Chapter 1487: The Massacre Once Again

Chapter 1487: The Massacre Once Again

The roaring Ao Family member had a snarling expression, veins bulging on his face.

Horns seemed to appear on his forehead.

Starting from the second and third generation, the Ao Family started to exchange bloodlines with the Giant Dragon Race.

Their family had mastered the method of stealing the Giant Dragon Race bloodline.

Due to this, the present Ao Family members were born with strong bodies and were not as weak as humans.

The members of the Ao Family cultivated the soul spirit arts to complement their advancing dragon bloodlines.

When their dragon bloodline reached rank eight and nine, dragon scales would cover their bodies and their combat power would increase.

The Ao Family member's face slowly shone as though scales were about to grow as he shouted.


At the same time, a golden seven-level Soul Altar flew out of his forehead.

He stepped atop his Soul Altar and kept screaming at the Ji Family.

"I am Ji Dan." At this time, the old forefather of the Ji Family shouted, "You are Ao Zhao?"

The furious Ao Family member frowned hearing the old forefather of the Ji Family’s name himself. He said, "Y-you? Haven’t we told you already that we would come to Sky Bearing City to negotiate? Why did you suddenly come to the Ao Family and commit a massacre?"

Ao Zhao did not know some members of the Soul Race and the Satorius Family of the Spirit Race had sneaked into Spirit Realm.

In his view, since the members of the Profound Ice Family of the God Race were still in Shattered Ice Realm, then the massacre which occurred in the Ao Family had to be work of their enemies.

And at this time, their only enemies were the Qin Family, Sky Mender Palace, and the Ji Family.

When the Ji Family members came over on their flying artifact, they naturally assumed the Ji Family was the culprit.

"I do not know what happened to your family, but in Holy Light Hall which is subordinate to the Ji Family, three hundred thousand people in three cities died instantly. Of them, over two hundred thousand were mortals and did not know how to cultivate!" Ji Dan said gravely.

"What? Something has happened to Holy Light Hall?" Ao Zhao was shocked.

Ji Dan had a dark expression and said, "Take me to the site. We have a rough guess who the culprit was."

Ao Zhao hesitated.

Behind him, the furious Ao Family members started to urge him.

"The old forefather of the Ji Family would not speak without reason," one person whispered.

Ao Zhao thought, and then nodded and agreed in the end. "Come with me."

He led the way at the front, the Ji Family’s flying artifact close behind.

After a while, they came to the base of a mountain.

There were a dozen villages at the base of the mountain. Bloodied corpses were everywhere as though the villages had been flattened by giant beasts.

Qin Lie's brow furrowed.

From the signs, the dozen villages were stronger than Ling Town back in the past.

The Ao Family members who lived in these villages should not be weak. But he did not see a whole corpse anywhere.

All of the Ao Family members had been torn to pieces, and the bloody scene was one unbearable to be seen.

"This is a cadet branch of the Ao Family." Ao Zhao took a deep breath to calm himself before speaking," About fifty thousand people, half were women, children, and old people. The strongest among them had a seven-level Soul Altar like me, but I did not see his corpse. Other than him, everyone else is dead, including the mortals and children. When we came, we didn't find anyone alive. Our Ao Family has invaded other realms before, but we were never this extreme!"

He couldn't help but roar.

Ji Dan had a serious expression. He observed the scene and then looked at Qin Lie.

Everyone else also looked at Qin Lie as though they trusted his judgement.

"Two Soul Race clansmen, one over in Holy Light Hall's three cities, one over here." Qin Lie rubbed his chin and chose his words carefully. "The Soul Race clansman over at Holy Light Hall went about feeding the Soul Beast gently, so the dead did not suffer before death. At least they died in peace."

He paused and looked at the bloody scene. "It appears the person here was not in a good mood, and has a... twisted personality. He likes bloody scenes, and enjoys the process of a massacre, the feeling of tearing other beings apart. This is a madman who only knows blood and death."

"He did not have to use a bloody method like this to accomplish his goal but chose to do so anyway."

"To amuse himself, he wasted power and time."

Qin Lie had a deeper understanding of the two princes of the Soul Race and their tempers through these two scenes.

"Soul Race?" Ao Zhao had a puzzled expression.

"Dark Soul Beast, Blood Soul Beast, and Soul Devouring Beast, have you heard of them?" Qin Lie turned and said.

Ao Zhao Frowned. "I have."

"They are all from the Soul Race." Qin Lie did not conceal any details. He believed that the Soul Race would not be a secret for much longer in Spirit Realm. "The three Soul Race clansmen who almost ruined Nether Realm, Ancient Beast Realm, and Asura Realm were much weaker than the people who appeared now. Also, the three Soul Race clansmen of the past were not as savage and bloodthirsty as the one that appeared at the Ao Family. I sincerely suggest that you arrange for all your experts to return, regardless of what the Ao Family is doing now."

He narrowed his eyes and looked towards the Ao Family lands, saying, "That person should be headed for the center of the Ao Family’s territory. Similar cases will continue to occur."

"Also, soon, you will find many strong Ao Family members to be his subordinates, loyal only to him."

"Oh, right, you said you did not find the Ao Family member who had similar power to you?"

Ao Zhao nodded.

Qin Lie said unceremoniously, "When you meet him next time, I suggest you attack him on sight. Don’t say a word, and don’t listen to a word of his. He is not the person you know. Right now, he is loyal to the culprit responsible for this tragedy!"

Ao Zhao paled.

Qin Lie turned his head, thought for a moment and said to Ji Dan, "I speculate the two Soul Race princes are working on their own. The three Soul Beasts of the past separately massacred Asura Realm, Nether Realm, and Ancient Beast Realm. Those massacres will start again."

All the Ji Family members, including Hua Tianqiong of Sky Mender Palace, frowned upon hearing this.

"Qin Lie, you say one has already sneaked into the Ji Family’s lands?" Ji Yuan had a pale face.

Qin Lie nodded.

"We will immediately return!" Ji Dan ordered.

The Ji Family members panicked.

As the oldest family of the human race, they were well-informed on the terrifying past of the three Soul Beasts and their rampage in the three realms.

Back then, the Asura Race had almost become extinct, and Nether Realm fell into a terrible state.

The Ancient Beast Race was not a match at all. They were forced to move out of Spirit Realm and went to another Ancient Beast Race branch outside the realm to avoid the calamity.

If not for the God Race wiping the three Soul Beasts upon arrival, the three realms might not exist up to this day.

After many years, the two Soul Race princes, more powerful than the legendary three Soul Beasts, were hiding among Ji and Ao Families.

They were not confident they could survive this calamity.

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