants. You may see your fellow family members once they ultimately attack Sky Bearing City."

Everyone frowned, especially the Ji Family members.

When they thought that their relatives and friends would attack Sky Bearing City as soul servants, they felt their hair stand on end.

Thirty thousand years ago, when the three Soul Beasts had been on a rampage, the Soul Progenitor had been fighting the ancestor of the Qin Family, Qin Tian, and had not been able to do the same to the human race.

They had never truly experienced that nightmare.

But now, two more powerful Soul Race clansmen appeared in the Ji and Ao Families.

The Ji Family had three hundred thousand people die in a night. The Ao Family... witnessed even more cruel and eerie scene.

But what was truly terrifying was that they had no clue where to look for the two Soul Race clansmen. They didn’t know where they were, or when and where they would strike again.

Even if they made preparations, they had no idea where to deploy them.

The enemy was in hiding, they were in the open. If many experts appeared around any of the princes, he could quickly feel them.

He could hide from the threats early.

This meant they had no good way to surround the enemy and kill him.

"It would be best for all the vassals of the Ji Family to gather at one place," Qin Lie suggested. "This way, when that Soul Race clansman appears again, we can react in time."

"Ji Yuan, Ji Yao, immediately send orders to tell all the Ji Family members and the vassals the truth. Have them do their best to gather together and then move towards the ancestral lands of the Ji Family," Ji Dan ordered.

"Understood!" Ji Yuan and Ji Yao shouted.

They immediately relayed the orders.

Qin Lie sat quietly and used the Soul Race secret art, trying to find the Soul Race clansman hiding in the Ji Family lands.

He released millions of invisible soul threads, which roamed the Ji Family’s lands like a school of fish.

In the end, he didn’t find anything.

It was evident to him that the Soul Race prince was deliberately hiding from him.

Because they both had rank ten soulline, the Soul Race’s prince’s secret arts were superior to his avatar’s.

In a situation like this, unless the other exposed himself, he would not have much of a chance.

He could only wait helplessly.

Time slowly passed in tense atmosphere.

A day later.

"Eastern lands of the Ji Family! Bluestone Mountain, thirty thousand people were killed! Their souls had been consumed!"

Three days later.

"Southwestern lands, thirteen thousand of our cadet branch had been killed, and three Void Realm experts have disappeared!"

Five days later.

"The north, Heavenly Woman Mill. Sixty thousand people killed, six Void Realm and one early Genesis Realm expert missing!"

In just five days, bad news constantly came from the areas of the Ji Family.

Each time, at different places, tens of thousands of people had died.

The Soul Race clansman's pattern gradually changed to more and more powerful places. Heavenly Woman Mill was one of the Ji Family's subordinate forces, and a second-tier Gold rank force. It had some fame in the Central World.

And still, they had been exterminated in a single night.

Six Void Realm elders, and the master of the workshop, a Genesis Realm, the top powers of the workshop have gone missing together!

In these five days, Qin Lie, the Ji Family, and Sky Mender Palace's experts were active at the borders of the Ji Family.

They attempted to find the Soul Race clansman early and attack him before he could act.

But the perpetrator seemed able to predict their movements and would always wreak havoc on the opposite side.

All the martial practitioners of the Ji Family and Sky Mender Palace felt helpless.

All the Ji Family and Sky Mender Palace experts, including Qin Lie, Chen Lin, and Miao Yizi had deeply furrowed brows.

They finally knew what the Asura Race, Ancient Beast Race, and Nether Realm races felt facing the three Soul Race clansmen thirty thousand years ago.

"That guy should not act soon," Qin Lie said. "It requires enormous soul power to turn a Genesis Realm into a soul servant, and also time. He consumed mortal souls constantly during this time to store enough soul power, and turn that master of Heavenly Woman Mill into a soul servant. When he succeeds, he will not be fighting alone. He will have a dozen Void Realm soul servants, as well as one in the Genesis Realm. This force will be enough to really upend the Ji Family."

"Most importantly, we cannot find him!" Ji Yao said frantically. His eyes were bloodshot, and his expression fragile.

"Even more terrifying is the fact that he gets stronger the longer we search for him! In the end, many of the Ji Family experts will become his soul servants." Ji Yuan did not have her usual brightness and felt also depressed. "We know that he is active in the Ji Family, but cannot stop him. I am going mad!"

"The Ao Family will go mad before you. They are worse off," Miao Yizi said softly.

Everyone looked at her.

"I just received news that almost a million people in the Ao Family have died, twelve Void Realm martial practitioners have disappeared, as well as one Genesis Realm expert." Miao Yizi sighed and said, "The vassals of the Ao Family are leaving in a panic, and have moved out of the lands. The Ao Family is asking for help from Pei Dehong and the six forces."

"Almost a million dead, twelve Void Realm practitioners, one Genesis Realm expert! They have it much worse!" Ji Yao said.

"Heavens! This is a calamity for the human race!" Ji Yuan screamed.

"The great six forces and the others suffered a loss in Shattered Ice Realm. They originally had been gathering Divine Grade artifacts to counterattack." Hua Tianqiong shook his head and said, "It takes some time to gather them, so all of their attention is on the lands of the Ao Family. After all, Starry Hall and the Lu Family are closeby. All of them are afraid."

"No wonder the God Race prioritized killing the three Soul Race clansmen upon arrival thirty thousand years ago! The Soul Race is terrifying!" Miao Yizi said solemnly.

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